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  1. I'm Terrible For It... It Started Because I Just Preferred How It Looked Lol
  2. Im A Hider... We Might meet... but with me being scared of people... it might be a while but im sure it will be a pleasurable experiance
  3. [align=left]HI! Joined You All Yesterday.. Had To Wait For Whitelist But Today.. Got Into The Server.. And Ive Been Playing For 5 Hours... NO KOS! This Place Is Just Great.. This Is My First RP, So Just Bare With Me! Ill Work Hard On Keeping To The Lore And The Rules Of RP.. I May Slip Up From Time To Time.. And For That I Apologize In Advance! Hope You All Had A Great Christmas, And That You Dont Over Do It New Years Look Forward To Seeing You Ingame! Sean (Nightstalkerv2) - (Nate Stalker)