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  1. Character idea!

    Sounfs like it could be very rewarding, if not a little difficult at first.
  2. Another newcomer

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have (in the one day that I've been here) *shifty eyes*
  3. My Sketches

    Thank you all
  4. My Sketches

    Unfortunately, I don't take requests I end up putting too much pressure on myself to get it perfect, ending up going the total opposite way. I do however like to hear new ideas that I could try
  5. My Sketches

    I've been sketching for about 18 months Self taught via YouTube videos and practice I haven't had a lot of time recently with work and Christmas commitments I still see a lot I can improve, but that's why I practice. I'd love to take up sculpting
  6. Another Generic Hi! Post

    Thank you all for the welcomes I love this place already
  7. My Sketches

    Oddly enough I have done a Chinook landed on snow too although, that snow doesn't really look like snow
  8. My Sketches

    Thank you I've done an Amumu-Poro and and Ashe Poro too
  9. My Sketches

    The guy is meant to be Jon Snow I've never thought of writing it on the back
  10. Another Generic Hi! Post

    Hey Guys I'm really good thank you, What about yourself?
  11. My Sketches

    I wasn't really sure where to post this, but its off-topic, so I guess here will be fine. Anyway, when I'm not gaming, working, sleeping or eating. Then I'm usually sketching, I haven't really been doing it for very long. But here goes nothing.
  12. Hey Guys and Gals I'm looking forward to enjoying my time on the servers with you all And hope to spend a good long time evolving myself as my story progresses, and I hope that each and ever one of you will be a part of that. Looking forward to meeting you all in game, and on the forums here. Until then, enjoy yourselves
  13. New Monitor

    I have heard about this issue with some of the NVidia graphics cards before. Basically some NVidia graphics cards don't allow for dual screening. I think its the ones that don't have a mini hdmi port available are the ones that don't allow for dual screening, and by the look of the photo you have posted earlier your only has DVI and VGA ports. I run an AMD card, I've never really been a big NVidia fan myself, so I'm not 100% as to if this is true or not. Just thought it may aid you Try researching your specific graphics card, and see whether its compatible to handle multiple screens.
  14. Teamspeak: Failed to connect to server?

    Thank you, I had the same issue, and this has worked for me