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  1. waiting for the last delivery containing my new pc parts

    1. ToeZ



    2. Breadman


      @toe really annoying just the last few parts and ive been watching the delivery app like a hawk

    3. ToeZ


      I know that feeling, except currently with me it's waiting to see if my payment for my parts goes through, there system is fucky D:

  2. @TheMatt924 Thanks for the feedback, Im trying to see whether people think its a viable group or not and whether they would have a place, i appreciate your opinion
  3. Thanks, i may need your help in looking at the disease i could provide accurate rp if i went ahead with this idea however i was thinking of waiting to find out more about the new lore. And thanks guys appreciate it
  4. I'd like to see a variety of more soviet / Russian weapons added / pre-war rifles, in a less developed country these would be more common and fewer people would have USMC weapons. I would also like to see a building such as log walls and other aspects like that so that we can turn towns into settlements, I am picturing a survivor camp or walking through a town covered in blood and log walls almost "miss match" style to add to the fear in the game.
  5. after the wipe, I imagine there will be a surge of new groups forming and what a great time to do so, In my mind i have an idea for a CDC group this would involve some members of the CDC (scientists, doctors, nurses, CDC security) then forming a much larger group mixed between CDC and trusted survivors. I picture the rp no to a potential somewhat medical however more leaning towards survival and maintaining a safe zone for the immune. The group could go in may different ways just wanted to know what your thoughts are on this sort of group if it were created at the start of the wipe? (CDC = Center for disease control)
  6. Timeline

    I agree completely with you both
  7. New rule about Hostile Hostage

    I agree with cat here
  8. Timeline

    A dayzRP timeline is what I'm suggesting, this would be a timeline going down the page with ic events and occurrences, The idea is that users can fill out a form style application similar to the character profile, each event would appear in chronological order on the timeline so that other users could view what has happened. this could include; group formations/disband, wars, settlement formation/disband, and events. Now there would need to be a moderation style process that filters out anything that is not timeline worthy and OOC junk so id suggests that the staff team would be in charge of that role. as far as aesthetics, the timeline could have a line down the centre with branches popping off either side with a small image and title, the user could click on the title and that would take them to the page containing the whole story, whether it be an existing post or whole new forum section
  9. Hello

    You say this as if he's only come to visit for a day or so, made me laugh Welcome!
  10. Dr felix (Open Freq)

    Martin banks picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button The meet is off, i have what i need, thank you for your cooperation Martin releases the PTT button @Dustup @SmartPlayerZ
  11. Interesting read, thankyou!
  12. Dr felix (Open Freq)

    Martin picks up the radio, he holds the ptt button From us? I guess you are the doctor. He pauses I just want to know if the girl is safe, i need to see it with my own eyes that's all, then i will be on my way Martin releases the ptt button @SmartPlayerZ
  13. Dr felix (Open Freq)

    Martin hears the response and grabs his radio, holding down the PTT button Hello, the doctor is a psychiatrist of some sorts from what I hear, the only other thing I understand is that he travels with a girl on multiple occasions, I need to see them both. As for your favours, I understand. But I will not help you until I see the Dr and girl with my own two eyes. Martin shuts off the radio and waits by his hold up for a response @Dustup
  14. Dr felix (Open Freq)

    Martin holds down the ptt button on his radio: Hello, I am looking for a man known as Dr felix, If anyone knows where he may be or how i can contact him please let me know Martin sighs releasing the ptt button
  15. hi all

    hi, goodluck with the whitelist