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  1. Name: Allen Woody - AKA Mr. Woody Age: 27 Born: 26 February 1988 I was born in America, raised in Hayward, California. Growing up I didn't have much of a family, it was just my Mother and I. Often I looked to the streets to sell dope to pay the bills for my Mother and I; Later on I also sold guns to the local thugs. It wasn't a easy childhood, but it payed the bills. My mother didn't know any of this was going on but, I'm sure she had a clue. Nevertheless I always excelled in school. I went to college in San Diego University to Study Business, as well as Engineering. Throughout college I became well known for my often crooked ways. It was like i was living two separate lives. During the day I would be this upstanding student who all the professors liked, to at night I'd be the local dealer that everyone wanted to party with. I think what helped me through my years in college was i never mixed the Business with Pleasure. It wasn't until my junior year in college who i knew I'd become. It was a late night and I had a big trade coming with a out of state gang. This would be my biggest trade yet. 10 pounds of cocaine, alongside 7 guns. I had a few of my trusted partners with me just in case anything were to go haywire. Sure enough it did. The gang did not like the demands of the money and bullets starting flying in all kinds of directions. before i know it, its all over 3 of my "Co-partners" dead. 5 of theirs dead. blood everywhere. I grabbed the money the drugs, and the guns and left. I finally got back. I felt sorry for the ones that passed but like i said i keep business with business. I knew i couldn't mix anything. I finally finished college. It was a pain but it was finished. With all of my credit on the streets being known around the states. I start opening up my business more and more. I began to deal outside of the United States to places such as Africa, Ukraine, Romania, Chernarus and Plenty of other places. I left off for a Business trip heading to Chernarus. It was just before the outbreak happened in Zelenogorsk outbreak. Everything was fine We finished our trade. and getting ready to fly out they were saying they weren't letting anyone out of the city, People were outraged, My associates and I went to talk to some of our business partners but before you know it people are getting bitten, and dying all around us. I was the last my Crew that survived in Zeleogorsk. Luckily i was able to slip past the quarantine. But was stranded with no way out of Chernarus as all flights and borders were locked down. So with days that pass i must continue what i do best in order to keep alive and have to resources to keep myself safe.
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