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  1. Edmund was born into a family in the suburbs of Chicago. He was the second oldest out of 4 children, with an electrician as a father and a mother who tried her best to raise her children, but often had to take on temporary jobs to support the family. Edd did well in school and got some scholarships for college for his academic record and his impressive community service record. Edd went to college at the University of Minnesota and received a Doctorate in Human Physiology and he earned his MD after that. Edd had wanted to be a doctor form a young age, his youngest brother had been born prematurely and would have died if not for the doctors that saved his life. Edd ingrossed himself in his work, ignoring his social life for the most part and leaving behind many friends he had made in college. Edd moved back to Chicago and worked in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Edd learned quickly how to deal with patient deaths and even though he felt he could always do more, he forced himself to move on try his best the nest time. Edd was eventually contacted by some old friends from Highschool who were working with the Red Cross. Edd decided he wanted to get away from his hospital life as he felt that the hospital felt more focused on profit than actually
  2. Edd

    In game Premium poll

    If it's not giving you an advantage over other players then I really don't have any problems with this proposed system. Spawns that make it easier to get to your favorite RP spots seem fine. Spawning in Clothes should be pretty limited and maybe should be kept to just cosmetic items like hats, boots, gloves, and eye wear. If you're spawning in any jackets or pants, they shouldn't have more storage than the default jeans and hoodie. As for group items, sounds like a big hassle just so some players can wear a group jacket or something, maybe a group should only get an in game item if they win group of the year. That way we know the group is dedicated to the server, and is known by people both in and out of character. I'd rather do a one time pay system over a subscription but that's just me.
  3. Arno was born to a Chernarussian Mother and Father in Vyshnoye. Born just as winter was coming in, he became terribly ill and his parents were unsure if he would live. His father worked hard to get Arno to a real hospital and got him the treatment he needed to live. However he racked up some debt doing this and had take on an extra job to repay it. Because of this, his father was almost never home so Arno was raised by his mother for most of his childhood. His parents had 3 more kids while Arno was a child. When Arno was just 9 years old, his father died at one of his many jobs in a terrible accident. His mother's brother moved in with them and was able to buy some land near Vyshnoye and began a farm. Arno worked the farm with his uncle and acted very responsible for his age. He was just as much a father figure to his siblings as his uncle was. Arno began to get bored of the farm life and wanted to be something more, so he volunteered for the CDF in 2008. Arno was put into the 4th Light Infantry Battalion, Arno was promoted to the rank of Četař(Sergeant) very quickly. Arno treated his men just like he treated his younger siblings and always looked out for the young men that were in his squad. For his his leadership abilities Arno was offered several promotions to a higher rank, but he declined all of them. He didn't want to leave his men, he saw it as his personal responsibility to ensure they survive. When the Civil War broke out in 2009 Arno's Battalion was called in to fight. Arno led his squad through many battles with Chedaki forces, and although some of his men were wounded, all of his boys survived the conflict. Arno stayed in the military and would occasionally visit his family back in Vyshnoye, making sure his family was getting along fine and that his younger brothers were keeping out of trouble and staying in school. When the infection began Arno's unit was once again sent to the front lines to contain it. Arno failed at keeping his boys alive this time. His unit took terrible casualties and as the command structure broke down, Arno's Rotny gave him the orders "Protect Chernarus." Arno operates under this orders to this day, doing what he sees as the best thing for Chernarus. Arno spends most of his time killing infected and collecting food and water for anyone in need.
  4. Marek was raised as the youngest of 6 children. His older brothers were always mean and cruel to him, and he spent years fighting with them as children. When they all grew up Marek left his family's home for new opportunity in South Zagoria. Marek found work as an electrician's apprentice and was content with the life he had made himself. He He was too young to fight in the civil war but always thought the separatist were in the wrong. Marek never had strong political opinions and tries to keep himself out of trouble. Marek found solace in his work and enjoyed how it allowed him to exercise his mind, something he never got the chance to do at home. Marek fled the city as news of the outbreak began to get worse and worse. Marek has little sympathy for others and has tried to take care of himself and keep himself fit, both mentally and physically.
  5. Edd

    S1 | Attempted RDM, Invalid Kill & Combat Logging | Stary Sobor | 21:51 20/11/17

    Samuel Edison POV: Was rping in Stary, someone is rping out a death over by one of the bus stops. He emotes that his character is dead and has no pulse, some guy that had beef with the dead guy wants to shoot his corpse to prove a point and he does this. At the moment the PAU shows up and asks what is happening, why did he shoot him. Everyone starts talking at once and tries to explain what had happened. Some guy wearing blue medical pants and a Rider's jacket shoots 10-20 bullets into the air, I have no idea why he did this but it happened. The PAU get spooked and sprint away, then someone starts shooting people, not sure where it came from but several people were killed, I was hit once and I ran into a shed applied rags and a splint. Some PAU lady showed up soon after asking what happened, who shot first. I go inside a tent because I hear more shots, I believe someone shot the PAU women but have no idea who. I take this as my sign to leave and book it out of story with my friend. RPed on the server for another hour or two and eventually logged off.
  6. Edd

    S1- Killed at polana factory

    Edward Martin POV: Ok so I decided to hop on the servers I got position 2 in queue. I was in the DayzRP and I was AFKing the channel that the rest of my allies were already in, when I un-mute they're all talking about how someone initiated in the compound and how Dave got shot. I was fairly confused as to what was happening so I just waited until I could get on the server. When I logged on, there was some guy right next to where I logged off emptying out our barrel and dropping all the stuff on the ground. As my game finishes loading up he grabs the barrel and runs out. I walk outside and see 3 guys run outside of the big concrete building, I try to get their attention in VOIP but they just say "Thanks for the stuff," or something like that and run out. I tell the guys in TS that we just got robbed and they took all the stuff, I chase after them so I can catch up and track them, because we had friends coming from the North (Lemons, Spartan and one other I think). I chase them to Polana where one stops and tells me to fuck off. I ask him why he's stealing our stuff, where is he going. He answers none of this and runs away. I keep chasing him but lose him in a forest outside of Polana. Then one of my allies (I think Spartan) sees him in the woods. Spartan chases him, and I follow Spartan. We get to Gorka, where they stop and talk to Spartan. I get near the Police station to try to get a vantage point on them, I see that they've dropped the barrel so I know a fights coming, Spartan gets killed, so does Lemons and another ally (I think Raz, thought not 100% sure). I know I can't fight 4 guys with a SKS so I hide in a shed. I come out, see one looting my friends bodies and try to shoot him. I thought I hit him once, but I don't see it in the logs so I guess I didn't. After that I ran to Dolina where I hide for a while. After that I just chilled in the Compound RPing there. That's my POV. Note: I have no video evidence.
  7. Edd

    S1- Killed at polana factory

    Currently In-Game, will post POV as soon as I can.
  8. The thread looks really nice. It's nice to see groups bringing RP to the coast. Good luck with this.
  9. Edd

    *opens the door and peeks in*

    Glad to hear, welcome back.
  10. Edd

    Mstivy Medvedi [ACTIVE] [RECRUITING]

    I am excited to see what we do with this group.
  11. Edd

    Majoo's Graphic thread

    Thanks Majoo, it looks fantastic.
  12. Thread looks good, and the idea seems interesting. Not too many English groups around. Good Luck!
  13. Congrats on getting approved, the artwork on the CP looks excellent.
  14. Welcome back, looking forward to seeing you guys IG again.
  15. Edd

    Milice Zachovani Media Thread

    Marian looking like the Savior he is
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