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    RP2: KoS, Combat Logging, & Ghosting in Sinistok - 01/02/2016 04:45 [Server Time]

    Joey Manger POV: Joey(me) and Grip(Peter Redfield in logs) went up into the woods up north. We stumble upon a set of tents and decide top check it out and see if anyone is there. After looking in the three of the tents we find someone AFK in the last tent. We speak for a moment, then the server reset. Once myself and Grip log back in we talk with a mane who identified himself as Carl for just a moment longer. Before we part ways i swap my firearms (SVD moved to back, AKM moved to hands.) Grip and I leave this area and do not feel safe due to the the fact that Carl said these tents are shared by many people. Grip and I make our way away from the tents and are running in a field with hay bails when a man calls out to us. I did not respond immediately because his voice was very faint, and I assumed it was an ambient sound. I noticed it was not and tell Grip. We talk with the man briefly and tell him we must be going because we have friends waiting on us that we need to get to. Grip starts to leave as I was going to wish this man a safe travel when he shoots me with his firearm. There was no hostile RP, or initiation. On matter to the AKM which they claim I put in a protector case: The AKM was in my hands when I was shot. You can see in the video posted above that when the man goes to look in the case he does not do it properly within the new UI and see the AKM on the ground shown by the UI saying "GROUND" in the top left corner of the squares it was in. Also, these gentlemen admit to KOS'ing us in said video.
  2. *With blood running down Joey's arm he lifts his radio to his mouth and speaks.* "....Those clowns.....the damn clowns.." *static* "This is Joey.. I'm trying to contact my friend...the one who stitched up my face." *Joey leans back against a tree.* "Look buddy, the clowns got me, they took my radio and scrambled the station, so I'm scanning to try and find the right frequency. Look man...they messed me up pretty good.. They didn't mess me up as bad as you, but I'm bleeding a bit. If you can hear me...watch your back." *Joey tries to bandage his arm.* "And If anyone knows how to properly treat wounds then I need some help.........please...." *Joey drops his radio and tries to think of where Peter might be*
  3. *Joey sits in awe as he starts to remember who he his. He grabs the radio to tell others.* "Hello out there.... My name is..Joey..yeah..Joey. Some of you out there know me as Owen, but I have finally remembered who I am." *There is a pause followed by a deep breathe.* "Friends.. If you meet someone named John Luther put a bullet in him.. He was my friend, but he can not be trusted. He is actually crazy. He'll tell you he is a pastor, and he'll use his fake accent to lure you in. He is the man that tortured me....and left me for dead. So if you meet this guy...Kill him. *Joey drops his radio and starts to clean his stitches.*
  4. *The radio crackles to life with a semi raspy voice speaking softly.* "If anyone one is out there listen carefully. My name is Owen..and you all need to know this. The Irish have occupied Kabinino. I was being stitched up by Dr. Hope and they invaded the town. I saw at least ten men who were heavily armed. I wasn't going to pay their stupid tax so I left. As far as I'm concerned you can kill those dirt bags. Just be careful out there..." *There is a long pause.* "And one more thing.. If anyone knows who gave me this frown on my face.... If you know who cut me up....Then I need answers." *The radio cuts off.*