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  1. STAN


    welcome back there.
  2. STAN

    This is odd

    I suppose thats a good point, but more of a principle thing I guess. But why couldnt this be done on the report? Ya know? People just dont like things having the look of being covered up. If that makes sense to you.
  3. STAN

    This is odd

    @PsiSyndicate @PsiSyndicate Hello, we would like your thoughts on this. I dont want you to feel as if we are all sitting here attempting to talk ish about you. We are not. I hope you can see that, and I hope you can see our side of this. @The Traveler There ya go buddy. Hopefully we can get Lewis into this discussion and have a good talk.
  4. STAN

    This is odd

    Is it solved by Staff closing reports because they dont want to lose their investment?
  5. STAN

    This is odd

    At this point I dont even think its about attacking him personally. I think its more about staff not doing what they do to everyone else. Its like the opposite of rule 4.
  6. STAN

    This is odd

    This is hardly nit picking. Look at all the rule breaks? Thats enough for any other member to get to 30 points and be permed an hour after the report was put up.
  7. STAN

    This is odd

    I suppose that part doesnt really matter though? He reported rule breaks that he saw.
  8. STAN

    This is odd

    But do you agree that the staff have an obligation to pay attention to clear rule breaks on the server they govern?
  9. STAN

    This is odd

    And PSA: Dont come onto this thread throwing shade and bullshit around at a guy. It wont cause anything but a thread being closed. This seems to be a real problem and wont get solved but someone being salty on the forum.
  10. STAN

    Hello!! :D

    badass brother. Welcome
  11. STAN

    This is odd

    Since when does staff deem it okay to close reports just because the person putting it up wasnt directly involved? This report had so much evidence of clear rule breaks, yet it was closed. Whatever happened to "If you feel a rule has been broken, you have the right to report" I understand that DayZRP is most likely paying him to play here, which is fine. Not a problem. But stuff like this being swept into the dark...? And not even quietly might I add. Its obviously being swept. Not even trying a little bit to hide it. Just seems wrong. Is something being done about it? Is that person being talked to? No need to hate on anyone for breaking rules, this it just directed towards staff about a job they seem to not be doing. Heres the report. Check out all the rule breaks. Check out all hard evidence. And then check out a community OWNER sweeping it under the rug. Come on yo. This ish wrong. PS: This all seems so back door man. It would be better if there regular procedures would be done. Calling him into the report for a POV, even just giving him a warning. It doesnt have to be shady. I dont think anyone would mind if he just got a warning. But its gotta be public. This back door stuff doesnt sit well with the community as a whole, it never has.
  12. STAN

    Spread out spawns

    In most of my time playing the server, I can't recall one time where I saw NLR. But since the spawns have changed. Ive witnessed it a few times in the last week. Spread em out. Maybe not the coast, phuck that. But spread em out.
  13. STAN

    S1 / No time to comply and RDM / 18.10.2018

    I would like the report closed. Zip will be commenting on this as well soon so it can be closed. Glad this was cleared up.
  14. STAN

    S1 / No time to comply and RDM / 18.10.2018

    Ah okay. Yea we came from South, not from Stary. So does this account for the reasoning behind Zip getting mowed down right away as well? Edit: Question was answered by Diamond above.
  15. STAN

    S1 / No time to comply and RDM / 18.10.2018

    None of our people fired back? Zip was the only one initiated on and he died right away. The rest of us tried to run away from a gunfight we were not involved in. And got shot and killed. Edit: We were NOT with the House. We were passing through the town. We had no affiliation with anyone there. This sounds like Mis ID. You say you were in a previous encounter with red arm bands? And we just happened to be wearing red bands? Does this sound right?