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  1. Hey MSGabriel! You should definitely read the manual that came with your motherboard, it will tell you where you should plug in your fans. I would recommend plugging as many fans into the motherboard as possible before using the fan controller, as the motherboard will be able to dynamically adjust the fans according to the CPU speed. According to your picture, there is a fan connector right above the 20+4 pin connector, labeled CHA_FAN 2, so there should be at least one other chassis fan connector as well as the CPU fan connector. According to the web, your motherboard has 2 chassis fan connectors, so the others need to be connected to the fan controller. It sounds to me that you are having some power issues. The fan controller came with the case, right? So it should only be connected to power. Make sure it doesn't have multiple power connectors that need to be plunged in. I do not know the brand of your PSU, so my bet is that it is not supplying all the wattage you need. Typically, this would only be a problem with high loads, but each PSU is different. If you can, I would get a new PSU, as a low quality PSU could be supplying dirty power, which would damage your components over time. Check out http://www.logicalincrements.com for some suggestions. Having a different PSU could also solve your connector problem, but that's not for sure. I imagine you have already tried pushing it in again, so other than than, I don't really have any ideas. Let us know how it goes!