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    Outrun Media Thread

  2. sparnage

    Outrun - Legacy [Strict Recruitment]

    I was literally sitting on the roof as lookout and saw you run off, but I thought it was your bag so nothing was out of the ordinary
  3. sparnage

    Outrun - Legacy [Strict Recruitment]

    pssst, send it to Phoenix in a PM. Perhaps "If you have met us ingame and would like to leave some feedback, please fill out the template below and either send it to me in a PM or paste it in the comment section below. " should be changed.
  4. sparnage

    Official CS:GO Thread

    anyone do any leagues?
  5. sparnage

    Outrun - Legacy [Strict Recruitment]

  6. sparnage

    Outrun [Private Frequency - 46.8Hz]

    Dexter breathes in the cool night air. After a long ass day, he decides to speak in the Outrun frequency for the first time. "Pretty good first day with you Outrun folks. Only been at the camp for 20 somethin' hours and I already feel comfortable." He watches Rachel and Alan tend to the farms over in the trees. It's a quiet and peaceful scene. "Just a heads up, I was over at the farm and when I came back, there was some bits of human meat layin' around the campfire. Crazy shit happens during the night, but y'all knew that already." Sipping on a Nota Cola, he's glad that there's finally a night with no rainfall.
  7. sparnage

    S2 Trolling + Possible Bad RP in Vybor 07/08/2016 01:24

    Your video is private. Can you fix it please? is it good now?
  8. sparnage

    S2 Trolling + Possible Bad RP in Vybor 07/08/2016 01:24

  9. sparnage

    S2 Trolling + Possible Bad RP in Vybor 07/08/2016 01:24

    I ran into this guy earlier in the day as well, and I was streaming (in case I needed evidence for a report). I can post the VOD tommorow, I'm already off my PC now.
  10. sparnage

    Outrun [Open Frequency]

    Dexter sips on a Nota Cola while relaxing in a barn. It's been a long day, with a few tense moments. The radio goes off, which he usually ignores, but this time he decides to broadcast his own message. "So y'all are these Outrun people I keep 'earing about. You's guys got quite a reputation, let me tell ya. No matter where I go; Kabanino, Stary, Novy, Gorka or wherever the fuck, people always be askin' me 'You with Outrun?' just 'cause I wear a green armband too. I don't know about the rest of you's but I ain't never meddled with no Outrun folks." Dexter, now mildly annoyed, continues to sip on his Nota Cola and watches the sunset.
  11. I can't seem to add the servers to my favourites, what I do is I connect through remote, and when the server pops up , I highlight it and go to the bottom left and "Add Servers to Favourites". However, it doesnt appear in my favourites tab, even though the button turns into "Remove Server from Favourites" i read the faq again, im an idiot, plz close
  12. it was definitely a land mine, that much is clear, whats in the air is who set it there you told me "first tent there at the end" or something along those lines, clear enough so that i knew which tent you were talking about it could be a massive coincidence that you didnt step on a landmine that you didnt set, but you were still in the tent to see the SP6 ammo somehow regardless someone RDM'd by putting the mine there
  13. you told me specifically and exactly which tent to look in, and it just happened to be the one with an active land mine? you already looted tents clearly so if it didnt detonate on you then you mustve known it was there. im certain it was a land mine since i saw it moments before detonation. i never said you had a reason to kill me, which is what the R in RDM stands for
  14. Do logs have no record of me being blown to bits by a land mine? It happened about 2 minutes after " 20:05:21 | Chat(Thaddeus Apriel): // i think the server is lagging 20:07:24 | Chat(Thaddeus Apriel): // OOC"
  15. Are those the only logs of me in S4? I remember having to switch from one USA server to another cause zombie bodies were blocking the door of the house I was in and I was stuck, may you check the other USA server? (S3) edit - if it helps at all, this all went down about 20min. ago as of right now (3:32 PM EST)