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  1. As the man was on his own, and that he was killed, I didn't think logging would be a problem as there was no way we could face any consequences for what happened, Im not going to make up and excuse, that was my reasoning, if that's a rulebreak I apologise and will face whatever pubishment, as for the RDM claim, we asked him a series of questions which at first he sat there in silence, which confused me as he had just put //nice gearrp so when we came back to RP, he sat there in silence, not to mention although his life was on the line he turned to us and said "suck a dick" which in my view was NVL but then again that's not for me to decide, we wanted to role play it out for longer as we didn't mean for him to die so soon, but I believe breadman had the right to kill him when he did
  2. Stiles Tee

    My Name is Stiles Tee, I am 16 years old and I was born and raised in a seaside town in England. I am a loving character who cares about the ones I love, I am kind, however I will fight for what is right and am able to kill if it comes to it. I lived with my mother and father, Lisa and Jamie; and my little sister Jane. After the outbreak, my family and I camped out in our home, living off of the food we had stored. One night one of the infected broke in through a window, attacking and killing my parents. In a desperate attempt to survive, I grabbed my 15 year old sister Jane and locked us both in the bedroom, where I proceeded to climb out of the window with her and head out into the woods. We survived in the woods for a few days living off of berries and stream water. One night whilst I was collected water, (our camp was a 3 minute walk away from the stream, we were sleeping on the ground with a small fire.) I heard a scream, it was Jane. I ran back to the camp, to find my sisters hat on the floor, and she was no where to be seen. After further inspection, I heard the sound of a rusty engine. And she was gone. My aim is to fine my sister, and bring her back to safety. I have been searching towns small towns, but now I think it's time to search the cities.
  3. Exploiting 3rd Person

    I love looking at myself too much to agree,and would hate a 1st person only server so no thank u from me -1
  4. YouTube series. [Looking for people]

    I'd be down to act, only just came back to RP tho might be rough
  5. Coolest thing you've done in DayZRP

    IC: executing Josh Archer with @Rylo with help from Zbor
  6. Real life picture Thread

    Well then my man there's only one thing left to do xxxxxx
  7. Real life picture Thread

    im bent
  8. Awake (Open Freq)

    Stiles pulls his radio towards his mouth, the sound of rain can be heard in the background alongside the occational crash of thunder, he hold down his PTT button before speaking, he breaths through the radio, and begins to talk, the sound of a young, british teenagers voice is heard. My name is Stiles Tee. If there is anyone out there that remembers me, anyone out there that I know, respond. I know it's a long shot and you're probably all dead, but I need help man. In a bad place. He looks down at his arm, and strokes the home-made tattoo that was imprinted on him. He whispers D.O.B.
  9. New Computer, But what do i get

    oi oi
  10. The PTT is held down, shuffling is heard alongside the sound of splashing and running water. Heavy breathy quickly drowns the frequency before a voice is heard. That of a teenage boy, his british accent is only slightly evident. "H- H- Hello..." There is more shuffling heard, heavy breathing once again, suggesting the the person on the other end is looking around, mumbling is then clear. "What the- Where-" The radio seemed far away from the teenager on the other side of the frequency, however now it seems closer to his mouth. "I don't know w- where I am -- or who I- I am..." Mumbling: "Oh my god..." His tone louder. "W-what's my name? Wh- what's my name." Whisper: "Shit." The transmission cuts off.
  11. Awards

    +1 to this, I think it would be nice to have like weekly awards
  12. New website issues

    In short I highly dislike the new forums/website and want the old one back, I'm not going to lie to you, I can't see myself ever liking this.
  13. Re Do Apps?

    Only the people who applied around the time of the old website going down need to redo their apps.