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  1. Tomasz Fetrov

    Tomasz Fetrov was a trawlerman fishing the green sea. When news of the outbreak reached them via radio they remained moored offshore of Chernarus until a storm broke their moorings. They preserved their fuel and let themselves drift, eating what they could catch until the crew eventual became ill and malnurished. Tomasz is the last survivor. He abandoned ship, now without any fuel to run its generators, no radio and increasingly starving, and returned to dry land in a single life raft. The life raft was damaged and washed up ashore in Chernarus where he finds himself today. His only hope is to find a way back to Georgia, his home.
  2. Chernarus Currency (before outbreak)

    If Chernarus is effectively the Czech Republic and so a former soviet, central European republic - they could have been part of the Eurozone (if only for a few years!) ala Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia.