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  1. STAN

    albanian here

    Hey welcome
  2. STAN

    1.0 Countdown

    lol. just played some pubs for little while. THIS SUCKS
  3. STAN

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    Sorry pal, No
  4. STAN


    Good luck
  5. STAN

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Exciting. Looks pretty cool. Good luck Grimnir and Beni and friends.
  6. STAN

    Interview With A Community Member: Cipher

    GG @Cipher
  7. STAN

    Energy/Water Rework

    Decrease food spawns a little less than 50%, but yes +1
  8. STAN

    Passport Mod for RP

    If it would be able to be personalized and not just an item. Like if the ID said my character name
  9. STAN


    I've played on servers with weapon redux and its pretty dope. +1 Gator
  10. Story in coming. Character is kept private for now pls dont message me saying its incomplete I know
  11. STAN

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

    Room 4 was real. Where deals were made. Men formed. And real savage hours spent.
  12. STAN

    Yo yo Yo

  13. STAN

    Absolution [Dynamic]

    "What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle" "Pozor Lom zakas vstupu" Beware, the entrance to the quarry is forbidden Lore [Intro] Lore [Part One] Lore [Part Two] Lore [Part Three] Out of Character Info Feedback is very much appreciated in any capacity. Anything we can do to tweak or change in a positive way will be taken into heavy consideration.
  14. STAN

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I think there's so much *hate* for hostile *RP* because of the way its being enacted sometimes. Like others have said I suppose. For example, role-play sessions happening in a town between a couple of people. An initiation is dropped, and then 3 or 4 of someone's friends seem to pop out of the woodwork. Now this isn't against any rules, the guys who initiated simply got played. Happens to the best of us. And hostile role players know this. They know every once in a while you're going to get played. But I think some peoples grief is with those people who are sitting in a house third personing out a window waiting for those magic words. Like what are you doing? lol ya know? How bored are you waiting your time to shine? Like I said, its not against the rules, so no one is doing anything wrong. People are just frustrated when people go straight to the M4. Also, I read one reply on here about "Why dont you go to a PVP server?" and I'll tell you why people dont. Good firefights. The ones that last for hours in a stand off with hostages and negotiations and back and forth and shit. There's nothing better than that. That keeps people here. Its just gotten a little diluted maybe.
  15. STAN

    Clandestine [Strict IC Recruitment]