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  1. I got chased through a field by angry Russians wielding automatic weapons.....
  2. /Jamie - Merged threads since there is an existing one. Custom Roadmaps What if you could..... -pin notes, paper and photo's to the map -Plan you route in a visible way, like marking roads and towns the general idea is that you could attach notes with helpful advice on them to certain points on the roadmap, such as things like key loot points, hotspots for banditry, and possible group territory (if construction are implemented). These maps could be given to new players to help them in their journey. RP Purposes Each map would tell it's own story, since each map would be customized to fit the story of the player (experiences) things like where you found loot, interactions with other players, and your final destination Group Warfare Purposes Maps could be used to point out key points on the battlefield, enemy bases, and meeting places. Maps could be fabricated to lead enemy groups to ambushes where they can easily be captured. Maps could be distributed among group members with important info, such as enemy territory Espionage and Information I have noticed a lot of threads about spies or info being sold, so this would work well in those situations. Survivors could map out information like enemy bases and sell them to each other in exchange for different things. For example, say I wanted to know where a specific group had set up camp. I could go to a specific person and trade for a map of their locations. Groups could also ambush and steal information from designated couriers who carry these maps in order to gain an advantage against other groups. Personally... I believe a feature like this would add a large amount of depth to Day Z, and hell, even if it never becomes an in-game feature, it could possibly be worked onto the forums if properly done to avoid meta-gaming. Pic attached isn't mine, but it fits the topic