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  1. Question about power-gaming

    OP was sadly very misinformed regarding what the plan for the Altar Radio Station was. We will begin setting it up shortly and transmit as soon as operational. Any advice or feedback would also be greatly appreciated
  2. Question about power-gaming

    CLARIFICATION: The Radio Station is for contact with the outside world. This does not affect individual radios. CLARIFICATION#2: The Radio Station is the facility east of Gorka that NATO-CFOR has repaired. I'd like to fully flesh out the idea that our group discussed: What is proposed is to that we set up the Radio Station the NATO-CFOR has repaired as a way for civilians to send messages to anyone they choose; e.g. to governments where loved ones are. We would allow any military or government group access as long as they are neutral or better with NATO-CFOR. The reason for the Civilian Communications is to provide good RP and to give individual Civilians direct RP contact with LMs. The way we imagine this working is as follows: NATO-CFOR establishes a firm foothold in the Radio Station. This will be designated as a NATO-CFOR military base and will be actively defended, including the route to and from Gorka. NATO-CFOR will transmit dates and times for civilians who wish to use the Radio Station (OOC we will start a thread in which we will post dates and times when communications officers will be present for transmission, so that people can plan when to be there for RP.) Civilians who wish to have transmissions sent must follow all Rules for Civilian Individuals/Groups at all times. Civilians will hand communications (in written form) to the on-duty communications officer who will proceed to check and then transmit the messages. (Messages will be screenshotted and passed on to LMs.) Should a reply be received, Civilians would be contacted and be asked to return and receive the reply. (It would be great to have the LMs have a thread where they can post replies which can be RPed out IG by the involved.) Military/Government Groups will have priority over Civilian Communications and should be scheduled individually. Rules for Civilian Individuals/Groups: Civilians must approach via northern road (Gorka: Paved heading West, take first paved North, second paved West, first paved South). Anyone approaching the Radio Tower itself or via any other route will be immediately detained and questioned. Civilians must have all weapons holstered at all times. Any actions that can interpreted as hostile will be met with extreme prejudice. Civilians Individuals may only be armed for self-defense Civilian Groups may send no more than 3 armed individuals Messages must be in written form, containing all receiver and sender data and handed to communications officer. Communications for Civilians are limited to 1 message per Individual/Group per week, due to energy and work required. Civilians may of course barter goods or services with on-duty Officer for increased privileges. NATO-CFOR holds the right to deny any messages for any reason. Rules for Military/Government Groups: Any transmission requests must be scheduled in reasonable fashion. All non-NATO-CFOR personnel must comply with orders given by NATO-CFOR personnel at the Radio Station. All transmission must be sent with NATO-CFOR personnel present and listening. Envoys may not have an entourage of more than 3 armed military personnel. These are to provide perimeter defense under NATO-CFOR command during the entirety of their stay. Long Term RP would be to negotiate with the CDF to turn Gorka into a civilian settlement policed by a joint CDF-NATO force. RPwise, civilians would try to stay as close as possible to an source of news and this would be a relatively safe area, as no faction would suicide their group by pissing off the entirety of Chernarus by attempting to seize the Radio Station for themselves. This is of course open to revision and any suggestions! Thank you for your time and consideration!
  3. Hey all, After a long Hiatus from DayZ, I'm looking to come back and play Hope to see all of you on the right end of the gun Cheers!
  4. Yuri Alexeiovitch

    Previous Employment and Training: 2006-2010: Austrian Bundesheer - Combat Medic 2010- : Austrian Red Cross - Paramedic 2012- : Medical University of Vienna Current Assignment: Chernarus Volunteer Aid Worker; Experienced in field work. Tasked with assisting MSF volunteers as translator and Red Cross liaison. Status: Last contact July 21st. MIA, presumed infected or dead. The shooting, shouting and screaming had finally died down, leaving only the shuffling of infected and the occasional clatter as one of them stumbled into something. In the distance, shots and distant explosions were the only sign of conscious life. He slowly unzipped the bodybag, pausing at intervals, listening for any nearby infected. Carefully stepping onto the slick, muddy ground, he grimaced as his boots squished, the mud more blood than rain. Most of the infected had moved on, leaving a few shamblers and crawlers, more bloody mess than human, miraculously still functional enough to live. Meticulously, he began stripping a dead CDF soldier, his throat ripped out, but his gear intact. Checking the weapons and what little ammunition was left, he had to hold back a retch as he unzipped the man's vest, wiping the blood away as best he could, before donning it. Geared and as ready as he would ever be, he cracked his neck, took a deep breathe and stepped into the end of the world. "Man, I could really use some epic music right about now..."