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  1. he started working when he was 18 at a sawmill and he worked there till he turned 20 and then he worked as a hit man on the deep web to make some money till he turned 30 and he never told his mom that he lived with where he worked because she's a kind hearted woman and hates violence. when he decided to take his mom and sister on a vacation to Sinistok he chose a bad time they arrived a few days before the havoc started and after it did they took what food and supplies they could and hid away and his mom kept them away from the city's or anywhere she thought there would be trouble but when they started to run low on food and other supplies Marcus had to leave them to try to find and bring back what he could, but after a few days of looking he forgot where they where camped out at for the moment and now he searches to find them again
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): You have failed the whitelist process five times! In order to keep the high quality of accepted applicants, we limit the amount of attempts every person gets to 5, as we believe 5 attempts should be enough for everyone to properly read and understand our rules. You may appeal this decision and be given another chance by creating a ban appeal and stating why you should be given additional chances. These ban appeals are handled on case-to-case basis and do not guarantee additional whitelist attempts. Why the verdict is not fair: I was confused on one of them on my last try and I tried to look in the rules to see what section covered it and I answered what I thought was right cuz I couldn't find the one that referred to the questions answers and so I tried what I thought was the answer and I didn't think of contacting a community helper when I should of and till I got my fifth try wrong I thought it would go up a few more hours like it has bin but I was wrong Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I read the rules over and over every time I filled out the whitelist but some times I'm just a little slow What would you like to achieve with this appeal: another chance to fill one out and this time I would like some help from someone if that's ok What could you have done better?: read the rules another time and asked for help on the question I got wrong the last time before submitting it
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