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  1. Gus earned roughly £20,000 per year playing Guitar ( unprofessionally ). Gus' life fell into a declining pattern, reoccurring everyday for months. The same routine of arriving home from an effortless day of work, rewarded with a bottle of Whiskey from his cabinet. His son ( Jack ) aged only 2, whining about everything or his wife ( Carly ) constantly stressing about her career created an aggravating atmosphere. Money was tight, Gus knew this, but he continued to sustain this lousy lifestyle. The regular routine continued, resulting in Carly forcing Gus to change otherwise she would take their son and move away. Gus knuckled down and attempted to repair this issue that he inevitably created, but was met with more disorder and stress leaving him in debt and dangerously poor. Carly went ahead with her word and took Jack away, moving up North, relatively nearby Scotland. Gus laid low, eventually being compelled to leave his house by the Government. Gus had one thing with him that could change this whole situation, his Acoustic Guitar. He was now Homeless, spending entire days busking on the streets, desperate for money. 80% of the money was spent on maintaining his Guitar, maintaining his only source of income. After a harsh 3 months on the street, Gus turned to drugs.. The 80% now maintained his drug use, sometimes even spending all of it for that extra gram. This continued for another month or so, Gus was severely sick, skinny, weak... Gus was trapped in this life and nothing could ever change this, he would occasionally go on short walks to search for food or money, which hit him hard when he travelled to the place he once called home. Gus walked 30 minutes from the town centre, all the way back home to then witness his Wife, Son and another unknown man exiting a car and walking through the front door. The man seemed very broad and well built, Gus watched him embrace his Wife with a kiss... After observing this heartbreaking sight, Gus took out his Guitar and vandalised the family car. Smashing every window, denting the body and scratching the bonnet. This drew attention from his family who all rushed outside in shock. The man charged outside and grabbed Gus by the neck, pushing him against the crippled car. Carly froze in sorrow and Jack hid behind her, the man proceeded to beat Gus, every punch vigorously shattering his jaw and slowly depleting his gaunt face. Gus was thrown down to the ground where he laid unresponsive and bloodied, Carly cautiously approached Gus and softly said "I'm Sorry" the short moment of anguish completely tore Gus' heart away. An Ambulance arrived at the scene and rushed him to hospital. Gus' state was terrible, he only just managed to pull through. He awoke several months later after being put into a coma to help him recover, Gus was on the road to a very gradual and wistful recovery. Months had passed and Gus was beginning to pull his life back together, he had a flat, a job and was earning better pay than before. This lifestyle still wasn't enough for Gus, he wanted to achieve and pursue more than this. He wanted to travel somewhere that was completely different to the UK, he wanted a fresh start and to begin his life all over again. That's when Gus discovered Chernarus, he immediately booked a one way flight and said goodbye to his past life. If only he knew what would happen in the next month...
  2. Cooper was born in the UK, He enjoyed spending his free time loitering around his neighbourhood. Cooper was a very troublesome person In his childhood which is why it has created a framework of his unique and two-faced personality. Cooper left his parents at age 16 and became a dish cleaner in a local restaurant, he got paid the minimum wage however his ambitions still remained intact. After 10 years of constant struggle and apathy he decided to live somewhere else. Cooper always wanted to visit Russia, he found flights to a place named Chernarus which was near enough Russia. Cooper thought about setting up a life for himself there and fix his troubled past. When Cooper arrived in Chernarus he decided to move to a rural area and knuckle down on farming and agriculture, He knew the basics of this however he had locals from nearby villages there to help him overcome his problems. Cooper lived in a small village called Gorka, East in the rural vastness. Reports came in about a virus spreading throughout Chernarus. People coming back from the dead and infecting people with this mysterious and nostalgic virus. Cooper thought nothing of it and continued with his daily tasks. It wasn't until the Altar radio station started beaming warning messages demanding the residents of nearby villages to lock their doors and stay inside. After Cooper heard these demands he knew the worse was imminent and that his life would never be the same. A few hours later of panic, a horde of these infectious beings charged down the hill towards the village. The whole village panicked, people ran away into the woods and were chased, some climbed onto their roofs for safety. Some even walked out and accepted their fate. Cooper kept low and quiet in his house, luckily for Cooper his house wasn't to crammed and nearby the massacre. Cooper readied his rifle and waited at a defensive stance for the entire duration of the massacre. As dawn arrived he was still clutching his rifle, aiming at the door. He looked outside of his window and the village was filled with corpses, Green grass stained red, Perished beings everywhere. Cooper had just arrived in this god forsaken wasteland.
  3. I have previously been a part of DayZRP, my account was deleted for inactivity so I decided to make a new account. I attempted the whitelist questions on the first time I got 4 questions wrong, I waited the time and the second time I got 1 wrong. I understand that I failed 3 more times afterwards but from stupid mistakes and I believe that if you give me another chance I could complete the whitelist with success. There are more complex rules this time round which I got wrong but I know I need to read the rules fully and go through my questions more than once to fulify my chance of being a part of the DayZRP community. Thankyou SimmsTV