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  1. 'Surprised at the unknown voice, Yuri pauses and licks his lips before replying.' "Preacher 1-6, Falcon 6 Mike, 5 by 5, over." 'Yuri releases his transmitter, waiting for a reply.'
  2. 'Breathing deeply to maintain composure, Yuri recounts the last several days.' "Bluebird Actual, Falcon 6 Mike. On the 7th of September three NATO personelle were captured in Severograd and held hostage by a group identifying themselves as the Gremlins. They interrogated and tortured CSgt. Smith, Cpl. Calhoun and myself for any Information on Warrant Officer Reynolds. Cpt. Banks was contacted by the captors, who demanded NATO disarm and abandon South Zagoria as well as hand over WO Reynolds for trial for crimes he committed against the people of South Zagoria. After a short negotiation, under threat that his men would be executed, Cpt. Banks ceased further communication telling the captors "to go fuck themselves." We thank members of the Rebellion who convinced the Gremlins that the men being held hostage were not in the same vein as WO Reynolds and released them under threat of death if they ever returned to Severograd. As far as I am aware, Cpt. Banks did not organize SAR and ceased communication with NATO soldiers in the field." "Since that time, NATO soldiers have been scattered throughout South Zagoria and contact with Cpt. Banks has been lost. I have managed to secure the majority of our men, but CSgt. Smith is heavily wounded and suffering mental fatigue from the interrogation and torture and Cpl. Calhoun is MIA. We have RV'd with the Riley's Rangers at COP Rollo and continue the NATO mission of providing humanitarian aid and military protection to Civilians. Sgt. White has received communique from WO Reynolds, who holds Cpt. Banks solely responsible for the FUBAR in Severograd and has stated that Cpt. Banks has evac'd from South Zagoria and listed all of the NATO personelle left behind as AWOL." "I request that Cpt. Banks be charged with Title 10, Section 892, Article 92: Dereliction of Duty. Cpt. Banks has acted criminally negligent by abandoning soldiers who were held hostage as well as failing to provide SAR when said men were released by their captors. Cpt. Banks has also vacated his post contrary to standard regulations, failing to inform his men as well as not setting in place a proper chain of command during his absence." "I also request that WO Reynolds be recalled as his actions over the last weeks have given civilians reasons to distrust and be hostile to NATO forces. He provided the VDV with information that lead to an attack on the UN Base in Chernogorsk. He has attempted to infiltrate civilian camps and instigate groups of civilians against other groups. On several occasions he has denied civilians aid without reasonable justification as well as ordering NATO forces to not provide assistance to civilians, due to the possibility of hostile actions from unknown forces. The men have lost all faith and credibility in him." "Due to recent events, the men are demoralized and have lost all trust in NATO Officers. Under these difficult circumstances, I have done my best to bolster morale and maintain cohesion of the unit. I request an update on the global situation of the Wendigo Virus and further orders. Falcon 6 Mike over. 'Mentally and emotionally spent, Yuri forces a brave face as he turns to his men, dirty, disheveled and drawn tauter than the piece of string they were all holding on to.'
  3. 'Yuri connects his radio to the antenna. His men wait expectantly, having suffered through hell and back again over the last 48 hours.' "Bluebird Actual, this is Falcon 6 Mike, over." 'Yuri releases his transmitter and the breathe he didn't know he was holding.'
  4. Rayce Kaiser

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    Yeah, close it
  5. Rayce Kaiser

    S1: KOS/BadRP/No time to comply in Severograd - 09/05/2017 ~19:00"

    Congrats on shooting a clearly identified combat medic attempting to patch up one of your men. The Geneva Convention would like to talk to you. POV: Second day of patrolling Severograd, attempting to build relations with local civilians and assisting the group who own the pub identify with Black Armbands. As shots ring out, Sgt. Dimock and myself hide behind a small shop. Dimock switches on his GoPro to record as I internally debate whether to retreat and wait for the firefight to end or to immediately assist the civilians, despite being unaware what happened. As the NATO mission is to provide assistance to civilians in need, I decide to push forward and provide medical aid to any of the wounded. Dimock is providing cover as I approach a downed man, holster my weapon and take out my medkit. Before I begin assisting the man, a bullet from a high powered rifle ricochets off my helmet, knocking me out. OOC: From an outside perspective, the whole engagement was sloppily done. Raspad knew that NATO forces were there, we had identified ourselves and stated our mission to police the area and prevent any harm to any civilians and provide humanitarian aid. Despite that, they decide to initiate on another military force, without giving a heads up to NATO, who were stationed literally across the street from them. When questioned during the firefight, Raspad did not provide any information, refusing to cooperate in any way. In addition to that, initiation took place barely 100m from the Pub, which is a civilian RP area. Would the Raspad really risk civilians getting caught in the cross fire because of imagined slights? If @SergeantRummeldecides to close the report, I would like to flip the report for Invalid Kill. EDIT: Before the flip, I would like to see Rummel's video footage. If the medkit can be clearly seen and he then proceeded to take the shot, I would press the report. If the medkit wasnt visible, I can understand that he may have misunderstood intentions.
  6. Rayce Kaiser

    48 hour character change a bit excessive?

    I understand of course that there are unsavory people who will try to take advantage of this, but if they are THAT willing to avoid consequences, they do have other ways of changing their identity (e.g. clothes). It will be initially more work, but as with any rule/feature changes it will balance itself out and the people who choose to break rules or make BadRP, will be shown the door and the rest will play within reasonable bounds. Make the rules lax, and the assholes will prove themselves and then the rules can be adjusted or the assholes removed. Make the rules strict, and the good guys have no way to prove themselves and the rules and assholes will stay.
  7. A hunter of the forest, he had spent all his life tracking and exploring the wilderness of South Zagoria. Over the years, he learned of every ditch, every tree and every pack that was and is in his home. That the city people had fought wars and that they changed the name of the country that his home was in was none of his concern. He still hunted, he still ate, he still tanned the skins and he still went south to trade with the city folk for medicine and worked steel utensils. That some city folk behaved like rabies-infested wolves was just another thing that was strange about the city folk. He sighed as his arrow took an infected through the eye and went over to retrieve it, hopefully undamaged. He always knew that cities would turn people into monsters.
  8. Rayce Kaiser

    48 hour character change a bit excessive?

    @RedSay I get home early one day, no one from NATO is on. I get on my Alt to run around the forest, hunt some, maybe go down to an RP area and trade meat and furs for other supplies. Then NATO folks get on and I switch and play until evening. Tomorrow I will not be able to play my hunter until the CD timer runs down, by which point the NATO people will be on and I'll play with them. Two hour timer doesnt matter to me then, since I wont be hopping off and on again, but with a 48 hour timer, I HAVE to choose between Group RP or Solo RP.
  9. Rayce Kaiser

    48 hour character change a bit excessive?

    Its not about focusing on a main, or changing our main. As I stated, my main is a NATO Medic. My Alt is a hunter who survives off the land crafting his own clothes and gear, but is generally intended for solo play and some RP when trading. You tell me, how am I to change my NATO Medic into the direction of becoming a hermit living off the land, while still being a NATO medic I mean, if YOU enjoy eating pizza for every meal of every day, good on you, but some people would like variety. And having a different topping on a pizza isn't variety, when you can eat Asian instead.
  10. Rayce Kaiser

    48 hour character change a bit excessive?

    Issue with CoolDowns and such is for those people who take their RP a bit more seriously and also like to have different kinds of RP. Right now, I'm a medic in the NATO and enjoy the RP, but when no one is on due to me wanting to play at 2 in the afternoon on a work day, I dont have much to do and dont want to run around solo with this character. I've built a character in my mind who would survive off the land, wearing only self crafted gear (leather clothes, backpack, canteen) hunting with bow and arrow and such, but if NATO people come on, I want to be able to quickly switch and join them, and not have to plan to switch hours ahead of time, or even a full day. I would like for there to be some way to be able to switch characters whenever one likes, provided that of course that user not behave in a BadRP manner.
  11. Well, I leave NEAR Liechtensteinstrasse in Vienna Does that count?
  12. OP was sadly very misinformed regarding what the plan for the Altar Radio Station was. We will begin setting it up shortly and transmit as soon as operational. Any advice or feedback would also be greatly appreciated
  13. CLARIFICATION: The Radio Station is for contact with the outside world. This does not affect individual radios. CLARIFICATION#2: The Radio Station is the facility east of Gorka that NATO-CFOR has repaired. I'd like to fully flesh out the idea that our group discussed: What is proposed is to that we set up the Radio Station the NATO-CFOR has repaired as a way for civilians to send messages to anyone they choose; e.g. to governments where loved ones are. We would allow any military or government group access as long as they are neutral or better with NATO-CFOR. The reason for the Civilian Communications is to provide good RP and to give individual Civilians direct RP contact with LMs. The way we imagine this working is as follows: NATO-CFOR establishes a firm foothold in the Radio Station. This will be designated as a NATO-CFOR military base and will be actively defended, including the route to and from Gorka. NATO-CFOR will transmit dates and times for civilians who wish to use the Radio Station (OOC we will start a thread in which we will post dates and times when communications officers will be present for transmission, so that people can plan when to be there for RP.) Civilians who wish to have transmissions sent must follow all Rules for Civilian Individuals/Groups at all times. Civilians will hand communications (in written form) to the on-duty communications officer who will proceed to check and then transmit the messages. (Messages will be screenshotted and passed on to LMs.) Should a reply be received, Civilians would be contacted and be asked to return and receive the reply. (It would be great to have the LMs have a thread where they can post replies which can be RPed out IG by the involved.) Military/Government Groups will have priority over Civilian Communications and should be scheduled individually. Rules for Civilian Individuals/Groups: Civilians must approach via northern road (Gorka: Paved heading West, take first paved North, second paved West, first paved South). Anyone approaching the Radio Tower itself or via any other route will be immediately detained and questioned. Civilians must have all weapons holstered at all times. Any actions that can interpreted as hostile will be met with extreme prejudice. Civilians Individuals may only be armed for self-defense Civilian Groups may send no more than 3 armed individuals Messages must be in written form, containing all receiver and sender data and handed to communications officer. Communications for Civilians are limited to 1 message per Individual/Group per week, due to energy and work required. Civilians may of course barter goods or services with on-duty Officer for increased privileges. NATO-CFOR holds the right to deny any messages for any reason. Rules for Military/Government Groups: Any transmission requests must be scheduled in reasonable fashion. All non-NATO-CFOR personnel must comply with orders given by NATO-CFOR personnel at the Radio Station. All transmission must be sent with NATO-CFOR personnel present and listening. Envoys may not have an entourage of more than 3 armed military personnel. These are to provide perimeter defense under NATO-CFOR command during the entirety of their stay. Long Term RP would be to negotiate with the CDF to turn Gorka into a civilian settlement policed by a joint CDF-NATO force. RPwise, civilians would try to stay as close as possible to an source of news and this would be a relatively safe area, as no faction would suicide their group by pissing off the entirety of Chernarus by attempting to seize the Radio Station for themselves. This is of course open to revision and any suggestions! Thank you for your time and consideration!
  14. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The mods made an assumption that Julien Bonnet and I had other means of communication other than typing in game and gave us both 5 day bans based on this. Julien Bonnet was not able to connect to TS3 at that point and I have never played with him before, so I did not have him added on Steam. Our only form of communication was via Slack, which would require AltTabs and given the situation with griefers in the area, I think it unreasonable to expect such. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 5.4 Allows for this when it is absolutely necessary, which given the OOC situation, was exactly what occurred. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove ban for Excessive OOC What could you have done better?: Listen to senior members in the group and not get involved at all with griefers, as the only reason Julien Bonnet was even involved in the Excessive OOC was because I had ignored the suggestion to not engage.
  15. Fact Check from NATO-CFOR POV: Dankusmemus was kicked by the NATO-CFOR Leader for having recieved multiple warnings regarding posts on the forums as well as lackluster IC performance, including disobeying direct commands from IC superior officers. While Leadership handled the initial kick badly, due to RL situations, since then a full explanation has been given and Dankusmemus's actions last night clearly presented his lack of willingness to participate in the MilSim RP and general RP of the DayZRP community. Dankusmemus IC RP is that he is a Lieutenant in the British Army and a part of the NATO-CFOR group. He proceeded to OOCly steal supplies as well as dismantle and despawn the NATO-CFOR camp and when one of the NATO-CFOR members happened to return, OOCly initiated on a fellow member of the NATO-CFOR, later to shoot and kill him. While Dankusmemus's logs were Leadership's initial response, it was quickly overruled by other members and our leadership OOC told us to not engage, even to log out and not worry about the gear. I had ignored that suggestion returned based on OOC information, to try and save what gear I could, but not to engage in any hostilities. Since we play as a NATO-CFOR group we have rather strict guidelines on equipment or weapons we can carry IC. This makes equipping new members rather difficult, unless we have a standing depot of clothes and NATO Weaponry. I logged out to avoid confrontation that I knew was based on OOC grudges and had no valid IC RP.