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  1. Change this, so we can support DayzRP?

    Yeah, I suppose changing the wording will help however, mine was disabled by defualt as well as using chrome which I suppose has an in built ad block. I think I got it working now.
  2. I just noticed this and thought it strange that enabling the button to allow ads through browser is only an option if you are a contributor or higher rank. This appears on the profile page, under website settings. By allowing ads on the website you help to pay for game servers and website expenses. This setting will only work if you are a Contributor or higher Premium rank. Disregard this ^^(it seems to be disabled by default if you have adblock through chrome) other than that I think that realization has just rendered this topic somewhat pointless Changing the wording could prevent confusion however.
  3. 0.61 Known Issues and Fixes

    As for the 100-1/10 fps bug, I've found that if you slide your mouse around a bit and look towards the ground or sky, and then just leaving it usually,you will go out of it 2-5 min without doing this, after trying this it seems to significantly speed up the process...
  4. A chat board

    I get what your saying, and I did think of that, but overall, the staff just want to help, and hmmm, I guess I mean if anything, this could be decided by them, as it does add to they're workload, but I feel this could help minimize the overall forum posts about specific topics, which could be seen as a good or bad thing, good in the way that, one won't have to search through to find a specific problem and then "bump" a year old post because they were desperate or just didn't think to post they're own, minimizing the clutter posts that may accumulate, the bad aspect being well, not too much I don't think, overall I personally feel the process would be a lot smoother and faster, but may take away from the experience of going through old topics in the regular format etc: it would have to be done in a smart manner to get a good equilibrium, but yeah Maybe keep more, community inspired content, like art, general "what kind of music do you like" posts, on a certain lifespan, depending on they're longevity on average, art for example could be there forever, but the more duplicated topic scenarios, "like where can I find food" or closed reports, could be done away with to keep the website running better, if that is a point worth going to this type of effort for.
  5. A chat board

    Thank you for the input, I personally think it would be usefull, but maybe a better idea(to curb cancerous banter and the like)would be to make the boards moniratble by staff only, or at least those only who hold some payed, or trusted rank within the community, this way, only the people with something to lose, would have the opportunity to post silly content as such, and the ones who actually care, would most likely devote themselves in an effort to help those who have a real problem, those with a lower rank than what the staff denominate, could have those requests hidden untill a staff memeber reviews it and decides to help, overall keeping the "global" chat clean and a good source of information on how to play and rp in a proper manner. Thank you
  6. A chat board

    If the implementation of a chatboard could be done, in the sense of a quick glabal chat roll anybody can access, in the case of making it easier for me to log on, quickly ask a question and go back to playing, it could be situated in the community area or such, something like what DayZ Oldschool had or has at the moment.
  7. I hate to title this so poorly, and do forgive me if I wrote this in the wrong manner, but I just can't seem to find anybody, normally I would head to zeleno and find people to trade with and talk with, where would you guys say players have dubbed the current "safe city" or the most populated area in general, I want to trade, roleplay etc: but I've just been all around the map and back down to the coast gauging the cities, and all I really found were people hastily speeding around in cars, and new spawns lol. Thanks in advance