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    @Randy will get on these changes asap
  2. *Ryan picks up his radio handset, pressing the PTT btn* "That is a good question, keep those ears open and one day you may be fortunate enough to encounter us" *He releases the PTT btn*
  3. Breadman


    -Group Page Changelog- Amended errors Added Radio Freq link Updated group goals and timeline
  4. Breadman


    @Ducky Thanks, would make sense to change it to make it better inline with our lore.
  5. Breadman


    Is that not just a translation as such? Thats why i went with the ENG as more people on the map are familiar with it. If not then i have no issues editing it in the lore
  6. *The men of the one o one set there Freq to channel 101.0* "This is the One O One open Freq. channel. Please use this channel to get in contact with us." *They take it in shifts to monitor the responses 24 hours 7 days a week*
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    Yes and you must have witnessed my poor driving when mowing down the zs we accidently sent your way
  8. Breadman


    I will fix the spelling errors later tonight. not my strong point fairly dyslexic
  9. Ryan Choi, Born to a korean father and English mother grew up in his early years in liverpool with his brother Sam Choi. Aged 14 Ryan was awarded a scholarship to attend RMA Sandhurst, a royal military academy. He spent the majority of his youth living a structured military lifestyle making him an organised individual. Choi was at the start of his career with promising prospects working towards a scout role in the British army. The many skills he learnt he has been able to apply in his modern circumstance. Sam Choi, his brother, had joined a cadet group on a foreign aid mission to assist in reconstructing locations ruined by the civil war. Ryan had little contact with the brother as he was regularly away boarding at sandhurst. Choi and Ryan had been writing to and from each other over the course of his training. A day came where Ryan had not received a letter for two weeks, on the third he decided something was wrong so boarded a flight to south zagoria in search of Sam. Little is known of his whereabouts now, he is common to stay in the north, his preferred climate, It is believed that the two brothers have made contact and roam with other like minded individuals.
  10. Edit - 12:32:12 | Player "Krank Enheim" hit by Player "Martin Banks" with AKM from 12.0345 meters 12:32:17 | Player "Krank Enheim" has been disconnected 12:32:18 | Player "Unknown/Dead Entity" ( killed by Player "Martin Banks" with AKM from 11.2702 meters I do believe in this instance the player was combat logging hense the name "Unknown/Dead Entity"
  11. In game name: Martin Banks POV: Approaching the base I noticed that there was a member of the "yellow armbands" inside, I moved slowly towards the fence line and spoke to the player initiating. "Stop hands up in the air don't move" He was not complying so i typed to initiate to make it more clear giving the player another chance , giving him more than my original time specified to comply the accuser did not comply and a shots were taken. Hand the accuser of complied to both of my initiations he would not have been shot.
  12. Martin Banks previous occupation post apocalypse was at a oil refinery off the coast of Dear island, working as security for a multi national private sector company. Having been on chenarus on a summer holiday to see the sights and spend his money on booze and girls he found himself fighting through the apocalypse with some friends, one by one he lost those friends to the apocalypse and joined dr. Hopes group providing his millaterian outlook to the camp ensuring their safety, after the many attacks he faced and losing more innocent good people his hatred for specific groups like zabor and the chadaki grew to which he joined the reapers, he spent time working with them and dove deep into a chaotic mindset of do whatever is necessary for the mission, destroy anyone whom was in the reapers ways, after fighting countless wars in the mask he retired after the disbanding of the reapers to a country side lodge in the north where he lived a simple life. He kept a low profile as the reapers name was in tarnish, any ex reaper was to be hunted by multiple groups established in the south, struggling to find purpose he had herd of the 101, he found his way to stary yar and reasoned with hamish mgreger, granted this was a near death encounter they chose to take martin under his wing and brought him into the family, Martin would befriend sam choi, an asian fellow, where they would defend the 101 principles through the wars of the north, after the 101 migrated to the shadows to this day martin lingers across the apocalyptic world. Few people know his location.
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    Breadman rises from the Yeast....

  14. I killed you @Silk , instead of posting a full pov i will explain who i am, if you still feel this was an rdm then let me know here and i will post a full pov, I was a member of the group that took you hostage, i met you on the hill and then brought you down to the airfield with another guy, Upon you leaving i told you that you would be killed if you told anyone of what happened, you followed by telling the nearest group at the other side, jack was a disguise name used to detract attention from me.
  15. @Eagle unfortunately just over 24 hours is not long enough for me to respond to spartan as some people do have jobs. we had initiated on him and he did not follow our orders which we gave him more than reasonable opportunity to do so and ensured he understood that he would die if he did not meet our expectations. This person did not answer our questions nor was he an obedient hostage
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