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  1. Arno Maly

    Born and raised in Novigrad, Arno was the youngest of a big family. His family moved to South Zagoria in the early 2000's and all of his brothers eventually joined the CDF, or were killed in Gang violence. Arno stayed with his family and helped run his father's business, he eventually took over when his parents died, just before the civil war started. He enjoyed ruining the business and was looking forward to starting a family one day. After all that's happened, he's still just trying to get by.
  2. S1- Killed at polana factory

    Edward Martin POV: Ok so I decided to hop on the servers I got position 2 in queue. I was in the DayzRP and I was AFKing the channel that the rest of my allies were already in, when I un-mute they're all talking about how someone initiated in the compound and how Dave got shot. I was fairly confused as to what was happening so I just waited until I could get on the server. When I logged on, there was some guy right next to where I logged off emptying out our barrel and dropping all the stuff on the ground. As my game finishes loading up he grabs the barrel and runs out. I walk outside and see 3 guys run outside of the big concrete building, I try to get their attention in VOIP but they just say "Thanks for the stuff," or something like that and run out. I tell the guys in TS that we just got robbed and they took all the stuff, I chase after them so I can catch up and track them, because we had friends coming from the North (Lemons, Spartan and one other I think). I chase them to Polana where one stops and tells me to fuck off. I ask him why he's stealing our stuff, where is he going. He answers none of this and runs away. I keep chasing him but lose him in a forest outside of Polana. Then one of my allies (I think Spartan) sees him in the woods. Spartan chases him, and I follow Spartan. We get to Gorka, where they stop and talk to Spartan. I get near the Police station to try to get a vantage point on them, I see that they've dropped the barrel so I know a fights coming, Spartan gets killed, so does Lemons and another ally (I think Raz, thought not 100% sure). I know I can't fight 4 guys with a SKS so I hide in a shed. I come out, see one looting my friends bodies and try to shoot him. I thought I hit him once, but I don't see it in the logs so I guess I didn't. After that I ran to Dolina where I hide for a while. After that I just chilled in the Compound RPing there. That's my POV. Note: I have no video evidence.
  3. S1- Killed at polana factory

    Currently In-Game, will post POV as soon as I can.
  4. The thread looks really nice. It's nice to see groups bringing RP to the coast. Good luck with this.
  5. Glad to hear, welcome back.
  6. I am excited to see what we do with this group.
  7. Majoo's Graphic thread

    Thanks Majoo, it looks fantastic.
  8. Thread looks good, and the idea seems interesting. Not too many English groups around. Good Luck!
  9. Congrats on getting approved, the artwork on the CP looks excellent.
  10. Welcome back, looking forward to seeing you guys IG again.
  11. Milice Zachovani Media Thread

    Marian looking like the Savior he is
  12. Sounds good, get some like minded people and you've got yourself a group.
  13. I think new players should seek out experienced RPers to help guide them, and experience members should help new people. Back in December when I joined, my RP wasn't near as good as it is today, and it's still improving, and its because on my second day on the server I joined the Vigil, where Jabba, Zerotp, Franko, and others, helped me learn the ropes of the server. Whether we like it or not, these new people are here and most of them will stay. So instead of talking about how bad the rp is, we should go out and find new players and show them the ropes. This doesn't mean you have to add 10 white names to your Group CP. Just RP with them, maybe add them on steam and let them get a feel for how players in the community act and behave. Most of them will emulate what they see, and the quality of RP will increase.
  14. Looking forward to more RP with this Group.
  15. In game Forum Currency

    I have to say no, I think we should keep IC things as IG as we can. The idea of an IC currency sounds appealing, but I think a group should start doing it IG rather than on the forums.