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  1. Idk what they were really saying at the beginning of the robbery in my POV I put all that I could remember so they will have to tell you the rest
  2. lilDevin13

    RP2: BadRP in Novy Summer Camp - 02/19/2016 00:30:00

    Me and Kris do not
  3. POV DevinGibbs/lilDevin13 we came on the airfield we as in jeff, kris, and jimmy to loot it and I guess we checked the hangers and barracks and ect and we were all running around talking to each other about making a group then they said they saw someone and I said I was someone wearing red with a red baret and me and kris was like he is probably in the group of the guys that talked shit and threatened him for wearing a red arm band and red baret so I ran up to the guy and said hey whats up and he was just standing there starring at me so I had a feeling that his mic was messing up so I typed in chat and said if he is talking I cant hear him then he said he was going to fix it then I ran off and layed down in the field and waited for my friends to come up then I said I was going to lay down with kris and be overwatch if the guy trys something then they said his mic was working then they were talking to him for a bit while me and kris were in a bush. 1 of my friends wanted his gun and something else and I wanted his vest so they asked to trade his vest and my friend said he said what are you willing to give for it and idk what else the guy said because I was out of voice range so I couldn't them but that he didnt want to trade for it then they starting talking about each others background and how they got on the island with the guy. Then me and kris wanted to see if he was in the group that threatened kris I think jeff said in game on accident do you have a shot on him because kris was saying that the guy was out of view so then the guy started looking around and we didnt want to take anymore chances of them being shot (we would have roplayed with him longer but we had no idea if he was going to try something after jeff said "do you have a shot on him") so Im pretty sure jimmy initiated on his and told him to put his hands up and asked us in ts if we were ready before we robbed him we said ya and they got him to put his hands up and drop his gun or holster it idk. Then started going through his stuff then I ran up and swapped out my vest for his black one and took some mosin ammo and I was like we dont want a lot of your stuff and told my friends in ts that were going through the stuff with me while kris was in a bush to leave a lot of this stuff including his gun then I started talking to the guy and said dont worry buddy were going to be nice and hardly take any of your stuff and they he is going to be fine and we aren't going to hurt him then I told them in ts to keep talking to him so someone else doesn't try to report us for bad rp because it already happened to me and kris when we were talking the the guy the entire time but that has nothing to do with this but I told them to keep talking to him so it doesn't happen and they did I don't remember what they were saying but I made sure that someone was talking to him the entire time then 1 of them took his gun and they were fighting over the bag and I told them to leave a lot of his stuff but they didn't listen I guess they were caught up in the moment and so was so thats why I forgot to record. but then we were done after I told them to leave him food and a drink in ts then I told the guy he can start breaking the handcuffs after I put the guys pants back on him and as my friends were running away as we heard a car and I standed by the guy for a minute telling kris to watch for the car while I was standing by the guy waiting for him to break the cuffs because we didnt have a key then the car noise got closer so I ran out and jeff and jemmy were running and I think were out of the airfield gates because they were freaking out when they heard the car and was saying that they will come back for kris and I didn't want to leave him so I told them to go and told kris to run to me and that im watching and he was like the guy we robbed is still there so I ran up to watch the guy and asked kris if he broke the cuffs yet and I didn't hear what he said then I got to the guy to watch him and I got kris to run across the airfield road to get to me safely and I was talking to the guy saying youl be fine I'm not going to hurt you then kris ran across and was in the tree line and I said wait for me watch my back until I get to the tree line that kris was at and as I was running away I said dont come the way Im going or you will be shot to let him know not to try anything while I had my back towards him then I got to kris and he was like ok lets go then he ran farther away from me and I cut through and fence then he asked me where I was and I said between the fences and to meet me and the checkpoint then after we left jeff was freaking out saying he was really hungry so him and jimmy where looking for food in a different town. Then kris said lets meet and devils castle then we all met up there.
  4. lilDevin13

    RP2: BadRP in Novy Summer Camp - 02/19/2016 00:30:00

    lilDevin13/DevinGibbs, -POV- Me and krischev were running to go to electro to meet up with 2 of our friends and we saw a guy coming out of the summer camp or what ever it is called and all 4 of us were in ts at the time not the guy we robbed but me kris and our 2 friends and we talked to the guy a bit asking him how hes doing and if he was with someone and he said no. I guess he his voice was kinda like a hippie or like a stoner voice no offence idk his backstory or anything. so while kris was talking to him on the road I ran down into the summer camp and was looking around to see if he was telling the truth that he wasn't with anyone. Then when I was done kris was like he wouldn't give him mosin ammo and he said we were going to rob him for it I told our friends in ts that he had a gun and if they wanted it because they didn't have a primary so I ran up o the guy standing by the little tower idk what it was but it was at the entrance of the camp and told the guy to put his hands up then he raised his hands I kris handcuffed him and kris and I ran up and to see what else he had and kris grabbed his ammo and I told him to hold the mosin since I had a fal on my back and he guy was saying if you wanted something you could have asked when kris literally asked and I told him to shut up and told kris in ts that I didn't want anyone to hear him so someone wouldn't hear him and run up and try to stop the robbery then after kris got everything thing I told him to leave the guy some food because kris took the food from the guy but I made him put it back and I put a pepsi in the guys bag then kris was like come get these keys and unhand cuff him so I ran to kris go the keys after dropping my sks to grab the keys then I unhand cuffed him and picked up my gun then kris said in ts lets go and I said I was grabbing my gun then as we ran off I was like don't take your hands off your head until we are out of your site or your dead then we ran off then the guy took his hands off his head when we were still in his sight so I stopped and told kris ima fire a warning shot so he doesn't try to follow us then I crouched and was waiting for my guy to catch his breath and as I was looking down my scope I saw a guy come down the hill and was standing by the guy we robbed and I told kris there was another guy and he was like lets go so kris ran into a tree line and I ran around him to see if we were going to get followed and then I saw a tent in the tree line which has nothing to do with this and it was empty then we ran off to meet up with our friends in electro. The guy that came out of the tree line was not there when we were robbing the guy, and how did the guy we robbed get our name when we never told him it.