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  1. Ender_Sam88

    S1: BadRP, Excessive OOC - 2/26/16 @ 24:30-1:10

    First I found what seemed to be a fresh spawn on a road and gave him some water from my canteen since he was extremely thirsty, which was not too long before Tyson Ridley got there. Tyson told him to put his hands up while he made sure he wasn't a threat. He then told him that he had found a car and that they were looking for parts. He also offered him a ride in the car if he helped us find the parts. He came with us too the next town where we continued to look for parts, as he also looked for food and water. Tyson also asked him if he wanted the last of our food, as he was close to starving at that point. Tyson then found a wheel for this car and showed me where it was. I went to put the wheel on the car and as I was on my way back I met another guy and for no reason he said that I should leave and that he hoped he wouldn't see me again. Tyson informed me that the man working with us had left, we presumed he had either found a part of the car, or had left to go back to wherever he was going too. We continued to search for car parts for a short time, when we decided to head back to the car and search the buildings that are the other way to where we came from. This is where we ran into them again and interacted with two of them in what seemed to be a friendly confrontation while Tyson sat in some bushes ten or twenty meters away to keep an eye in case one of them tried something since one was clearly heavily geared with an automatic rifle. They invited us to go back with them but we declined as we said we would keep working on the car so that we could leave them alone. We continued to search for quite some time since it takes a long time to get all of the parts for a car, when I returned to the car to add a part while Tyson was out looting. Then two of them approached me and starting to talk about what I was doing here, etc. Then Tyson returned and they started claiming the car was theirs and that we couldn't have it. Tyson said that we spent a long time fixing this car and that it would be a shame if it got taken off of us straight away. They said that they appreciated us fixing the car for them and that they would even give us a lift to where they were going. We said yes since we assumed we had a friendly relationship with these group of people since we had done nothing but help them. That was when multiple of them came out of the bushed and told us to put our hands up. We followed their orders however confused as to why they were holding us hostage. They then started to claim untrue things about what we had done such as they seemed to think that the first man we saw we took hostage and that we forced him to do things that he didn't want too. As well as claim that we had been disrespectful towards them in the quick talk at the car before they held us hostage when it was quite the opposite. This was their main reason for holding us captive which is something that didn't even happen. They talked to us there for a little while when at one point Tyson said OOC that it was hard for us to hear them thus making some of the role play difficult. They then took us for a long and slow walk towards a barn where they assumed that in the walk there that we were hardly role playing and being disrespectful. When the whole time we were role playing. When we got to the barn some of our stuff was taken away and we started getting beaten for talking. I admit that my role play became a bit worse at this point in time but it was not without reason. During our talks at the barn there were several occasions were one of them would tell us to do something and another would tell us to do the complete opposite of that. This was a reason why our role play became slack since we felt they had been making it difficult to role play. We also felt that they were robbing us without a valid reason as they clearly did not need any of our gear and we had been trying to help them the entire time that we had been in contact with them. There were moments where when we talked or tried to talk even if we accidentally talked over them since we live in Australia and there is about a half a second delay between what happens in game and when we see that. If anything like this happened we were beaten and threatened to be killed. Towards the start of this robbery Tyson asked them a question OOC so that him and I could better understand the situation since they were not giving us that information IC. They did not respond to this question leaving us confused as well as previous things mentioned making role play difficult. Towards the end of the encounter we were tired, confused and angry. This is where our OOC comments became excessive, unneeded, and immature. Although some things that were typed were suppose to be in game and we repeated some things as we assumed they might not have been getting some messages because of lag we thought this because they were not responding. Nonetheless some of these comments were unneeded and we apologize for this although we feel is is not entirely out fault it still mainly is and it should not have happened. We then started to leave the barn and each time we stopped to type OOC as we thought they might not have been getting our messages, even though we shouldn't have been typing out of character anyway, each time we tried we were threatened to be killed. They then took us to a road not to far away and told us to run away and never come back. At this point we had virtually nothing, most of what we did have is ruined. We have very little food (maybe one can) and very little water. Both my and Tyson's characters are close to starvation/dehydration we are separated far from another town and not allowed to turn back thus leaving us with very little chance of survival. I feel that they robbed us for no reason/did not have a valid in character reason to justify this hostile act since we did not harm them in anyway and they did not need our supplies (may be bad initiation but not sure if that applies to robberies as well as fire fights). There is also examples in this of them meta gaming, not leaving hostages with reasonable chances of survival. Towards the end where they said that we stopped role playing we feel we did not and that our characters not talking in game as much was because they would get beaten up whenever they did as well as not knowing what they wanted/didn't want us to do. I hope this will help to clear some of the things up and if you need me to do anything else please feel free to ask.
  2. Oh, that's strange me and a friend were playing on this serer not to long ago. Thanks for replying so quickly and I will rewhitelist now! bye
  3. Me and my friend had just got our accounts unbanned after having issues with double ip, we then went to play on the server my friend joined no problem but when I join it says that I am not whitelisted. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! P.S I think when my account was unbanned it was accidentally unwhitelisted as well.