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  1. Herb was orphaned when he was 3 years old. He never knew his parents or anyone beyond the staff and residents of the foster home, until he decided to leave and never return on his 17th birthday. 10 years of living rough ensued, where dealing small amounts of cannabis would just about cover his personal expenses. It seemed like Herb was trapped in an endless cycle to just keep his head above the water, until he received a call one night from a regular customer. 'You wanna get out of here? The customer said. 'How?' Herb replied 'I have a friend who visited here from a place called Chernarus, and lets just say he enjoyed what you had to offer and wants more' 'Are you seriously asking me to sm-' Herb replied before being cut off 'Not over the phone, Herb' The customer responded quickly Over the next 2 weeks, Herb went from a small-time dealer to finding himself on a plane to Chernarus with a backpack full of chronic. He didnt know who he was giving it to, just that he would be getting enough cash to make it worth the death sentence if he were caught. If only Herb knew how much worse it would get, he would have put the phone down the moment he heard that ridiculous proposition. Two days after the transaction, Herb was unable to get a flight back home. A short trip turned into a living nightmare.
  2. Born in a small village in Leicestershire, Harry was brought up in a rather modest background having gone through life's paces as would any other middle-class child at the time. The only difference being that his ambition to capture the worlds natural diversity through the lens of his camera brought him to many corners of the earth. Harry spent over 10 years travelling and living in different continents as a free-lance photographer. He made his money working on various projects, from taking pictures of wildlife in australia and New Zealand for tourism magazines, to working with the Singapore Tourism Board to promote environmental conservation. A few years after returning back to the UK from Singapore, Harry received a phone call from a representative of the Chernarus Tourism Board asking for his with a project helping promote the countries natural beauty in the hopes of improved tourist numbers. I was to spend 3 weeks camping in various locations, taking pictures of the local villages, wildlife and natural surroundings, however, those three weeks turned into much longer after the outbreak began... At least transitioning from the lens of a camera to the lens of a rifle wasn't too much of a shock.
  3. The only thing of value I had was the V3S (and an mp5 with a few rounds in the mag), I am actually from quite a humble background, you would probably spot me at a lake or small fishing hole somewhere just outside the triangle! The only reason I moved west was to find a mosin as it would be more beneficial for hunting than an MP5, and was lucky to find the truck sitting there (no mosin though..) so instead of heading home empty handed I decided to spend the night fixing up the truck, and only after getting it up and running do I have to die such a pathetic death so soon after, all because I decided to check a house.. Harambae would not be proud.
  4. I'm honestly trying to think of one... Nope. If that's true, you are one of a kind .. Most of us have been Dean Hall'd at least once or twice. One time, my character did the thing where he randomly sprints as I open the inventory. While I was on a rooftop. I landed on something sticking out of the wall just a meter down from the roof, but there was no way up. Eventually I had to jump, since there was no other option. It happened in the middle of RP as well, so it was pretty awkward. That sounds like a pretty bad one dude! Mine was two days go, I had probably spent around 2 hours fixing a V3S up from the myshiko tents (they seem to like spawning in there very often!) I had also been robbed prior as I had a some crafted leather apparel equipped, which was already a real bummer. Anyway, I had managed to get this thing finally up and running and had made a quick pit-stop in the town of myshkino to have a quick drink and hopefully pick up a few chicken breasts. I, for some reason god only knows decided to check the cursed small green house near the edge of town for a backpack which I indeed found, and intended to use to store items for trading in the future. Things were looking good, I had finally managed to get myself a vehicle and was relatively prepared for survival again, until I ran down the stairs and then... "You are dead" I never usually take these things to heart but damn.. I had never been in such a good position before. I had a Travelling home with fuel in the tank, items to trade and an imaginary smile slapped on my characters ugly face... Oh well, I guess we go again!
  5. It may be that I am truly cursed then, as DayZ (especially DayzRRP) is my most played and preferred game but the love doesn't seem to go both ways.. It really seems to be the stair bug that gets me though, in police stations and the little green houses. Seems like my only option is to avoid them at all costs.. Hope the luck continues to be in your favour bud. Cheers for the tip pal, will make sure to utilise this in future.
  6. I know getting attached to your gear is bad, and I know the game is still pre alpha... But in all honesty, how many more times do I need to get a truck working, to eventually die running down a staircase in a house 5 minutes later? Feels bad man... feels pretty bad...
  7. harrybutcher123

    Where is everybody at?

    Its the luck of the draw mate. Sometimes you'll come across 20 people in Kabanino on a full server, another day you may be lucky to come across 5! It's all about what you make of it.
  8. No I do not, I had made this in the hopes one of the people who was held up with me had captured something. I guess we can close the report.
  9. No I did not but the 2 others I was with may have. It happened so quick hence why no one could pulse check. All i know is the man had a purple raincoat.
  10. Server and location: S2 Stary Sobor medical centre Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 31-07-2016 23:20 Your in game name: Harry Jones Names of allies involved: 2 others didnt get names Name of suspect/s: didnt get name robbery was under a minute Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I log into server 2 at stary and immediately stumble across a man trading his AKM for my MP5. I accept and walk with another man towards the medical centre as he said there was a doctor there. As I enter the building a man in a purple raincoat holds all 3 of us up at the same time, targeting me only to drop my things and weapon as I had quite a large weapon and a crafted backpack. When questioned his ONLY repsone was "im being followed". after he takes my weapons he also takes my bag and says "need more ammo for this thing" before promptly running off. Less that 1 minute of RP with absollutely no attempt to RP other than taking my AKM and backpack. He left me with one sack of rice.
  11. harrybutcher123

    This Funny Moment of my first Cow Encounter

    +1 for being a master cow wrangler
  12. harrybutcher123

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Yeah pal I've got some food I can spare, let me take a look in my ba...and now youre pointing a gun at my head"
  13. If your description is correct he may have been my captor, I'm not sure of the name though. He was one of about 6 that was with me and the other slave (something Miller (Greg?))
  14. I was one of the slaves being traded and the amount of noise was unbearable, I was upstairs in the estate building where my saviors were, and no one upstairs had initiated on anyone. Gunshots ensued and there were 2 casualties, one dead at the door downstairs, and one unconsious on the stairs. We tried to ressucitate the man on the stairs however I believed he died shortly after falling unconsious. I think that the whole situation could have been avoided if people had just waited to speak instead of shouting over eachother on the mics (it could just be lag though), but if people spoke orderly, this may not have happened. However I do have to say that my captors RP'ed incredibly well and I dont believe they would open fire and disregard the rules like that, as it seems from the 1+ hours i spent with that group captive (with my slave partner) they were very experienced RP'ers and did everything within the rules. I do not, however, know who shots who, but the logs will tell im sure.
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