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  1. Cooper Wakeford

    Jesse was born in the UK, He enjoyed spending his free time loitering around his neighbourhood. Jesse was a very troublesome person In his childhood which is why it has created a framework of his unique and two-faced personality. Jesse left his parents at age 16 and became a dish cleaner in a local restaurant, he got paid the minimum wage however his ambitions still remained intact. After 10 years of constant struggle and apathy he decided to live somewhere else. He flew to Chernarus and began a new life as a security officer in the Military areas throughout the county. After the first news about the virus he used his militant mind and perused an ambition of surviving this god forsaken wasteland.
  2. Ban Appeal

    I have previously been a part of DayZRP, my account was deleted for inactivity so I decided to make a new account. I attempted the whitelist questions on the first time I got 4 questions wrong, I waited the time and the second time I got 1 wrong. I understand that I failed 3 more times afterwards but from stupid mistakes and I believe that if you give me another chance I could complete the whitelist with success. There are more complex rules this time round which I got wrong but I know I need to read the rules fully and go through my questions more than once to fulify my chance of being a part of the DayZRP community. Thankyou SimmsTV