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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Big. I enjoyed our little encounter as well and I wished there was more of those types! And a Merry Belated Christmas to you, and have an awesome New Year! My reason for leaving isn't being robbed often, if anything I think that a lot of good role-play can come from being robbed in a zombie apocalypse, but it's how the robbery is role-played is what annoys me, if you read my thread. =) Again, if you read my thread you'd see that I feel that such actions for clans shouldn't be the main concern regarding role-playing in a zombie apocalypse. It may not directly affect me when I'm playing, but knowing that these clans are just after some clan vs. clan action kind of ruins the mood if I come across one of the clans that are at war as all I could think of in my mind is the war the started and why on earth it is their concern. If the war was about gaining specific land in Chernarus that provided good pasture for farming then go for it, a stable source of food is a step in the right direction for survival in a zombie apocalypse, no? For me, what makes my time enjoyable when playing the mod is how others are interacting, not only with me, but as a whole. After all we are in a zombie apocalypse and I feel that is what we should be role-playing. I could just go around on my own talking to myself, but that isn't very fun =( They are indeed, but since then I just haven't had the want to come back yet, so far I have been enjoying the DayZ Standalone Alpha, there is now a lot of interaction, so far anyway, I'm sure as time goes on it will eventually turn out like the mod, in which case I would gladly come back to DayZRP if it's in the Standalone. Hopefully in the coming months DayZRP would be able to transition into the Standalone. There are a lot of neat features that would work really well in the mod. I'll be looking forward to our first meet if I return, well our first ever meet I'd imagine! o/ Haha, chances are I will be back, but only if DayZRP is able to continue in the Standalone. =)
  2. Hello everyone. Due to my lack of interaction with many of the more 'popular' members of the community when I played, my presence in game is probably not as well known as I'd like it to have been, so in saying that, many of you will probably have not met me in game before, thus not knowing who the hell I am, even though I have been in this community for a few months now. But nonetheless, I thought I would come back to explain my long absence anyway and why I'm ultimately going to be leaving, probably not forever as hopefully in the next couple of months or so, DayZRP will continue to grow in the DayZ Standalone. Initially when I first found out about this mod many months ago, I was happy that there was this sort of community out there in the big world of DayZ Mods. It was what I hoped the actual mod would be like, a proper zombie survival atmosphere where players would communicate with each other and perhaps band together to help each other survive the zombie apocalypse, where bandits wouldn't consist of players just shooting you on sight for your gear, instead would hold you up for just a can of beans with some good interaction. Not just the deathmatch it is now with some zombies running around which are just a small inconvenience. Granted back when I first started playing I had no clue how to role-play at all and my interaction with other players was very awkward for me at least, but as time went on I of course learned a lot about role-playing, not just about role-playing in an apocalypse, but just in general and it gradually became fun for me to the point where I started to make videos of my adventures. But unfortunately things started to go downhill and turned into something I do not really like at all in vanilla DayZ... bandits started to get more and more common, now the fact that there were bandits wasn't what made things annoying for me, it was how they role-played things out, or more like didn't. Most bandits were just blatantly out to get all of your gear and would do that without any concern for their characters life and do it as quick as possible whilst making sure they done it within the rules, a proper initiation, consequences clearly stated, etc. There was no role-play behind it, no sense of urgency for say some food or water, like you'd expect to be the main concern in a zombie apocalypse... not what kind of gun you have. That was just the beginning, player settlements then started popping up and the main focus of many players and clans were to "raid" them as they put it, but in actual fact it was obvious that they just done so, so they could get some action in the hopes that there would be one player that didn't comply so they could shoot anyone that moved. So, because of that, I didn't go near settlements that often with the odd exception if I was near and needed some aid. But you can imagine how boring it got just scavenging around Chernarus when most of the server was at a certain settlement. I then noticed an immense increase of raids, which soon resulted in clan conflict, which to me shouldn't be the concern in such a situation as a zombie apocalypse, unless a particular clan had a settlement that was riff with a solid food source, or a fresh water supply. In saying that, the role-play started to just focus on what each clan was doing really, which most weren't really revolving around actually surviving in a zombie apocalypse, but more wanting to be the most "powerful" in Chernarus. Many new clans started popping up with their main goal to be the most powerful, there would be little to no mention as to what they would do about the infection. But a month ago I decided to test my role-playing skills and well as a last ditch attempt to make it enjoyable for me to carry on playing DayZRP and so I wanted created a character that was totally different to what I was used to role-playing as not to mention I wanted to make a character that the community hadn't seen before, or in my mind they wouldn't have. After thinking about it for a couple of days, coming up with a name, a backstory, how he would act and sound when he spoke, I then came up with Flesh. I was so pleased at how things turned out when I first brought the character to life and started to interact with other players, I got the exact reaction I wanted from players. It was a big gamble to do due to the fact that I could be shot on sight for having the zombie skin. I thought that I would not carry ANY firearm of any kind so that I would not be robbed just because of that, but more that I would be captured as such for maybe some testing, not only was this for me, but I thought it would be a welcomed change for the community as well had they met my new character. For the few times I was on as Flesh, it was fun seeing how other players reacted, I decided to make my way to other settlements in the hopes to get some more awesome role-play. Unfortunately that was not the case, a friend that I play with whose character was well known in the settlement I visited took a dislike to my character and of course the rest of the settlement followed. I was then banished from said settlement and threatened that if I showed my face around there again, I would be shot. I had a word with my friend and told him about it, of course he was sorry as he did not think his character had that kind of influence on people which I didn't mind at all as I know how he portrays his character, but of course my new character didn't and I didn't want to say to him to make an exception. Instead I ended up going back to the settlement one night to see if he was there so I could talk to him to tell him to not fear me. Long story short, I was still banished from the settlement but I managed to talk to my friends character, but I think I spooked him quite a bit and he is still wary of my character. Because of the ordeal at the settlement, and that I was banished that made me not want to play any more due to the fact that the majority of the players are in settlements and I didn't really fancy being shot on sight if I went near that particular settlement. But it wasn't really only that, I then had a browse on the forums to find that there were clans declaring war on each other, which basically pushed me over the edge... well that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it was the last straw I guess and I decided to just not play at all if things were just going to revolve around clan wars, which I think they should just go on a Wasteland server if they are just wanting to have clan wars, but that's just my opinion. I'm sure a lot has changed since then, a lot more new faces, but for now I am content with testing DayZ Standalone, as well as playing other games that I have bought over the Christmas sale on Steam. I hope you all had a good Christmas and I wish you all the best in the mod. Maybe in a few months Flesh will be recreated in DayZ Standalone =)
  3. ANY game is better than ANY Call of Duty game.
  4. You could say that argument goes the same way for those that prefer to play DayZRP like regular DayZ, but just with rules regarding initiation and KoS. It ruins the gameplay those that want to actually role-play surviving in a zombie apocalypse, so I think this argument is kind of a moot point. But it just so happens that the majority prefer the the PvPRP aspect of DayZRP, hence all of the military clans, so of course those that are wanting to role-play actually surviving in a zombie apocalypse are basically shut out really, because the majority rules, so it seems. But as you said, you can't restrict what kind of role-play everyone chooses to do, which I guess means that sooner or later, those that do actually want to role-play surviving in a zombie apocalypse would eventually get bored and probably stop playing.
  5. I have to say, I actually agree to this, but as you said it would be a major pain in the ass for the staff to do. I personally believe that the issue lies with the military clans out there that are just wanting to become the most powerful clan on the server, yes, the server... not Chernarus. It's like the clans are competing to just become the most popular in the community by attacking as many clans as possible, or just constantly attacking one in the hopes that they will disband so they can declare that they have "defeated" them. It's basically turned into a PvPRP clan war with little role-play about actually surviving in a zombie apocalypse. I would actually like to see Taviana as the map if I'm honest, but it would mean that a lot of people would have to probably change their story drastically. Who knows, that might be a good thing, getting away from the whole wanting to be the best PvPer, as it does seem that way.
  6. Unfortunately, you can't really stop people from following a "famous" Youtuber/Streamer when they are on. But as people have said before, record and report if there is nonsense going on, that's really the only way something can be done. Maybe if a lot of the fanboys are getting punished for it, then rest of the flock will wise up and stop? I think the problem is, is that not many people are able to record due to their systems not being able to cope without major framerate issues. Which of course means they can't get any evidence to report the fanboys going OOC or whatever.
  7. +1 Might encourage players to actually run around the map a bit more rather than gearing up with the basics and heading to the closest settlement.
  8. Honestly, I wouldn't say there are a lot of "bandit clans" that are after your beans or something else so that they can trade it for something else they need that you didn't have, the majority that you'd think are bandit clans is because they engage in PvP as much as possible with little role-play regarding being in a ZOMBIE apocalypse. Sure, their role-play is good, but most of the time they are 'hostage' situations to get some dirt on rival clans, not about trying to get some information on a possible sure for the zombie infection. That, or they play a silly game in which you play for your life. You may enjoy that kind of thing, then you're in for a treat! All I can say is, don't expect to be robbed for the purpose of them wanting food or water as they are in desperate need for it, but more to just rob you for the sake of it, or if you have a "military grade" weapon, they will be wanting to get their hands on it for their self as a lot of players still have the mindset that having the 'best' weapon in the game is what it's all about in my opinion.
  9. Hello everyone. So this is just a basic video I made earlier, I was going to record a full conquest match, but instead this made it's way into head. The video is a lot longer than I hoped it would be to be honest, but I think that it would still be entertaining for people to watch. It's not a video to show off or anything, it's just something I done for fun, not only that but it is late at night and I was in between feeling very tired but wide awake at the same time if that makes sense. Hope you guys enjoy, feel free to post some feedback on here about it, or comment on the video! [video=youtube]
  10. For some reason, I no longer have hype for the DayZ SA anymore. A couple of months ago I had all sorts of hype, but now it's just, meh. Watched a couple of minutes of the stream, and can honestly say, I wasn't interested sadly.
  11. Just a quick video of what Flesh has been up to in the past couple of days, hope you enjoy!
  12. You said it, Military clans... not bandit clans to be honest. There is so much more to banditry in DayZ other than robbing someone or taking them hostage for information that is irrelevant to the zombie apocalypse, quite frankly, I believe the only reason clans are made now is so that they can actually have regular firefights with other clans that are seemingly 'in power' and claim to be the most powerful on the server, not in the country of Chernarus. "Well our clan killed 10 of your clan the other night, fucking MLG PRO!", "Ya but we took out 7 of yours and you had more players than us, scrubs." That's all that I get from posts from clans that have had a clanwar are basically bragging with their smiley emotes. Where is the, "I managed to successfully scavenge for 3 cans of soda, 2 cans of beans and some survival tools without alerting the town. Not to mention I popped 7 zed's in the head with my hatchet on the way out for good mearure! All on my own!" I'll tell you why, the zed's are a fucking push over, they need to be able to grapple you and start ripping flesh from your neck so that you can't just run in there like there's nothing to fear. Sure they trip you up the odd time, but you're still able to run away from them. I believe the reason most clans have been basically having clanswars all the time and don't really role-play they are in a zombie apocalypse is because the zombies aren't a threat, it's easy to get a decent weapon with some sort of sight, you can easily get enough food and water to last you for a couple of hours and then be on your merry way to stir up shit so you can shoot someone that doesn't comply to your generic robbery line. Not only that, if you die it won't exactly take you long to basically get similar gear like you had before after you respawn. But of course, if you make the zed's hit harder, those that actually love the PvP aspect will moan, which would leave the staff no choice but to revert them back. At the end of the day, the staff are between a rock and a hard place, they can't please everyone, even though I believe the masses are after a more PvE oriented style of role-play on the server as that is the reason for it and it was the main reason I joined DayZRP. But I have accepted the fact that nothing really will change, not only because the staff aren't really able to force players to play a different way, but also that those that do like PvP won't change as it's the way they want to play. I have accepted that fact, so that is why I will not be carrying any sort of firearm or a vast supply of medical or food supplies, so they can rob away, they will get jack shit from me but an attempt to role-play actually being in a fucking zombie apocalypse. Annnnnndddd brrreeeaaattthhheeeee. Alright, rant over. =)
  13. I wouldn't mind something simple, like the idea of some sort of civilian plane that flies over a random area of the map and drops some supplies, now those supplies would consist of food, water and some basic medical supplies, NOT weapons as to me, it just seems the focus in the last couple of weeks or so has been about getting into firefights when the main threat should be the zombies. The supply drops could be now and then, throughout the week, the staff can decide how often to do the little supply drops if they have the free time. Perhaps a radio message along the lines of "If there are any survivors out there, this is Joe Bloggs (Or the staffs character's name that's doing it maybe), I am on route to such and such, dropping food and medical supplies as I go, I have dropped some at this location (co-ords)". I honestly want to see more events like back when there was a select few getting taken away to get examined and stuff like that.
  14. I really hope the base won't be attacked regularly just because it's SKA, there really is no role-play reason to other than "because they attacked us over and over". You're in a zombie apocalypse, if you want to have bases to attack each other, go to a Wasteland server and build one. As for the actual design, it looks quite good, but I have to say it does look rather OP, a hole in the wall that you can crawl through isn't exactly that hard to defend and of course the triple "wall" as such.
  15. That's actually nice to hear, I am just getting a little bored of nearly every clan that gets accepted is a military clan that are just there to "rid the world of bandits", basically an excuse to have regular firefights. It would be nice to see a clan that owns a settlement to actually use it for role-play purposes that ties into the zombie apocalypse for a change! I look forward to seeing what is planned in terms of looks for the Gulag.
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