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  1. A man worked tough to the bone and having experienced a lot in his lifetime, gone through multiple stages of depression and drug usage, as well as having worked under a brutal mercenary squad, Axil has already been through some very traumatic experiences in his past, from seeing people being tortured for days at end and being dismembered alive, to witnessing and partaking on full on public bombings to sway political favor, this man has seen the most of it, and knows he is probably going somewhere darker when he passes, or he just does not care. He has tried to turn his life, knowing that now at least he has his brother in arms with him, but the weight of all upon him has started to take a toll on his mental stability, still headstrong in some aspects, but a lamentful soul and a crippling PTSD which is slowly starting to creep will certainly affect his decision making in the future.
  2. SavageHippie

    S1 Stary Attempted KoS/Troll RP/ Invalid Initiation

    -User was cautioned for this post-
  3. Yeah, I suppose changing the wording will help however, mine was disabled by defualt as well as using chrome which I suppose has an in built ad block. I think I got it working now.
  4. I just noticed this and thought it strange that enabling the button to allow ads through browser is only an option if you are a contributor or higher rank. This appears on the profile page, under website settings. By allowing ads on the website you help to pay for game servers and website expenses. This setting will only work if you are a Contributor or higher Premium rank. Disregard this ^^(it seems to be disabled by default if you have adblock through chrome) other than that I think that realization has just rendered this topic somewhat pointless Changing the wording could prevent confusion however.
  5. I am genuinely sorry about what happened, it's happened to most of us as well, happy rp'ing to you guys in future.
  6. Right so, Me Abraham and Stan were in Grishino, we meet the OP, Stan asks him if he has spraypaint and we get no reply at all, we say hello, whats your name, try to initiate a conversation, no reply (during the entire encounter, no voip was heard from the OP) so we even went as far to assume he was a mute, he starts running away because Abraham was pointing his gun at him, trying to decide whether or not we should rob him or not, but seeing as he didn't seem to be able to repond or was RP'ing a mute, we also took into precaution that maybe he could not hear us, so we follow him around a bit, trying to get his attention, all the while in voip asking him to stop and put his hands up, he did not once reply in any manner, so naturally we stopped and thought what to do with him there with us near the sowing factory, I then decide, ok well the only surefire way to get his attention is to text him in direct chat, I then posted a direct chat message when he was no less than 2 meters from me Stan, and abraham, to the likes of (proof of the message being posted in the logs) 'stop what your doing and *come with us* outside of the town or you will die'(after post edit: correction, here is the sample from the logs Chat("Valkyr Krom"): //move out of the town now with us or we will kill you") therefore initiating on him, at the moment I posted this message, he decides, oh I'm just going to run away from you in a straight line, he had ample chance and time to react in an acceptable manner, but he decided to run away, and by the way, it was I who also fired the first shots at you @Puncture hitting you at least once in the back, and in any case, we all would have had rights to fire upon you anyway, the text message was sent and you were right there with us when I posted it, maybe you did not look in the chat in time, but I would believe that to be your own fault, we never killed him with the initial firing, so about a minute later we had rushed up on his position, Abraham got killed running into him first, I sprayed and hit him maybe once or twice, and then he got put down by Stan. About 10 min later his buddies started taking shots at us(me and Stan) while we were looking over Punctures body, I managed to hit one of them but shortly got taken out by someone with a Winchester I believe, which will fit with @H1ber and @Faithie's claims, Stan of course managed to get out of there. I would like to add the possibility that Stan may or may not have footage of this occurrence from his perspective, other than that, this seems in my eyes to be a clear case, of something being wrong with Voip,or @Puncture's ig settings(did not seem to hear me or Abraham through voip, nor did he ever reply in Voip as mentioned) not with our initiation or actions, as every precaution necessary had been taken, by trying to reach him multiple times through voip, and once through text. Otherwise that's all I think there is to add from my POV for this encounter, I will try to reach Stan and Abraham with the news of they're summoning to the thread. Edit: After reviewing the logs posted, the direct message chat has been corrected in brackets, also the Respond, was long before the initiation, shortly after we had just messaged, before trailing him through the town trying to get his attention through voip. @MrMaha - Kevin Stoker | @Abraham - Abraham Hall | @SavageHippie - Valkyr Krom We were the only allies of one another involved in this incident.
  7. SavageHippie

    0.61 Known Issues and Fixes

    As for the 100-1/10 fps bug, I've found that if you slide your mouse around a bit and look towards the ground or sky, and then just leaving it usually,you will go out of it 2-5 min without doing this, after trying this it seems to significantly speed up the process...
  8. Bumping Jade as a reminder. I will be offline for the next 2/3/4 days, I will be able to reply to the posts made here but if I miss one, I apologize and ask of the staff to then leave this thread open for a little longer than usual, without temp banning me, I think everyone have explained they're points here, so unless the staff or accused/Plaintiffs want to add, I would like my post to be closed if that is fair to ask, pending the staffs decision and understanding on the matter. I sincerely hope, that if the defendants know they have done something wrong(if you did not, good on you)they will try to prevent this in the future, it spoiled a really good night of RP, that may/may not have much meaning to you, but when it happens to you, try to think back on this occasion. Thank you staff and defendants and friends for taking the time out of your day to try to clear things up, peace.
  9. I do apologize for my absence from replying to the thread, I sent my PC in for repair just yesterday since being offline for a while, so yes. As to answer your question @Caesar and @Dusty the man in Voip was me, I was quite frankly aggravated by the mishap caused by the Miss ID after having 2 of my friends killed without initiation, and then almost being killed myself, so yes this was my doing on that part out of frustration and disbelief for what had happened, something like this has only happened to me once before, I know still not right and I do apologize for breaking that rule,under the circumstances, I saw these guys at that moment as bad as hackers in a way for the detriment they caused to our RP, obviously not thinking much further as to how it could have been a mistake, my fault on that. Also I'd just like to bump @joyvercauteren/ @joy vercauteren and Stan Ryder (ig name), there was one man with us at the time as well who may be able to confirm this, but I could be wrong, but I believe Joy and Stan may have even witnessed the man who was in the camo all along who killed me, kill another random/ case of miss ID, from the camo window. (without too much rp about it might I add, just a simple oh but you killed my friends, yes but I killed your friends because you killed mine exchange, and then a 5.45 to my head after being told "well you didn't listen so now you die", not too salty about that, it's true the man in camo who killed me may have had kill rights but yes, also a detriment to what could've been a lengthened torture rp session or something to that extent, I suppose he had kill rights but he had no real reason to use them,which technically is also against the rules if I'm not mistaken) Also a add on pov from my side as a reply to @Great Khan Lisa would have posed very little threat to you in the sense that, when she walked in she was still telling the rest of us in TS how someone had dropped a Mosin on the ground, she then must've heard you breathing, said "oh hello" while receiving a hail of rounds, I was only a few meters behind on bounding overwatch, this is at least the story I can paint from my pov during the situation So...with all that being said, I think I may have touched on all which has developed thus far, I can apologize for what I did wrong, and accept apology from the opposing/defendants side, this was a mess up of a situation, and I guess part of why it occurred could be blamed on the screwed up voip in dayz...So on this point, I don't have much left to further add, but if the admins would allow it, let everyone else have a chance to add they're last words, and assuming nothing else develops, I'll ask you guys to close my report in a day from now, assuming the staff are agreeing with that. In conclusion, we had no initiation on us at first, 2 of us died to no initiation I understand, I was almost killed without initiation as well, and "I was the only one I believe to have spoken OOC" and then later on killed as a hostage, following all orders ("granted with possibility of kill rights" that is at the staffs discretion) with little to no RP, when there was an opportunity to cultivate this at they're leisure. A good day to all
  10. This fits with what I experienced I would think, and yes I had no backpack running around with a winchester and full black+yellow armband, which I got you with when you tried to spray me with the M4. I had heard Khan state as you say, so I will update the post as not to confuse anybody. As can also be seen in the logs the chat which you had texted ig - 22:13:45 | Chat("Charlie Chaska"): DON'T MOVE! HANDS UP RIGHT NOW OR DIE! ...was the only text I encountered throughout the entire situation, rightfully you could have shot me when you arrested me at the camo, good on you for taking the initiative to be sure. Understood, and I apologize, I was writing this post under frustration. Ok, my side is clear from here, and at least understand to an extent what happened in detail, on Lisa's side what I can say is none of us received any initiation on that point, so in that right, the man who killed her had failed to communicate his initiation in a proper manner.
  11. Yeah, sorry I had just realized I missed the one portion of the template.
  12. Server 1 at Vybor military compound Server time-4-03-2017, 23:54 In game name: Valkyr Krom Allies involved:Julian waters, Lisa Valentine, Joy Vercauteren (as well as some others who may come forward who's name I can not currently recall but will work on obtaining tomorrow). Name of suspects: Great Khan, and who I may have killed shown in the logs(reasoning shown in description). Additional video/photo evidence-none at the current time, but some may be brought forward by offline atm parties. Detailed description: Hello, I am here to enlighten the staff about a situation that has just happened in VMC , Myself, Julian waters, Lisa Valentine, Joy Vercauteren, and a couple others who I am not able to recall, 5 of us in total,were approaching upon the compound, Lisa entered and was fired upon and killed with no provocation/initiation, and one other person of ours, so of course we decide to hold down the compound the remaining of us who were still alive after the initial fighting, at one point,I know I was on the corner of the camo building, and the man I killed who'm you can see in the logs, came rushing up to me, I said hey man, and he tried to kill me with no initiation, there is more to the story but yes, they KOS'ed on us /Miss ID initiated, and so we decided to clean up what we could and get out, honestly, they ruined our night with there mistake, and I personally would love to see them punished, this isn't the first time the one man of this party has been an unruly and cancerous player. Other than that, I am a witness and so are my friends, maybe one of us has proof I'm not sure, but yes roughly 6 witnesses to what happened, we all play on different time zones so if the staff would allow it, that everybodies viewpoint be able to be shared here if they so choose to do so, thank you to the staff for taking the time to read through this report.
  13. I get what your saying, and I did think of that, but overall, the staff just want to help, and hmmm, I guess I mean if anything, this could be decided by them, as it does add to they're workload, but I feel this could help minimize the overall forum posts about specific topics, which could be seen as a good or bad thing, good in the way that, one won't have to search through to find a specific problem and then "bump" a year old post because they were desperate or just didn't think to post they're own, minimizing the clutter posts that may accumulate, the bad aspect being well, not too much I don't think, overall I personally feel the process would be a lot smoother and faster, but may take away from the experience of going through old topics in the regular format etc: it would have to be done in a smart manner to get a good equilibrium, but yeah Maybe keep more, community inspired content, like art, general "what kind of music do you like" posts, on a certain lifespan, depending on they're longevity on average, art for example could be there forever, but the more duplicated topic scenarios, "like where can I find food" or closed reports, could be done away with to keep the website running better, if that is a point worth going to this type of effort for.