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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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About Nighthelm


    Whats the password for the servers?
  2. Trade Route Factions

    Yes but one more thing can i RP as the one faction when i picked the other?
  3. Prison RP

    Yea this is solved
  4. Prison RP

  5. Trade Route Factions

    So i see no difference in the two trade route factions somebody please explain
  6. Prison RP

    Wait so your the deceased Tate Hollows?
  7. Prison RP

    So lately I've been seeing lots of videos of prison rp now are these events? Or are they just there?
  8. Is dayzrp dying?

    I've been rping for a few months now but lately there are a huge decrese in rp'ers what do you think?
  9. The Age Old Question

    Omfg the gopnik squating squad what a slav
  10. Tech Question

    So when you guys ban somebody is it their acount and ther ipv4 or their account and their ipv6
  11. The Age Old Question

    I kidnap them. I don't wanna clutter your thread with this, if you have any other questions regarding my group feel free to find me on TS! Hahhaa your right
  12. The Age Old Question

    Whats it like rping as a slave trader? Best RP I've ever had You know i've been wanting to try to be a slave trader for a while how do you get your slaves?
  13. The Age Old Question

    Omfg Number one thhe fact that there is a shit a green but ur amd is hilarious And Number two whats in ya rig mate
  14. The Age Old Question

    Whats it like rping as a slave trader?
  15. The Age Old Question

    All right guys......Nvidia Or AMD (Me team green!)