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  1. The biggest thing about roleplay is not relying on others to create it, you can do a lot by yourself, from roleplaying hunting/stalking game, cooking on a campfire, smithing wares etc. You could try offering your services to others e.g farming their land for them (You may get paid and this is a great way to increase your farming skill), you could be a sellsword for someone (At the same time increasing your combat stats) These are just a few basic ideas, the RP is what you make it, the possibilities are endless.
  2. I also agree with making the skill progression faster. That way we can actually spend more time roleplaying instead of trying to grind to be able to do said roleplay.
  3. Personally I really enjoy LIF, however if you aren't playing with a group of friends/others it can become very boring and it is almost impossible to construct large things by yourself. However, with a group this game is fantastic, yes, you do have to invest time levelling up skills however the possibilities are almost endless, you can terraform the terrain to how you like, dig underground mines, build simple wooden settlements to large castles with keeps, you choose exactly how your settlement is constructed. I have yet to experience combat properly at the moment but the combat system feels pretty solid. Overall if you like medieval sort of era games and don't mind investing time and effort into making what you desire I think LIF is a great game to have. I'd probably wait until it's on sale though to pick it up.