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  1. Mod coming back?

    -snip- ur bad tho lolololol jk <3 u
  2. Didnt have much to work on since you didnt tell me anything, so here you go. Just my personal take on what an apocalyptic signature would look like if you require any adjustment, just ask I love it, cheers Mate :D
  3. Pictures(if any):Nope Quotes(if any) Name: Mattbro Font: anything that looks apocalyptic If you want any kind of special art style or anything do tell me Just make it looks apocalyptic Cheers
  4. This groups look too bad ass for a noob like me to handle
  5. OFFICIAL Fallout Thread - News/Updates

    This thread makes me moist
  6. New Mass Effect Announced!

    Keen Keen Keen! Hopefully the new protagonist is as sick as Sheppard was!
  7. Badass quotes thread

    "What doesn't kill you, Only makes you stronger"
  8. Alpha 9

    This is my fave
  9. Real life picture Thread

    Me and the Boys at Wet 'n' Wild Water Park, Im the suave one in the back Edit: Forgotten how to Forum, can't get picture to show