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  1. Martin had been in the prison for a few weeks before Fredrik was transferred from Wandsworth Prison. When Fredrik first got to the new prison he was walking around looking for something to use as an escape. Martin noticed that the new guy was just walking around almost studying every detail he found on the prison so Martin decided to walk up and talk with him. What Martin thought when he walked up to Fredrik was that he would be a good way out of the prison, On the other hand Fredrik thought he needed friend to succeed with a jailbreak and Martin would work towards this end. Martin and Fredrik started to spend more time with together not just planning they were also having fun playing games and telling stories about their past. They were becoming close friends but when Martin got a message from the warden that he was to be transferred to a prison near Manchester himself and Fredrik accelerated their plan to break out. Fredrik had noticed a gap in the guards patrol, a large enough one to put on something to climb on to get over the outer wall, Through the people who are smuggling items into the prison Martin acquired some semi large nails that was going to be put into the brick wall so that they can climb up. This plan would take some time because there was only enough time to place a few at per day. The last night before Martin was to be transferred they were almost done, to be able to climb the whole way up Fredrik decided the best chance was to ignore the time were the guard came back, so as Fredrik places the last nail and tests if it is safe the guard comes around the corner and sees Fredrik on top of the wall and Martin climbing up he yells “JAILBREAK!” and many more guards come running around the corner as Martin reached the top. When Martin was climbing Fredrik prepared a rope that was to be used to lower down from the other side of the wall. As they both descended down the wall a car pulled up, the car that had been arranged to pick them up once they were out. After leaving the prison Martin and Fredrik ventured out in search for a new prospecting career... ...Later on the brothers find themselves in the capital of England, London, The men now known as “Banks Brothers”,from their previous escape, were joined through loyalty and friendship as opposed to Blood. The men were well known to the city of London and outlawed by the crown courts. Bank robbers. A simple turn given to their profession. The pair were the most notorious, feared Robbers in Europe. The Brothers together were the most loyal, trusted companions a man could have but confronted with fear or weak minds the pair took to their own and manipulated people taking their goods and insisting the rumours of their name that spread across London. The pair were lawless they kept in hiding most of their life, the ever extending list of criminal actions ensured they never travelled publicly or even presented themselves to strangers. The brothers now placed their eyes on the main bank in Odesa, Ukraine. They had everything worked out from their entry to escape but they were getting concerned about what was happening on the news, a strange outbake in Chunarus but the brothers decided that this outbreak would be the best time to rob the bank since everyone on Odesa was glued to their phones trying to figure out what was happening. The brothers successfully robbed the bank and were laying low, this is when the outbreak had reached Odessa, and from what they could make out on the news before everything went dark it had spread all over the world, at least this is how it sounded like on the news. The brothers now decided to grab their weapons and head into the chaos and survive, they travelled far and meat many people on the way, but only one of then stuck with the brothers throughout the majority of their journey, his name was Ubbe. when getting close to Chunarus the group decided to head in and see if they could find some answers to what happened to the world. On the journey in the group got separated. Fredrik was all alone now, his first goal now is to find his friends he desids the best way to do this is by searching Chunarus.
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    We were trying to blow up a car