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  1. Can I just ask, Am I free to play while this report is still "unsolved"?
  2. Are we any closer to getting this issue resolved? I would like to get this misunderstanding sorted out ASAP.
  3. The first part I can't answer, I don't know why you wouldn't have seen the red server message. The second one, I logged out because it was late I wanted to sleep (and still do) and when I logged back in there was no trace of anyone. I even yelled in game. I think this was all a big misunderstanding and I hope it can get resolved quickly.
  4. Admittedly this report does not look good for me. However I would like to get one thing out there and that I was never avoiding RP as I knew you were chasing and were more than likely going to kidnap me and possibly kill me. I was merely attempting to save my life as I heard Cid say in game how "he was getting tired of how polite I was" and then continued to chase after me with two others. As for the supposed combat log, I am completely against any form of combat logging and it is against the rules. However I did not "combat log" intentionally and all I can put it down to is simply that my internet connection dropped out and this is why I reconnected so quickly after disconnecting from the server. I do not have any form of video evidence as I was not recording at this time. I don't ever actually record. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and the break in role play that I caused. I would just like to stress that this was not intentional and I had every intention role play the situation out.