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  1. Exploiting 3rd Person

    I love looking at myself too much to agree,and would hate a 1st person only server so no thank u from me -1
  2. YouTube series. [Looking for people]

    I'd be down to act, only just came back to RP tho might be rough
  3. Coolest thing you've done in DayZRP

    IC: executing Josh Archer with @Rylo with help from Zbor
  4. Awake (Open Freq)

    Stiles pulls his radio towards his mouth, the sound of rain can be heard in the background alongside the occational crash of thunder, he hold down his PTT button before speaking, he breaths through the radio, and begins to talk, the sound of a young, british teenagers voice is heard. My name is Stiles Tee. If there is anyone out there that remembers me, anyone out there that I know, respond. I know it's a long shot and you're probably all dead, but I need help man. In a bad place. He looks down at his arm, and strokes the home-made tattoo that was imprinted on him. He whispers D.O.B.
  5. The PTT is held down, shuffling is heard alongside the sound of splashing and running water. Heavy breathy quickly drowns the frequency before a voice is heard. That of a teenage boy, his british accent is only slightly evident. "H- H- Hello..." There is more shuffling heard, heavy breathing once again, suggesting the the person on the other end is looking around, mumbling is then clear. "What the- Where-" The radio seemed far away from the teenager on the other side of the frequency, however now it seems closer to his mouth. "I don't know w- where I am -- or who I- I am..." Mumbling: "Oh my god..." His tone louder. "W-what's my name? Wh- what's my name." Whisper: "Shit." The transmission cuts off.
  6. Awards

    +1 to this, I think it would be nice to have like weekly awards
  7. New website issues

    In short I highly dislike the new forums/website and want the old one back, I'm not going to lie to you, I can't see myself ever liking this.
  8. Re Do Apps?

    Only the people who applied around the time of the old website going down need to redo their apps.
  9. New website issues

    Hover over a persons profile picture, it pops up then.
  10. Bring back old website features

    Personally I want the whole website back, as Rolle stated this new website was simply so that they had a more modern platform allowing them to do other things that they can't on the old website, so I don't understand why we couldn't have kept the old website theme, and just added some extra detail, instead of scraping the whole thing and throwing this at us. Hopefully this new website eventually works out as it is in early days, but right now I'm just not feeling it.
  11. BeanZ WAR

  12. New website issues

    This all seems like loads of new features have been added for the sake of adding them, For example the donation system doesn't really looks or feel like a donation system anymore, which has already been stated. People who have made previous threads for lore & stories & guides, (ignoring the face it is a wall of text.) have designed it in a specific way which no can no longer look that way, obviously it's early days so I'm hoping that gets fixed. There seems to be so many headers now where as before it was simplistic. I don't know, I'm not trying to be the type of person who complains about or dislikes change, but I used to be on the forums very regulary, now it just feels completely and utterly different and since the change I've been on the forums twice. Another thing is that when making a post, you can no longer just use an image URL to upload it, and on top of that you can't re-size the image on this website which I now know I took for granted. ------------------- Complaining aside, I am a fan of the quick links for spoilers and quotes, I know that will come in handy. I like the slick look the website now has. I do like the feature where you can hover over someones profile photo and a dropdown of information comes down, alongside the "recent profile viewers" on your profile. ------------------ I don't know, call me a downer but I don't see why we couldn't have had the same website on a different platform, if anything this new website is slower than before. Like I said, I know it's early days so obviously it's not going to look like a god created, I just hope over time it becomes better than before, and in my eyes, before was just right - good luck anyway staff team!
  13. Bring back old website features

    I was just thinking this, I miss that too.
  14. New website issues

    This is going to take a lot of getting used to, I'm liking how it looks though!