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    So the reason why I killed him was because I robbed a guy and then multiple people started to shoot at me, so my reaction was to start to shoot back because they shot my friend and killed him. Like I said multiple people arrived at the shootout and people died, their was a big group of people and I don't why others was shooting me. So this was not a KOS I killed him because I was getting shot at multiple people and possibly by him. There was about 15 people at the shootout where it all happened. Plus if others died it was because they ran in the middle of the shootout and seemed like they were apart of their "Group" or just others trying to be hero's.
  2. The reason I held him hostage was because I was shot at by a man with a FAL 10 minutes before that looked like him, the main reason why I took him captive was because I wanted to clear the confusion. But then 5 men rolled up on the barrack where I held him captive, I radioed my friend to come help. My friend was their pretending to act like them to be able to observe what the men were gonna do to me. The men threw a FlashBang and opened fire on me. Then after my friend killed them, we didn't kill the hostage (TheDarkSide) until he ran out and picked up a gun.