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  1. Hello, Link to the source of punishment (report/post): expired (old site) Why the verdict is not fair: It's totally fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was temporarily ban for not reporting my POV on an incident. I didn't even realize I had missed it. That was 3 years ago What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Play again please What could you have done better?: Checked the forums Thank you for your help, Bloodzy
  2. Bloodzy

    S1 KOS x2 Life Camp 21:07 Server Time

    POV: Dexter Krovaski First off: I'm with Wumby (Jack Warren) who was KoS'd by Stig Pedersen. I was in the trees with another member of our group, Jett James, when Jack Warren was killed out of the blue. We identified Stig laying in the trees and tied him up. We then RP'd it out asking him if he would like to explain why he killed our friend. He claimed that he had no idea about this and continued to repeat himself even though we watched him mow our friend down with his SKS. After much bad RP (from Stig) we sat him on his knees, lined up in a firing squad(ish), and unloaded our magazines into him in retribution for killing our friend for no reason.
  3. It's tough getting whitelisted. There are lots of rules to follow to keep everyone's RP experience intact. Make sure you read up before you take the quiz. Hope to see you out there once you're approved!
  4. Bloodzy

    Stale repeated encounter

    This is just one group. Don't get me wrong, there is some good RP out there but these guys are just doing a great job at ruining a lot of people's experiences when they encounter them. Just bad RP on their part that is bringing others down. This is an RP server, am I right? Not a power-gaming server. If you're going to be this way then at least RP it and let the people being pushed around get an experience out of it. I've been robbed plenty of times and sometimes it's even a good time when they are doing a really good job at roleplaying the whole situation.
  5. Bloodzy

    Stale repeated encounter

    I've personally run around with Wumby quite a bit and have experienced this alongside him. From my PoV, this is what I see out of this group -- who we, by the way, encounter constantly on a daily basis: We travel around from Vybor to Kab to Stary to Novy to NWAF... which is typical where the abundance of people are. Whenever we encounter these guys, one of them will step forward (usually the same one) and insists we leave his sight and if he sees us again within the next few hours, he'll kill us. Like.. what? We hadn't even started any type of RP yet and he just flexes the muscles of his 8 buddies standing around him. Oh and while this is happening, we are getting called shitheads and stuff from his friends. Okay, you're RP'ing personality-less thugs I guess? Luckily for us, they don't rob us or take our gear but in all honestly, maybe they should! Because the type of RP they are offering is repetitive and stale and not fun for anybody, probably not even them! That's why I don't understand this. It's just ruining the experience for everyone. They just walk around power-gaming. Yes, this post was put up just as sort of a bitch/rant/vent or whatever you'd like to call it and no solution is supposed to come out of it. It's simply made to draw attention to this problem and let off a little steam. This will be settled in-game through the correct use of rules but without much RP unfortunately, seeing as the party at question does not seem to know what RP is. It'll be solved with a couple of bullets as suggested by many of you. @uSx I don't think you're understanding the circumstance, which in your defense: it may not have been fully presented. We get run-up on by these guys. We start off with a greeting. They return with their greeting of "Fuck off." We did try to get into the RP the first time because some people are initially hostile and that is just their character so we asked who they were and what was going on and so on. They answered with their group's name and another "Get the **** out of this town before I put a bullet in you." It's not their town. They do it in every town we encounter them in. It has been four different towns now and each time is the same.
  6. Hey! Welcome. This is an entirely new experience for dayZ. You'll make a lot of friends here but if you're more of an introvert and don't socialize much on the server then I suggest finding a group. They'll help you get fitted in if you're having any troubles
  7. Bloodzy

    Should we consider excessive background noise BadRP?

    When something like this happens, I will //ask them to change to typing. It does ruin the immersion a little bit and when someone makes it apparent that they cannot hear much due to the noise, then you should be courteous and oblige by switching to typing until your noise dies down. EDIT: Yes, I think it should be a rule out of thought for others but I don't think it should be punishable. It does effect others RP
  8. Bloodzy

    chernarus currency (post outbreak)

    For currency, it has to be pretty rare but easily stackable sort of like ammo or matches or something. But really, I can't think of anything rare enough to make sense. Often in a society such as this, there is simply trading of different items someone needs for the service they provide. For instance, to be a body guard for a week, the employer will give them a good weapon with a magazine.
  9. According to my character, who is much of a survivalist, it takes only an hour or two tops to get fully "geared." He sports some sort of rifle along with an improvised and some hunters items.
  10. Welcome! I promise you'll make many friends here and likely just as many enemies with how things are going nowadays. But it's all about the RP. Goodluck out there
  11. Due to NVFL rules, rarely is that other group all in one place to take on these 10-20 people and thus if you are outnumbered, you cannot wish to oppose them for fear that 1. You will die or 2. You will be reported if you try to oppose this militia of roaming bandits. These bandits often do not even need your gear but take you hostage just as a show of force. I am new to the DayZ RP community but it does seem that it is all about flexing muscle around here. Medium sized groups running around and throwing insults this way and that and then if you even respond you are taken hostage and forced to do things for hours, which cannot be stopped because of the rule about not logging out during interactions and if you don't comply to others needs, they will be granted KoS rights on you which is what they are fishing for in the first place.
  12. Welcome. Sounds like you're already getting into it. Goodluck out there. Crazy things happen in the world of DayZ RP
  13. Bloodzy

    KoS Kab s1

    -User was warned for this post-
  14. Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the hospitality and look forward to catching you guys in-game!
  15. Hey guys! My name is Kaleb (character name is Dexter) and I'm pretty excited to jump into this stuff. I wanted a different DayZ experience with more interaction and less KoS. I'm typically a bandit in the actually game simply because it's so hard not to be. I know you are all cringing right now and that many of you have successfully been a hero in the actual game and I commend you for such accomplishments because I honestly don't have the patience for it, haha. Anyway, I'm happy to be here and look forward to meeting all of you, Kaleb
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