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  1. After playing so me hours i can say this game is really hard. I watched a lot tutorials before even starting but i cant even handle Tod Bild a house but worth getting it. A real survival game. And i linke the small map because you meet a lot of people
  2. You have a choice about where or who you associate yourself, there is a town as soon as you spawn in game and other settlements/forts are dotted all over the map. I would recommend playing this game and its lots of fun. The server is suffering Ddos attacks regularly but hopefully It will be solved soon Did this answer your question or do you need me to answer anything else? Helped me, thank you Can't wait to play now
  3. Hello I'm just downloading the game, while watching some tutorials. But I got some questions: Is it with the RP community that you stay close? Or is it everyone for himself? I mean, that the community build a little village where someone is a hunter, the other one a farmer? I'm just worried that I'm running around and can't find anyone Maybe this question will be answered as soon as I'm joining. And seems like the DDoS (?) is just killing the server? Is it worth it to join it? I can't be asked to join and getting kicked all the time..I hope this is the right thread to ask I didn' want to open a new one for that :> mufty
  4. This game sounds SO good ! Just looking some let's play now and maybe I'll get it as long as it's still on sale
  5. Hey The guy reminds me oft John snow somehow An way,they are good i like Them. Any ideale behind it? Like: the guy is a dayz survivor? And one thing : dont put your signature Art the Front. That ruins the drawing. Write it at the back. My teacher at the art university told me once : someone who want to know who draw it will look it up and find it keep up the good work
  6. minimufty

    Interview with Clumsy

    Thats an amazng idea Nice to see which kind of people actually like to play roleplay and seeing alle the differences. Nice !
  7. minimufty

    Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    I think it's good that other people know how to use the stuff. You made yourself a lot of work but I think this guide will help