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  2. I killed you @Silk , instead of posting a full pov i will explain who i am, if you still feel this was an rdm then let me know here and i will post a full pov, I was a member of the group that took you hostage, i met you on the hill and then brought you down to the airfield with another guy, Upon you leaving i told you that you would be killed if you told anyone of what happened, you followed by telling the nearest group at the other side, jack was a disguise name used to detract attention from me.
  3. @Eagle unfortunately just over 24 hours is not long enough for me to respond to spartan as some people do have jobs. we had initiated on him and he did not follow our orders which we gave him more than reasonable opportunity to do so and ensured he understood that he would die if he did not meet our expectations. This person did not answer our questions nor was he an obedient hostage
  4. upon meeting the man we both decided to initiate and go forward with hostile rp, we asked him many questions upon our return within the 10 mins we told him to wait there which we felt was not adequate and gave him plenty of warnings to explain further which he did not, When i did shoot him i did not mean to kill him at that moment however wanted to provide more role play having said that i still believed i had the right to kill him at that moment so that should not alter weather i did or no have rights.
  5. Name: Charles Hartwell Place of Origin: England Background information on character: Charles is a gentleman from the rich country hills of England, he has been brought up with luxuries and the worlds full attention and as an only child was spoilt with the most expensive clothes, Luxurious food and an extravagant lifestyle. He was then orphaned by the age of 19 due to an extreme boat trip where the vessel capsized drowning all on board, left with all the riches of the family he retreated to his estate only venturing as far as the nearest town. this was the moment he meet the woman of his dreams, molly, an young woman staying in the local inn ... life went on they became happy together. he would do anything in the world for her. Involvement in the crisis: The couple decided to adventure into a 2 week holiday to chernerus, all began fine until the day they closed the boarders, the couple were staying in the small cabins just west of khelm which was a secluded resort only available to the richest of travellers and were clueless to the devastation taking place in the surrounding towns and city's so there holiday remained peaceful, on the final day the couple attempted to reach the International Airport however once heading west they picked up an unusual radio transmition from the United Nations Agency alerting the couple of the closures and current situation, Stopping in heavy traffic they tried to push on however the citizens had already formed groups and they encountered a group of small time ex convict raiders, Charles put up a fight but was held forcefully to watch is beloved molly be taken into the back of a van, Charles was left tied to a cross surrounded by corpses of there victims this was the gangs devilish punishment in retaliation to his resilient personality. Charles now lingers the apocalyptic land in search for molly and although seems to be friendly to the average survivor is always cautious as he find new leads on the kidnapping of his molly. Charles has begun to help out people by providing favours in return for information on the clans that may have taken his wife. Skills: Hunting - Brought up in a wealthy lifestyle Charles hunted game and many other animals for sport, he soon learnt how to work around the forest and stay were no one could see him. Charisma - As a former upper-class citizen Charles has a way with words and is good at negotiating. Survival - Hunting always fascinated Charles and so he soon sprung on to survival, working with common materials and making the most out of what he has got, he soon learnt the basics of farming and cooking the game he had shot --------- Some basic adjectives: Open minded, dedicated, persuasive, concealed, shadow, well spoken
  6. hello @Puncture to address the statement above, i had said something along those lines as myself and chuck were clearly trying to communicate with you, my intention was to role play with you, by making that statement i was letting chuck know that i would like to rp with you and find out more about our circumstances, this would be for example: finding out if you were flying, if you had attacked me previously... This was an attempt to create rp not stop it. once again apologies for the back and fourth
  7. Hello, sorry for the delay with posting this pov, i have been on a course. Now from my eyes the following happened: I notice a player inside grishino, this player was wearing red, the known colour of our enemy, now i begin to search for the player, and cannot find him, i eventually locate what i would describe as a sketchy person, i will compliment you on this rp @Flash our conversation at the beginning was good, now i understand that you are not alone as i briefly noticed another player within the room, after numerous statements between me and you, if you agree id say you were trying to get me to leave and i was continuing to talk to you, However at no point did our conversation get hostile. I informed dave of my descovery to what we belived was our enemy, he moved in on position and then lead the initiation on yourself. I had not looked at the OOC chat, however even if i had then being afk does not stop roleplay as this is a strikt role play community. Dave then initiated on the pair, i moved round the front of the barn, dave herd footsteps i herd none and told him it was not me, then we are counter initiated on, i then proceed round the corner of the barn to identify players and end up moving into a room connected to the barn side where me and a player exchanged shots, i died he survived. Things i would like to note: At no point was it un reasonable for us to initiate on you. In my opinion 3 seconds is not an reasonable demand, in order to promote rp more rp could have been created between us and the counter initiators before opening fire as we were fairly contained. I do not have video evidence of this situation.
  8. @Randle to answer your first question i did in fact say that "we are now in an active firefight" Now this statement was only made to ensure they all of my team members understood the situation we had been placed in, by myself being randomly shot with 0 rp this then meant that we had ventured into an active firefight, This statement was made so that each team member understood what rights they had, and what action they should take. By saying that statement i am simply outlining the situation that has been created this does not mean that kill rights would be used. This statement was made after i had been shot. This was NOT me stating that there was an active firefight on going but was me stating we were now one side of our own "firefight" The term "firefight" to me means that someone has shot at me or my team. To address your second statement about our chat, you have stated this wrong, you entered our open coms, me and chuck moved down into the channel, you asked who would be reported, i said "anyone who shot me" at no point did i assume that you had shot me as i did not know the payers involved. In terms of talking it out, i simply said that the report will still be going up and you left, although i may have been a little blunt with you i did not tell you that you should revive a harsh punishment. @Jade after reviewing the video myself i cannot identify the users name however what i can tell you is that the user was not part of the 101, but part of our small dynamic group, we had rped with him for 15 mins and we all moved onto our open coms, we have not played with this player since, all i remember that he was american and a doctor of some kind. ---- I would like to point out at the start of one of the clips i tell chuck to go as there are 4 players in the nabouring field, we then turned and began to leave, at this point i was shot. this hindered any attempt to leave the situation as i was then knocked unconscious, this shows that i was acting within nvfl and trying to get myself out of the situation initialy, had i not been "miss identified, and so attempted rdmed by the first group" then i would not have been in the situation. @Jade if there are any other questions you need me to answer dont hesitate to ask
  9. Hello @Randle please do not make assumptions, this was the first day I have recorded as it is on my new pc, I am currently useing geforce experience and have a macro hotkey set up on my mouse , this enables me to quickly record and stop recording which I do as I have no need to record everything , these were two separate instances and not one recording, I have provided the full clips, I hope this wanders your question
  10. @Puncture myself and chuck moved towards the northern treeline in order to re group with some by standing players waiting for us to get out of the hostile zone, quite clearly we both ran to the nearest treeline after you took shots as it was the closest, if you with for me to draw a map i will do so, once again if you would accept that you miss ided me which clearly happened and not try to counter report us for nvfl which in my opinion clearly did not occur this report would swiftly be finished. If an admin or the accused wishes to further discuss this then please contact me and i will arrange a ts meeting rather than continue this back and fourth. Here you can clearly see you must only act on kos rights when you have ided the person: -edit- in the vid you clearly stat "were looking for a guy with an svd" which i did not i had an sks, also and "green back pack" which i had none @Puncture in response to your question , no
  11. @Puncture to clarify we both ran to the nearest tree line therefore we were not committing nvfl also you asked us to run after a clear rulebreak "miss id" by the time i had been patched up form being unconscious you had appeared therefore i had 0 reaction time to leave the area. id rather let the admins control the report than back and fourth if you wish for me to explain why this was not nvfl in ts3 i do not mind. @Randle In this report i am reporting both puncture for killing me and the group involved in the miss id and any poor rp provided in the first video.
  12. Hello @Puncture, although id not like to create a conversation of back and fourth in response to your claims, no this was not nvfl, at the time there was one man yourself in the area that we could see and 2v1 is not nvfl the people shooting were hitting us too and the only logical place to run was foward with you to the tree line, in my opinion you clearly understand that you were in the wrong and miss ided me, claiming we nvfl is un nessasery and a longshot at creating some sort of counter.
  13. Hello, this may not be you however the person who killed me in the last video participated in a conversation with myself chuck and a community helper, this was puncture not you
  14. Server and location: Above stary (heli crash field area) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 28 may, 19:30 onwards Your in game name: Martin Banks Names of allies involved: chuckdeu Name of suspect/s: unknown see hit logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): video being uploaded Detailed description of the events: As you can see in the evidence that is provided myself and chuck moved towards kab to stary road, the 1st instance where i received miss id was here when i was shot at by an unknown person, i have been told this is dusty group, the video shows that group realizing they had made a mistake then trying to tell me they had got the "wrong guy", they then told us to go east so that we were not shot again however began shooting in our direction to warn us away but ended up knocking me unconscious as seen in the video.You will find this hit log from the first shot on myself note i say i was killed but in fact i was not i was knocked unconscious The second instance was rdm caused by miss id, i had not had any rp with this player other than him shooting in a field and then myself and chuck following in order to have a conversation with him, he did not respond to us after clearly seeing us and then turned around and shot at us. neither of these instances had any initiation from us or them, we had had 0 RP with them up until the moment of each miss identification, they claimed that there was an firefight and then after a conversation in an admin room said that they didunt know if we were or were not the people they were against (which we were not) The rules that have been broken here in my eyes are: miss identification to attempt rdm, as well as poor rp with all that running about (1st instance) miss identification to rdm (2nd instance)
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