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    Well, I'm back. I see a lot of new faces as well as some old. Can't wait to see you all in game.
  2. What happened to the boys?

    y u leave us

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      Y'know why my babe

  3. *Deron leans back against the lonesome tree overlooking Kabanino, picking his fingernails as he opens his backpack, pulling the radio out and pressing the PTT down* ‘’H-Hello. I’m not going to go back and forth and I’ll get straight to da point.’’ *He’d pause for a second as a smile shows up on his face* ‘’To whoever is saying that they killed the boys… MY boys.. is lying and should throw themselves off the church roof in Stary.’’ *He’d pause once more* ‘’I’ve been gone for a while since I got a message from them, and ventured out to find them.. Everyone is alive.’’ *He’d open a bottle of booze, he takes a sip and begins describing how’s the life of the gang’’* ‘’Ryan is still depressed. He spends most of the time complaining, drinking or going out on loot runs. He still carries around those wedding rings from when him and Elena were together, and still blames himself for what happened. He often asks how people are holding up; Ellie, Johnny, Anton, Beth, Alan and any Outrun survivors, Louie and whoever the fuck he runs with now, Jack and whoever are left from the brotherhood, survivors from the unchained… Everyone really. Even though the guy went back to shooting people, he’s still got some good in him somewhere. He’s been talking a lot lately about leaving, especially after Mack left. Right now Joe and Woods’ family are the only reason he’s still around. If they left he’d probably just end it, depression has hit the guy bad. Poor bastard. ‘’Joe's just chilling in the estate smoking cigars and gymming with Jason, They keep trying to give us some of their pre-workout. He’s looking in pretty good shape for all the hell he’s been through. He’s become a bit of a drinker too, he sits with Ryan and they get all sad and usually pass out, I’m pretty sure he’d follow Ryan in an instant if he left, It’d be hard for him to leave everyone behind though, especially Woods, but I doubt he could convince Woods to come with him, with or without Vanessa, I know he wants his true brother back, God knows what that crazy bastard will end up doing though, I know Ryan is his closest friend and all but he’ll end up dragging woods along, can’t be apart from his brothers, they’re all he’s got.” ‘’Woods and Vanessa now have a child, which they named Rocka. Ryan , Joe and Woods’ family are the like a fist from what I’ve seen. Most of the people have splitten off, but still keep in touch on the radios. Occasionally leaving each other notes and supplies. He found a doctor I think, since he now has a prosthetic finger.’’ “Mister Black is now living in takistan in a small farm, He is growing Heroin on the border and he spends most days enjoying the sun and his retirement. He often talks about his good old days with the boys, He is trying to move on with what is left of his life. All though he still has a rather `aggressive temper` which Charlie seems to enjoy bringing out... “ “Charlie Walsh’s been chilling with Mr Black in takistan, wanting to try something new he’s joined Mr Black in the drug trade, primarily in heroin. Most days consist of drugs, alcoho, winding up Mister Black and an offroad, finding new business or cleaning up loose ends, usually quite messily. Other days include Charlie's sun loungers, and even more drugs and alchohol.” “Mack James? Mack James lives at the estate up north he came out of a year previous. He looks after Henry at times, who has chosen to live with him at the estate, because Henry often isn’t capable of looking after himself. He writes in his famous leather-bound old notebook that has changed hands more than a few times since he penned the first note. He often dreams about the many women that he became infatuated over, as well as the many mistakes he’s made, the many friends he’s fucked over. He writes about many things, as he told me; the events with the Unchained and Outrun; his interrogation of Mr. Black, as well as the fallout from that fateful day; his brotherhood with Ryan; his hate for Victor Cruz; his love of that stupid kid, Josh, and that less-stupid kid, Fox; his childish longing for Liv; his incredible burning love for that Doctor Hope which quickly turned into a burning hate, and now has finally settled into a lukewarm brewing. He goes out every so often to hunt, scout, and do things a normal survivor would do, rather than trying to be above himself and his abilities. He has reformed; he’s done trying to make a name for himself or change the world he lives in. For now, he’s just content being as is - existing. Above all, he thinks long and hard about how hard he tried for a sense of direction. For a sense of belonging. For love.” “Henry is still alive too, he often talks about how he robbed a premier inn, and how he robbed a man with a crowbar. He doesn’t really have anything else to say… he goes off by himself every day and shoots random things, nearly dies most of the time like usual. A month ago he got taken hostage by a bunch of random people because he tried to steal their guns from their backs. He now lives in the estate with Mack, who takes care of him and saves him from the situations Henry often finds himself in. Henry has a fear of spiders and often shoots up the estate while trying to kill one, I swear every time I go there Henry’s room has a few more bullet holes in it. He’s too dumb to realise that shooting holes in the estate gives the spiders more ways to get in. Henry also has a collection of grenades in his room, which I think is fucking dangerous, what if one of those spiders is on a grenade? He’d probably shoot it and blow himself up, maybe the whole estate too. Henry has also got a collection of flat caps, each one a different colour or pattern, and he also has a collection of shirts to go with it… but yeah, Henry is doing fine for an idiot.” “Kibuka’s story goes a little somethin like this: When it was time to go he revisited his private residence above Gorka with his wife Luna, he sat and talked for a while after that he hugged her goodbye and gave her a note, the note read “If you have a baby make sure to make him drink the blood, he need to be strong warrior like his fadda”. His eyes welled up but Kibuka is a man so he doesn’t cry. He closed the door behind him and disappeared off into the forest, he met up with the rest of us and travelled for a while. It was a Monday and it was time for Kibukas morning routine, to sharpen his blade. As he sat by a log sharpening his blade he heard some rustling behind, it was a person holding a spear, Kibuka chuckled and spoke to the person, he convinced them he was a good man they offered him food, water and weapons but Kibuka had a look in his eye, a look that was inhumane. A survivor imitated his voice, Kibuka took a dislike to this and to prove that he was serious he placed on his “voodoo mask” and unsheathed his machete and started to cut everybody up, slicing throats and chopping off limbs, when he got to the last tent, there was a child, the child reminded him of a little boy named Josh, he remembered when he put the little boys head in a vice, he grabbed the kid’s head and slit his throat, the blood gushed out onto the tent floor as he lay down his machete and ripped off the kid’s head. Kibuka was not phased by this event and he wandered off into the woods, occasionally I hear bongos playing on the radio and an African man singing, I am sure that it is Kibuka” “Jason Sparks lives approximately 10 miles away from the Northern estate near the top of a mountain with his pet bear “Pinecones”. He occasionally goes to check up on everyone else, gyming with Joe, and mixing new preworkout formulas. In his free time he like to hunt wild game and the occasional person who comes north to ransack the estate, because Pinecones gets hungry too. His prison tattoos make him a favorite of nearby russian villages, mostly made up of cutthroats and traders of whom he trades with and takes the occasional odd jobs. To this day he has over 10 illegitimate children, some of whom die off in the blizzards of the mountains trying to find their father. He hears them on the radio trying to contact him, he ignores them obviously. Overall, he is living comfortably in his cozy house and is quite content with the direction his life has taken, in Jasons words exactly *He presses play on the recorder Jason gave him* “I love it here, and I might get bored of this before i’m 40 and off myself to be honest. I wish I could go back South if I wasn’t so comfortable here and go back to slaughtering for fun, adios motherfuckers” *you hear pinecones growl in the background of the recording as it cuts off* ‘’Oh yes I can’t forget to mention Marius. Well he’s the same I think, still smoking that Sunshine, though he has become the doctor of what’s left of the group, patching up everyone that manage to hurt themselves. I suspect that he’s high on stronger stuff too when he has not smoked Mogawimbe Sunshine, since I heard a loud argument between him and Joe the other day, seeing them both fighting over stick of morphine, throwing mad punches at each other. During a wild party he also managed to tell that he made everyone believe he’d killed himself through a suicide note, to those that read it, it’s all bullshit, he's still alive, the same fucked up guy enjoying to kill and heal those needed, and stands up for his friends. he found himself a house down the road and made himself a clinic, living there in peace and quiet, coming by each day to hang around what's left of the group” “So yeah… To all of you out there claiming to have killed my friends, you are liars, they are alive and well… they’ve retired from all of this shit and live out their lives in peace” *He releases the PTT*
  4. Good detail in the features and characteristics of the character. Backstory is short but I like that it's not generic. 8/10
  5. Seems to be a person of well knownce but I've never seen nor talked to you. Probably because you joined while I was away. 6/10
  6. Honestly, just back to browse the forums and create characters. Don't really want to play them, but this is a really good place to test them out. See you in the off topic games.
  7. After all that has happened, I will be making my departure from the community. I've had some great times in this community that I'll never forget. Most of my friends are gone and to be honest, I don't want to go out the way they did. I prefer to not burn bridges. I hope all of you do well for yourselves and are happy and healthy in all your days. Cheers!
  8. But in all honesty, it's not about letting go... It's about him starting a discussion about whether people should be punished for lying in reports. He's asking so that this doesn't happen again and frankly, I approve of this thread. I wish we had more people watching this and talking...
  9. *Deron hears the man still talking out of his ass like he means anything at all and decides to be petty with his response.* *He presses the PTT button* "L-O-L. Solid comeback bro. You read that out of a fuckin' magazine??" "Whatever group you're rollin' with is gonna get fuckin' gatted when we run into you again." *He releases the PTT button and turns his radio off before placing it back into his cargo pocket for fear of getting more cancer from the man's shitty comebacks.*
  10. *Deron hears the ignorant fuckup talking out of his ass and decides to respond.* *He would hit the PTT button* "I'm pretty sure I domed a few of you today in Novaya Petrovka. I'm still here. Didn't even get a scratch." "Get your shit straight you fucking pathetic excuse for a human being. Why don't you just fucking off yourself before me and one of the boys fuckin' gats your ass." *He would release the PTT button* *Deron tosses his radio back into his pocket and reaches into his pocket to pull out what appears to be just a rolled up piece of paper* Before lighting the paper, he yells out, "Hey, Jason, gimme a fuckin' piece of that pizza."
  11. Just got around to reading this. Thanks, Staggs, for making sure the community is up-to-date with LM status and plans for the future.
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