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  1. Poland strong. I love bigos and pierogi.
  2. Dude, do you know how works voice chat? This situation on the field (when we were aiming gun at you cuz we didnt have binoculars) was too far away from us to hear you. It was +/-200m and its not able to hear from that distance. And the guy who talked with you was Mike (Me).
  3. I'm Mike Roche. It's my POV We were running through kabanino fields and we saw 2 guys next to the pond. Jason went to bush and stayed hidden. I went to them and asked about trading drink for food. They answered: Put your weapon down then we can trade. I realized that may be a trap so i told them: Uhh, so i dont want to trade, I'll go to other city then. I walked away for a 3-4 minutes and nobody followed me then Jason told me through radio (teamspeak) that these guys are chasing him so i went around the field and met Jason in the bushes. We were looking at these guys (they were sitting behind hay bales - It was around +/- 200 meters away from us). Then Jason got shot from them. We started running to the forest and after this we waited 15+ minutes and logged off.
  4. Stresiak

    The Roamers 117.2

    *Mike picks up the radio* Hello Mr. Stradic! Can you hear me? It's me again - Michael. While i was travelling i found a lot of weapons and ammunition. I dont need that much of this stuff so Im able to trade it with you. If you are interested with some thing, let me know. (Stanag 60 magazines, FN FAL-gun, UMP-gun with Optics and mag, 5.56 ammunition) Im looking for FNX magazine, .45 ACP ammunition and Netting or Smersh vest. So if you have any offer, let me now. *Mike puts his radio into vest and continues frying steak on the firecamp*
  5. Stresiak

    The Roamers 117.2

    *Michael takes radio from the vest pouch and turns it on* Hello. Can anybody hear me? If any trader can hear me, my name is Michael Roche. I'm looking for weapon called Steyr AUG. I have good, russian AKM and some supplies found in plane crash. If you have AUG, and you want to rade, answer me. I can meet you anywhere you want. *Michael sits on chair and waits for answer*
  6. I hope it's working, because earlier day/night time was horrible.
  7. Hello guys! Yesterday i got whitelisted and im sooo happy! I hope I'll meet a lot of you and spend time in nice community!