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    S1 BadRP/no reason for robbery - South of Pogorevka ~23:40 1/18/2016

    Mick Thomson POV: We were being hunted by reaper clan, and we were running north away from green mountain, when we spotted Petra. We stopped him and asked him if he had affiliation with the reapers, and he said no. So, we became suspicious ONLY because we have been lied to before, and were being hunted down and found it weird there was another person with a reaper mask near by. So, I said "Hey, Petra" and told him to get on the ground. Now, BEFORE we were considering shooting him, but didnt know he was apart of them for sure so we didnt, and I heard the call to do so, so, I said, idioticly, random russian babbling. And he was provoked, but did nothing. The second time we considered doing it, we initiated and started to rob. We told him get on the ground, hands up, etc. We took a few supplies, and left him with EVERYTHING he could of survived with, including being about 200ft from a town full of supplies.
  2. Ok, ok. Here is my POV: I was walking through the the industrial factory of Vybor, when I noticed a group of people at a fire. I did not want to make contact, as I heard them talking and saying "Continue farming until we say otherwise, pick those apples now" and so he complied. I, being a good person, do not take kindly to people who wish to kidnap innocent people. So, being the nice person I am, I threw a flashbang into the situation to help the man escape ( I did it when I noticed the prisoner go inside) as a chance for them to escape. I didn't notice the man run, so, I decided it would be best to leave on one failed attempt, but, as I was climbing down a ladder of a factory building, 2 men noticed me, and approached with hostile attitudes. I did not like how they seemed shady and rude, but they did let me go. I left for about 5 minutes until returning to see how many people were in the area. I noticed that they were all gathered in the middle of the farming area. So, to cause ANOTHER distraction, I threw a M67 Grenade about 50 ft from where they were standing, next to the factory building across the street, so that the grenade would NOT kill them or hurt anyone. I heard the man scream and run, so I figured thats when it was time to leave. I noticed 3 or 4 walking around me, so, I crouched back down and hid in a chopped down tree. 1 of the men noticed me, and I took out a glock (which was a horrible idea on my part) and he told me to raise my hands, and did not comply. I did pull the trigger and hit one, at that point, I was dead. I was on extremely low blood, and did not want to be in that situation also being the fact I was dying of starvation. I am aware of the "Value your life" rule, but, felt it was time, and pulled an idiotic act. But, the funny part, I actually did NOT know the man, until after when I found him towards NW airfield and asked of his situation, which was after I was killed. I did not return to the scene, as of course as RP follows, you are not suppose to "remember" where you last died. After that, I talked to the man, asking "you look beat up, what happened? and he told me his situation. At that point, I figured out it was this man I saved. And again, I did realise my mistake, and do realize what I have done. I apologize to Sylvester and friend(s).
  3. Well actually, I am allowed to not comply. It is not KOS, if i'm being held up.
  4. Yes, I have a quick question: What do I do if I want to change in my in game character, or, "who I am" in game? I want to change who I am, and my name ,really. Please reply here, I would like to know, thank you