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  1. The lagg was so hard, so i cant hear what is he saying, this is why i started typing. I just come in to the barrack, so yes, i was in the doorway, but i just tried to figure out what is happening, try to communicate. I have no video about what happened. If i rembember, my sister asked to go help to him, but i was still in the airfield, so i logged out, without watching the time.
  2. Server and location: S1/NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 26.12.2015, 14:00 Your in game name: Robert Quick Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: Ragnar Voss Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): - Detailed description of the events: Yesterday me and my friends met this guy, and robbed him. Today i played alone, and i started realizing, that i am lagging. I tought its desync or ddoss again, a zombie almost killed me. Then i go into a barack and i found ragnar there. I asked for hes name, and i said, he is very familiar for me, isnt he the guy we just robbed yesterday. He said yes. And than i started lagging very much. I writed in ooc, that im starting to loose my connection with the server, than i finaly lost it. After the server dropped me out, i tried to fix my internet problem, after i done with that i rejoined, and i found my character unconscious. I wake up very fast, and i found ragnar hitting me. I stand up fast as i can, and asked him what is happening, and warned him. I even warned him with shoots to the ground but he just not stopped following me and hittin, and then i shoot him down with my ak74. He taked my vest, with my pistol, i think he wanted to shoot me down with that. He doesn't taked anything else, but i just shooted him in the torso, so my vest was ruined. I dont know what happend while my character was there, when i disconnected, maybe he tought i hear what is he saying. Anyway, i just dont know what happend, and i cant speak with him in teamspeak.