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  1. You’re an amazing community member Andrey Q,000. Doing amazing work here. I would love to see these great rules return to our shores safely. Maybe it wouldn’t make things so confusing for GMs and they could actually do some reports!
  2. While on one hand I would say “my character, my choice” I would also say on the other hand that my first hand is stupid. So plus one
  3. I enjoyed the roleplay with @Dan and @Castiel today! Was lit!!!
  4. Would the “no outside mods” rule be terminated for the possibility of a working train on DayZRP?
  5. Nah. I like both up at one time
  6. Wumbyyy


    Thought this was a very different thread at first. But arent bear traps and such not even in the game? Or are they lowered to 0 on the loot table?
  7. I havent been robbed in ages. Wish I would
  8. Saying "Others dont do it so it shouldnt be a thing" is not a very good reason.
  9. So I havent read the entire thing, but I will respond with this. This is part of the problem. "Us and them" Whats up with that? Elitism at its finest
  10. Well deaths to rulebreaks are far less common then legit deaths I would assume. So one could just submit a ticket or ask an admin to remove the death from their counter. Of course this would mean reports would need be looked at faster than they are now.
  11. I only have one question. how will people clear out near dead characters if that near dead character doesn't give them rights to kill them? They can't just KOS. And I assume there would be something n the system excluding kills from rule breaks.
  12. To your 1.) Thats both totally their choice. And its totally their choice to get the first 3 deaths in the first place. As I've said on many of these threads before. Don't to die? Don't give someone rights. To your 2.) Thats an unfortunate setback. But there will always be people who attempt to loop hole rules they don't like.
  13. I believe Rolle said those tools are now back and that is why he brought it up.
  14. Hello community! I have come to you today with an actual suggestion for a way we use to have a PK system. Hopefully this compromises with those who don't want to, or refuse, to PK. Here we go. While on discord last night I talked to Rolle about a system the website used to have. I will now quote Rolle "A script parsed kill/hit logs every day and checked how many times you died, in what body part you were hit, etc. Then that info was displayed on character pages, displaying health of various body parts. Something like in Fallout VATS. It helped people role play their injuries better, as they knew where they were injured, etc." I would also like to suggest we add in a PK section of this. If you die 4 times in one week, (which can be tracked on your character page), you are PKed. 4 times seems very reasonable. /End
  15. Wumbyyy


    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/5e89b45929f82132f664acda608cd840 Why the verdict is not fair: I responded to his thread with a solid answer that is a common response within this community. If you take a look at this thread as well, There are many people who are saying "My Character, My Choice", or some variation of that. Just because I use different capital letters I get cautioned? That doesn't seem very fair. It seems as if my opinion was looked at as unnecessary. Also to address how it was an on topic post. I was responding to the thread. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't see how others can use this response to a suggestion somehow I can not. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my caution removed. What could you have done better?: Nothing.
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