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  1. Who knows, maybe I give out quests for adventures coming by my camp one day?
  2. "I need a syringe! Quick!" Kat held on to dear life as the ambulance turned sharply around a corner, sirens wailing and lights flashing. The patient frothed at the mouth and groaned, twisting on the stretcher. Trying to get out of the restraints. Pietr reached for a box above his head, only to have all the things inside fall out as the ambulance jumped over a speed bump. "Blyat! For fucks sake Stanislav, slow down! You are killing us back here!" Kat yelled and wiped sweat from her brow, exchanging one of her bloodied gloves for a new one. "Sorry Kat, but there's cars everywhere, I have to go around them! How is he doing?" Kat got a syringe, filled it with fluid and tried to find a vein in the mans grey-looking arm. Thirty-something, broken legs, probably on drugs. "Not good Stanis, he has lost a lot of blood!" She swore when she couldn't find a vein and looked at Pietr. "It's no good, I can't find any veins! And he should be knocked out by now, the drugs aren't working!" Pietr shook his head and looked at the mans face. "Let's just hope he makes it, it's not far now Kat." The ambulance braked suddenly, making Pietr loose his balance and falling on top of the man on the stretcher, who let out a gurgling screech. Kat reached out to help Pietr, only to freeze as she saw the mans arm was loose from the restraints. "Pietr, watch out!" Her partner barely got up before the man clawed towards his face, some kind of fury in his clouded eyes. Kat screamed and pulled back, keeping away from the mans vicious swinging with his arm, fingers bent as claws. For the first time, she froze. She never freeze. She is always calm and knows what to do. Why is she so scared of this man? It's not like she hasn't met guys on PCP before, but this... This was something else... Something... Unnatural. The second restraint got loose with a ripping sound. The man on the stretcher sat up, eyes focused on Pietr. The grey arms reached out for him, catching his shirt and started to pull Pietr toward the mans face to headbutt him. No. His mouth. Pietr screamed in ago as the man bit him in the face, and started to hit the man in the chest, reaching for his arms to make him let go. He jerked back violently as the man lost his grip, blood already pouring down Pietrs cheek. He stared with horror at Kat. She couldn't move. She didn't even know if she still screamed. She heard only her heartbeat. A second passed, and the man swing his arm toward Pietr, hitting him in the throat. The other restraint on his legs ripped open as he tried to get off the stretcher to get Pietr, falling on top on him as Pietr had sat down on the floor in shock. "WHAT THE FUCK!?" Stanislav, the driver, heard the sound from the back of the ambulance and dared a glance over his shoulder in the high speed. The sight made him jerk the wheel violently to the side. The tires screeched when they lost their grip on the wet asphalt. Kat turned her eyes on the road, watching in horror as the ambulance skidded sideways off the road. She was thrown about when the vehicle crashed through someones fence and managed a scream when the ambulance crashed to it's side, gliding across the grass straight into the brick wall. Everything went dark. Quiet. Kat's head hurt badly and she opened her eyes to the chaos. A light flickered in the cabin, the ambulance laying on its side, medical supplies thrown about in the crash. And the thumping, crunching sound. The sound. Her hearing cleared up and she tried to move through the rubble. "Pietr? Stanis?" Her voice hoarse and weak. The thumping, crunching continued. She sat up, looked around. There. By the wall towards the driver. Something crouched, thumping, crunching. The man. He sat across Pietr, hitting him again and again and again across the face with his fists, claws. Gurgling, coughing. Pietrs body spazmed with every hit. Kat could barely breathe. She fumbled backwards through the mess with her face towards Pietr and the man. Then she hit the wall. No, the doors at the back. Her hands looked for the handle, found it and yanked it with shivering arms. The door swung up a bit with a creaking sound, and then silence. Kat looked with horror at the man as he had turned towards the sound. He didn't move. Slowly, she crawled backwards through the half-opened door, feet first. Staring the man, thing, in the eyes as she moved as carefully as she could. Then he growled, and moved. Kat got through the door the same moment the man reached after her, growling, gurgling. She got up on wobbly legs and stared as the man tried to crawl out after her. But she couldn't move, could only breathe. Her heartbeat was beating so hard in her ears she felt dizzy. She tried to run, tried to scream as the man crawled closer and closer, legs broken and twisted. Then he grabbed her leg, and she screamed as she had never screamed before. ---- "KAT! Wake up!" Kat sat up with a jerking motion, hand on her knife, breathing heavily, mouth dry. Where was she? "Kat, it's alright, it's okay, calm down... It was a bad dream, only a bad dream... Get the knife away, please hun?" She looked into a womans face, hand placed on Kat's raised arm. The hunters wife. Kat looked at her trembling hand, knuckles white from grabbing the handle so hard. "Yes... It was a dream... I'm sorry..." She slowly put the knife down beside her and shut her eyes, taking a deep breath. "Just a bad dream...."
  3. Good evening gentlemen and women, I'm Sofia from Sweden and I just joined this server. Decided to write an introduction as I got whitelisted, yay! Been roleplaying and larping since 2005, so I'm not new to this, tho it's been a while since I did it online with voicechat. Looking forward to creating my character. Keep an eye out for Marja, or Kat as she calls herself mostly. She will either help you, or "help" you. Depends on you. Crossing fingers my friend and boyfriend will be able to get whitelisted and join soon!