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  1. DayZRP introduces new Premium packages!

    Actually yes, yes i think its funny. Why? You think i like to get insulted? The funny part is that you can just go insult Terra (you) and just pay to do it again if you got the money. This is the funny part.
  2. DayZRP introduces new Premium packages!

    You like that? You think thats funny? Actually yes, yes i think its funny.
  3. DayZRP introduces new Premium packages!

    "insulting Terra on streams" This made me smile
  4. RP1:rdm,avoiding,meta kab - 3/30/2016 16:00

    I have no video evidence or pictures of the events that lead up to this incident.
  5. RP1:rdm,avoiding,meta kab - 3/30/2016 16:00

    From now on I won't respond to anything until an admin comes and tell me to do so. I put my POV so I did what I was asked to do.
  6. RP1:rdm,avoiding,meta kab - 3/30/2016 16:00

    It's so easy to talk when everything is over. this is not the first time I get mugged so I know how it goes. You started an hostile action against a man that did nothing to you so you should have expected some resistance. and the "I won't even touch your gear" is the biggest lie I heard today. And in the end you started to shot by getting 5 bullets in my chest.
  7. RP1:rdm,avoiding,meta kab - 3/30/2016 16:00

    No, the man in the picture is not my friend for a few reasons: 1: My friend had a plate carrier, not a high capacity vest. 2: We don't use any kind of armbands. 3: I might be wrong but the man in the picture have a balaclava, and we don't use any. 4: My friend did not had ttsko, he had USMC pants and a tactical shirt. I will say this again, he wasn't anywhere near the airfield today. And don't call me a lier just because you don't like what i said. And BTW if you get hit in the chest 5 times, you can't really run or jog. Thats the reason why i couldn't run. Maybe think a second when you tell the man that you shot to run or jog.
  8. RP1:rdm,avoiding,meta kab - 3/30/2016 16:00

    So first i want to say that neither me or my friend where anywhere near the airfield for the whole day so the "avoiding RP" thing is not valid. We came from Stary Sobor and we where heading to Vybor. When we got to Kabanino, we saw a group of people that where staying near a fire so we where thinking that they are nice guys but as a precaution i told my friend to go up the hill and shot if anything happens. After he got in position, i went to them to talk. At first they where friendly so i wasn't even thinking that they will mug me. When i heard a guy telling me to put my hands in the air i just turn around because i didn't heard exactly what he said. I didn't had a second to realize that they are mugging me and i get shot in the chest a few times and i drop unconscious. My friend reacted when he saw that i got attacked and he tried to get in position to get his shot on them. As shoraya said, i didn't had any radio on me but i didn't need one for my friend to react in that situation. So the meta gaming and RDM are not valid, as he reacted normal in the situation given. I changed my name as my old character got killed in action. My name was Ethan Cormack.
  9. Does the m4a1 even spawn?

    Ok, thats all i need to hear, thank you for the information guys. i'll just wait till 0.60 update comes out.
  10. Does the m4a1 even spawn?

    So i am looking for a m4a1 for some time now and i can't find it. I was thinking that it just don't spawn till someone showed me one on a public server. So now the question come: Is this gun spawning or the gun i saw its hacked or something like that...
  11. [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  12. my videos on youtube

    what the?... what happened at the end?
  13. Why did my items disappeared?

    Well I know that it is not from the wipe because I played dayz this morning and everything was ok, then I took a break. when I got back this happened. But as Jamie said, this game is on alpha so I am ok with this. I made this thread just to be sure that I did nothing wrong.
  14. Why did my items disappeared?

    So my character is lost. Good to know, thank you for the info.