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  1. Returning Player~!

    Welcome back!
  2. Staff Feedback

    All of you new Support members have been doing a splendid job. Also, if anyone has any accusations to make against me, please send through my private message inbox, or talk to me on teamspeak.
  3. Dissenting Opinions

    Nah this could cause a witch hunt in my opinion. Currently, you have no way of knowing which GMs handled the report. But if this was implemented, you would know who banned your friend. Say Castiel bans my friend, I will now have some sort of dislike for him on some level. Know what I mean?
  4. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 Hes the guy who gave blowies to get into staff right?
  5. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    4/10. Kids love elmo

  7. Staff Feedback

    I am on teamspeak at this current moment if you would like here my side of the story, and how this was not OOC banter, or a meme in anyway. On topic of course, The GMs have been ripping through reports, and the admins are keeping the appeals solved faster than they are coming in. Great job staff team.
  8. Staff Feedback

    I would like an explanation on this. From any staff member, doesnt matter to me. An Admin would be nice. Because these appeals and reasons for points are essentially the same thing.
  9. Descendant's Dank Screenshots

    Thats OG man. I havent worn the white sweater or had an FAL for ages.
  10. Descendant's Dank Screenshots

    Cheers on the shots dude.
  11. Settlement Rule Addition

    Has been stated the reasoning behind having the rule for only factions can attack each other? Ide like to hear an explanation and rational to this rule. Not that I agree or disagree, but I dont think it makes sense.
  12. Hello!

    Welcome man!
  13. Staff Feedback

    The GM team has been doing a smashing job.