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  1. Yeah it was realy good/ cool to spend time with you^^
  2. Braddock

    Server 2, BadRP & OOC in Voip

    Hey Admins my keybord is/was Broken i cannot make a : / : ingame it was my fould and i was trying to correct - it iam a newbie.. i didnt saw the message/s my friend make his rouleplay ... this one guy (i think is was igor) was crasy in his rp he gets agressiv to us , because we are saing that we are from the UN-- WE never say that we are a kind of "SUPER SOLDIERS" he says it. IT was my first stressfull Rp so i gets nervous sorry for that ;/ after this we meet a couple of guys and make at leat a good rp , theyre friendly to us and explained stuff Sorry for mistakes in the text my english is crappy mfg Braddock