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  1. SneezyCorn

    BadRP S1

    If the apocalypse would be real i would do this too. I just want more things. My reason was take his UMP a high capacity. So i think i play my roleplay good
  2. SneezyCorn

    BadRP S1

    Yes and thanks for unban
  3. SneezyCorn

    BadRP S1

    Okay. So i was running ouf of Kabanino to look at Vereshnik base. There was standing one guy. So i said hello to him. And i saw he has UMP and high capacity vest. So my plan was rob him and go away. So i did.
  4. SneezyCorn

    BadRP S1

    I did it because UMP is my favorite gun. All i wanted is that UMP
  5. SneezyCorn

    BadRP S1

    Hello , I needed to go away. I am sorry for that. My brother lost his keys so i went help him to find them. But when i came back that guy killed me. So he did his revenge. Dont see any problems.