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  1. S2 KOS Kab 1/8/17

    no just recently fixed my desktop and wiped it i have yet to download my recording software.
  2. S2 KOS Kab 1/8/17

    was standing with darion chatting when the assailant walked up and proceeded to make conversation when we both informed darion he was pointing( glitched) he put his gun away and pulled it back out to fix it where promptly with no warning he shot darion straight in the face turned towards me and attempted to shoot me i then ran and he disappeared until shot by my good friends at floor-11
  3. S2 KOS Kab 1/8/17

    was standing with darion when it happened no warning just pointed shot at him then tried to shoot me
  4. Staff Feedback

    i would like to thank terra and chow for their support it was very fast and both of them were wondderful to talk to if i ever have any problems in the future i hope to talk to those wonderful people again happy new years you two!!!!!!
  5. Where is Everyone From?

    coming from the good corn part of the good old us of a
  6. Hey everyone

    Hows it going guys just rejoined the community whats everybody up to!?