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  1. Server and location: Server 2 outside vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1/12/17 between 9 - 11 pm eastern time Your in game name: Jason Anderson Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Last night i was playing.... was chatting with 3 people when they eventually initiated on me.. I ended up losing connection at about the same time. I tried to rejoin immediately only to be put in 8th in the queue line. I immediately went to the forums and posted, and ALSO joined teamspeak and got in touch with an admin and let him know my situation. I just returned home from work tonight, only to login and find that my character had been killed. Im not sure this clasifies as a KoS.. But im not sure what else to label it as. So basically, I was shot and killed for my gear, they had absolutely zero intention of roleplaying because of the simple fact that when my connection dropped, they decided it was better to kill me, than it would be to either 1.) wait 2.) try to contact me on the forums (I posted a thread as clear as day) or 3.) file a report for combat logging.. etc. Im sure the logs will show who killed me.
  2. Well, whoever it was.. if you want to resume roleplay... same scenario at a later date i am 100% for it Or later tonight
  3. yes it was, and I've been trying to join since i got booted... and theres a queue... I don't know who they were... It was 3 people outside vybor i believe We can resume the same roleplay as soon as i join... I've been trying to find the teamspeak info also.. anyone have it? or direct me where to find it?
  4. Ok my connection just dropped... not sure who i was dealing with.... it was S2... i've been trying to reconnect now but im in 8th in the queue Is there a better place i should address this???
  5. It was not a hostile situation AT ALL. He conveniently misrepresented the scenario for the sole purpose of stirring up trouble. Now i've been having issues with getting disconnected every 10 minutes or so.. I should rephrase... Now it doesnt happen EVERY 10 minutes EVERY time i play.... but yes it usually happens to me several times a while playing in a few hour period.. As far as my POV. I was being attacked my zombies... I shouted for help as i heard people... he was able to dispatch the zombies and i thanked him. He then proceeded to tell me that his tent was robbed and he heard gunshots in the woods, and then realized he was missing items from his tent.... Unknown amount of time later he connects this lone gunshot in the woods to me which was quite a distance away from ANY wooded area... at least 500 yards in either direction.... He then tells me the gun on my back (which was not the one i was shooting, as it had no ammo) was similar to his, and i explained that i found mine in a heli crash several days earlier... etc. etc... at this point his gun was lowered. He then asks me if i happen to have a ump in my backpack.. which i told him I did not, and welcomed him to check it.... Now it was at or around this time where i was disconnected. I reconnected and was disconnected again... i then reconnected AGAIN.. for the 3rd time and quickly typed as fast as i could that i was having problems connecting, and HE ALSO EXPLAINED HE WAS DISCONNECTED ALSO. I then restarted my PC, and thought i might have better luck on S2... as i am from the USA, and the latency was considerably lower... HALF of my ping on s1. I didn't think it was entirely important to log into s1 to explain to him that i was going to try S2. As he already knew my situation. I played on s2 for about 10 minutes before I was disconnected AGAIN... which you can check the logs... it was about 3-5 minutes prior to getting kicked by admin to provide my POV Anyways, as i previously said... at NO point were things hostile... I was questioned abouta tent and some gun shots and that was it... as i said the gun was lowered shortly after the zombies were dispatched. He DID initially ask me to put my gun away for his safety.. but that was about as hostile as it got. As i said before he lowered his gun shortly after. I was not told i could not leave, i was not told i was being detained.. He was simply asking me questions. Hope this helps, thanks
  6. Server and location: s2 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): unknown (last night / this morning) Your in game name: Jason Anderson Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: none Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): ne Detailed description of the events: Logged in this morning to a fresh new character... Have no idea how this could have happened? Wondering if there are any kill logs against me?
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    0.60 Experimental - Megathread

    - User was warned for this Post -
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    Game Server Updates Discussion

    Does anyone know whats up with dayzrp s2? Been down for quite some time, and ive searched the forum to no avail... cannot find any information regarding s2
  9. w1ked

    RP2: KoS/Attempted KoS/MisID North of Novy - 04-02-2016 4:30

    Well I apologize that my "tone" rubbed you the wrong way while you were reading it. And as I've also been warned for it, apparently other people also took my tone as negative, or harsh, or whatever... Since it was text, i dont know how someone else can tell me how I intended something to sound... I thought(and still think) my post was/is fine. I was strictly pointing out the facts of the events. Sorry if you misinterpreted my post, it was not meant in any way.. I suppose i was frustrated when typing, so maybe thats what you're picking up on.... Again, I apologize if it came off wrong. If you noticed, I APOLOGIZED in my first post for you being killed ... had i intended my response in a malicious way, i would not have apologized Anyways, moving on... What I keep trying to explain though, is that by "Active firefight" we mean that there is a conflict going on in the area... That does not automatically mean you're going to have bullets snapping wizzing by your head and gunshots in the distance... They were held up inside a church, and by the time you strolled into town there was 3 of us give or take(lovec) left, and we were sniping with silencers.. So just because you didn't hear gunshots, does not mean that you were clear of the active firefight. Talon was sniping and i was spotting, together we only fired a total of maybe 6 or 7 shots all together,(so you wouldn't have heard many shots, if any at all) and they were with improvised silencers. I ended up breaking away from talon and moved up closer, he was eventually captured and executed... that's when lukeh came into it. But as you've already pointed out, and i quote : So even though you were warned to leave(TWICE), and that it was a dangerous place.... You just admitted you chose to ignore it because YOU FELT that you weren't in danger, even though you were. Sorry dude, but SNIPERS do not have automatic weapons. SNIPERS stay hidden, and move quietly... and you KNEW there were snipers in the woods as you were warned of that also. So even though you were warned you chose not to care. Thats YOUR OWN FAULT. you ADMITTED IT. I also do not know why you keep brining up NVFL.... That literally has nothing to do with anything, and is why i said you are grasping at straws because it clearly wasn't NVFL. You couldn't report anyone for NVFL even if you wanted to. When the fight started it was roughly 10 on 10 give or take. They indeed killed some of us, and captured some as well... In exchange we also killed a few of them as well...(later OOC finding out between 4-6) mimicking a real life situation, there is no definitive way to tell how many we killed, or if they were wounded.. etc. So how could you possibly threaten him with NVFL?? How is anyone in an active firefight supposed to be aware of how many of his own guys are KIA when we are all separated? Radio? even then IC there could be many reasons for a radio to go dead. Besides, even if we didn't kill any of them, according to your theory, anytime any group lost guys in a firefight they would have to surrender or risk being reported for NVFL?? cmon man that's insanity.(because IC, you wouldn't specifically know when/if your people have indeed been killed. Theoretically speaking, if you were on radios and someone was killed, they would just go silent, which could mean many different things... you wouldn't just KNOW they died. You ALSO wouldn't specifically know how many enemies were involved either) Uhh... that's literally exactly what you're doing with us.. hence my frustration in my post. You keep insisting that you know exactly what happened on our side of things.. apparently knowing the exact timeline better than we do, and know exact locations of our guys at all times.. which is clearly not the case (Which is why i asked if you were a wizard. Sorry if it was offensive) And you've also already admitted/told us that YOU decided what was safe and what was not. How can YOU (whos not involved) tell US(the people involved) what is or isn't a dangerous area/firefight zone??? I don't get it. Anyways.. The only thing lukeh is guilty of is MISIDENTIFICATION. I'm literally telling you (because i was THERE for things you couldn't POSSIBLY know. NO one but myself talon and lukeh could possibly know.) that lukeh was within 500m of talons execution.... You are attacking everyone personally as if we wanted to kill some random strangers. You could obviously tell that it was a very high stress situation... it was extremely tense.. hearts racing, palms sweaty. It was very intense on all sides... and you're attacking him/us in a very personal way.. as if we didn't give a crap about anything other than killing people. Everyone was on edge, we apologize for you dying.. no one intended for that to happen... because seriously, how does anyone on our side benefit from killing a random stranger?? What would anyone gain from that??? Its not like anyone looted him, or cared to loot him. No one likes dealing with reports either. No one wants a report against them..especially over a senseless killing of a stranger..Do you understand where I'm coming from? And then you keep bringing up / threatening us with NVFL which is insanity, and that's what has frustrated me and led me to believe you are just itching to get someone in trouble for a CLEAR mistake... Even POST said you guys had been warned and should've left. Hes the one who pointed out that you had stayed in the area for 20+ minutes making it 500 meters.... But you claim you were roleplaying? Really? Because after watching your video, you certainly didn't roleplay the situation as if you were in a dangerous area and your life was in danger.. Basically a random stranger yelled out a window telling you that you are in a very dangerous place where people are shooting at each other and warned you that you could be mistaken for someone else and end up dead. But you casually continued walking and strolling around as if you were in a land of butterflies and rainbows, stopping many times in many different areas. You may have been roleplaying internally, but you CERTAINLY did not roleplay according to the external threats around you. You say you value roleplay over everything.. Well. obviously not. or you would've sprinted, taken cover.. acted scared....SOMETHING. You had absolutely no reaction to the guy telling you that you were in middle of firefight zone / dangerous place. You blatantly ignored it dude. In fact after running 100m you say "Ok guys lets slow it down a bit..." WHY would you slow down when you were JUST told there was a firefight going on?! You very very very blatantly ignored any external threats and you have the video evidence to prove it. Please. Please stop grasping at straws trying to get people in trouble for MISTAKES. YOU are just as much as fault for not taking precautions/listening to advice to LEAVE. You were told TWICE to leave the area, and you were also told @ 00:23:24 of your video that there were snipers in the trees/woods .........and you decide to go stand in the tree line/ in the woods? THAT'S where you decide is SAFE? DIRECTLY in between/middle of the wooded area( where you were told there were snipers) and Novy... where you were also warned to stay out of... hmmm... So that puts you DIRECTLY in between the sniper and his targets.. (group of about 5 guys resembling you..) .. but yet you STILL want to put the blame on solely on lukeh? and not take responsibility for your poor choices? Stop being arrogant and hard headed. First by telling US (the people involved) where OUR firefight was taking place... It is not up to you to decide where is "safe". If people warn you.. (TWICE) you are in a bad area.. than you're in a bad area!!! Its not your choice! YES he made a mistake and misidentified you and apologized for it. But you need to at least take responsibility / admit your own stubbornness.( Any person in their right mind would flee the area if they were told there was a firefight going on nearby.)It just baffles me that through this whole thing you cannot even admit to the slightest bit of fault on your side.
  10. w1ked

    RP2: KoS/Attempted KoS/MisID North of Novy - 04-02-2016 4:30

    ^^this 100%. also (marshall) Man, you obviously dont get it. You have no idea what you're talking about....You just said you went to scrapyard.. thats NOT leaving the area, it wasn't just a single pinpoint 50m wide area in novy. IT WAS LITERALLY EVERYWHERE IN AND AROUND NOVY. Every building, every field. everything. You very well knew you were in the middle of a firefight situation.... yet you still decided to stay even after 15 + minutes. YOU don't get to decided where the firefight was or was not happening, and that's what you keep trying to do. WE are telling you that you were directly in the middle of the firefight. LITERALLY in the middle. As POST already pointed out, you made it a total of 700m in 15+ minutes.... I personally think its less. As far as KOS rights... the situation had BEEN going on for at LEAST an hour. Lukeh may not have been there for the START, but by the time talon was executed he was already within 500m. AND he was a part of our group, giving him KOS rights. It's clear as day even from his video alone that it is misidentification.. you can CLEARLY hear everyone in TS scrambling to figure out whos who. considering the LAST known location of any gamblers was north of novy... hmm and go figure thats exactly where the scrap yard is, and yet you still claim than you "left the area" Look man, we're sorry you got killed. it sucks, we feel bad..... but to go ahead with this report and pursuing it as hard as you hard, grasping at ANY thing you can to get him in trouble or convince people he broke the rules is ridiculous. lol @ you starting with NVFL ... keep grasping at as many straws as you can. There were at least 8 of us... some died, one got captured.. others were flanking. Who are you to tell US how many people we had ? Who are you to tell US what was happening??? -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST- A minute ago you said " there was no execution while we were around" REALLY?? How do you know that? Are you a wizard? I'm done posting.
  11. Mike and i both do not... So it would have to be up to the other two guys. I just got on and here is my POV We we met one guy wearing all black who I assume was Jason he came up to us i asked him to holster his gun he denied offered him food he slowly backed away. Then In a bush there was a guy wearing all tan I believe was his friend we chase him and told him to put his hands up, As we chased the guy he kept running and running eventually meeting up with "Jason possibly" then they stared at us from across a field I looked at them and they started to aim we waited and we already told them to put up their hands they didn't and the aiming is what drove me to fire, as they ran I fired because I told him to stop and place his hands above his head, I was just firing to make them move, I was all the way across the field I had no idea I hit one of them and we initiated on them prior to the action of Jasons death. Also I didnt find the report and I was logging on to report that I was just rdmed so may we work this problem out Muhamid Al Assad was the man with me so he can vouch for what happened Also can you explain the logic behind supposedly asking me to put my hands up while I'm running across a field 60m+ away from you ?? Why wouldn't you ask mike to put his hands up when he was in front of you talking to you?? IF you were looking for roleplay / rob / initiate on someone, why would you choose the guy running in a field very far away from you? Because logic and common sense tells a different story... that you are ONLY trying to cover up your mistakes of KOS and BADRP. Why not just come clean and tell everyone you messed up and made a mistake? Instead of trying to lie and cover it up by saying you initiated? The only reason you are saying this in your reply is to cover up the KOS attempt. REGARDLESS of the badRP and KOS attempt that is hard to "prove" without video..... You still combat logged, and we don't need video to prove that, as its in the server logs. Mike and I had to wait 15 minutes EVEN though we got shot at for no reason... but that rule doesn't apply to you?
  12. You JUST admitted you were ALL the way across the field and you had no idea you hit one of us. You cannot "initiate" someone when you're 200 Meters away and no one can hear you..... (ALSO.. HAD you actually clearly initiated on us, ask us why we both wouldn't have blown out the back of your heads when we both had SVD's at 200+meters? Do you think we would be standing still in front of you flipping you the middle finger?????) You can't seriously expect people to believe that you had no idea chat wasn't global?? Or that you thought we could hear you from across a field?? For lack of a better word, you are full of crap with your excuses of telling me to "put my hands up" because not ONCE were you within 60 meters of me. NOT ONCE. I was covering michael the entire time from the bush. I didn't move from behind that bush until i watched michael run away, and I was SURE that you were not following him. You ONLY saw me when i moved to meet back up with michael... in which i didnt care if you saw me because i was over 60 (AT LEAST) meters away, so i wasn't worried. You sat across the field from us for a good 30 seconds, we stopped to make sure you didnt follow.... and then you decided to shoot at us.. and it wasn't because of "aiming"... because you shot me when i flipped the middle finger up in game. THAT pissed you off because you couldn't catch up to us. You DO realize i could've ended both of your lives at ANY time while you were firing on us???? As I had an SVD. But see, RP is the CORE of this server, not killing people. That is the ONLY reason why i let the both of you live and decided to report you rather than kill you. Ill let the admins deal with it... because frankly people like you do not belong on this server until you can read the rules and understand them FULLY 1. IF thats the excuse you decide to go with... at the very LEAST thats badRP AND combat logging...
  13. No. The man wearing all black was Michael. You never spoke to me, not once. and Considering i was over 75m+ away from you when you initially started to follow/chase me, there is no possible way you told me to "put my hands up". As the bush i was in was at least 60-75 Meters away from you while you talked with michael (all black clothes) Apparently no one told you that chat in game is not global. ALSO. YES. I was looking through my scope to see if you were still behind the haybale.. No one fired at you... Not even after you attempted to KOS
  14. He combat logged also. While this was happening to us, we had a community helper join our TS (covert grabbed him) and the helper told us we HAD to wait 15 minutes to log out EVEN though it was attempted KOS. I was shot at 16:53:55... may as well be 16:54. We had ran behind a haybale so i could bandage myself... they continued shooting... We then had to run into the treeline which was another 50-75M away... They were still shooting and we had visual contact on them as we entered the treeline. Mike and I STILL had to stay in the server for the remaining 15 minutes before disconnecting. Mike and i disconnected at the same time. 17:12... While the guys who attempted to KOS disconnected at 17:07. EVEN if we lost visual contact at the EXACT moment i was shot 16:53:55, 15 minutes from then is 17:08:55. Thats STILL would be combat logging. It's pretty obvious that's not what happened. So we were shot at with no initiation or contact and almost killed... and we STILL had to wait 15 minutes before logging out... and they did not. So on top of attempted KOS... we also have combat loggers. P.S. Also.. as far as covert, yes I'm aware that his POV is not really valid or necessary as he was not VISUALLY there... but he heard all of our audio, and can at least attest to the truth of what we are saying... As I've never met or had contact with him before, and he would have no reason to support us
  15. Server and location: Server 1, just outside kabanino / in between stary sobor ( fields) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5:55 (11:55Am EST) Your in game name: Jason Anderson Names of allies involved: Michael Roche Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no, logs will show hits Detailed description of the events: Mike and I were around kabanino when we saw 2 players... Neither of them saw us, I stayed in a bush on overwatch and Mike approached them, had a quick chat and nothing much happened. Mike went on his way, and i hung back in the bushes for a bit watching them.. finally when mike was far enough away, i ran out in the opposite direction. While i was running away i noticed them chasing after me.. although pretty far away. I was on TS with mike and told him they were chasing me and to come back. I made it into an open field and was about 200m away. The 2 guys hung back behind haybales. Eventually I met up with mike and we stood opposite side of the field just watching them. I didnt have binoculars to occasionally i would check with my scope on my weapon. Mike and I waved at them and hung around, we also gave them the middle finger... nothing else was done. As i mentioned before, we were well over 150-200m away. Next thing i know they start shooting at us and I was hit... bleeding, screen dark grey... kept sprinting to the woods while they continued to shoot at us... I was pretty close to death and had to be given saline. There was ABSOLUTELY NO INITIATION WHAT SO EVER. NOT A SINGLE WORD WAS EVEN SPOKEN TO ME. NOT to mention we were WELL over 150-200M away, initiation was NOT possible. And what little that was exchanged between mike and them, also was no intiation... as after that, mike was very very very far away and they did not pursue him. We never fired a shot at them, we continued to run as far away as possible until we were absolutely safe and were able to log off (after 15 mins, even though it was Attempted KOS.. we STILL waited the 15 mins.) Also for what its worth (since we have no video) Covert joined our TS channel to talk to me about a trade, and he happened to join at the exact time that this all began... he heard everything between mike and I in TS... Hopefully he can help with his POV.