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  1. *A loud voice with sounds of storm on the background suddenly breaks the radio silence.* "Hey there, its me, Wilbert! Nice to hear from you. Im currently to the East, hiding in a cave. Weather is forcing me to stay here, just went outside for a minute to transmit this message. Get a short wave Walkie-Talkie, tell me your frequency and keep reporting your location from time to time. One day Ill be within the range, which should be about 1km for the signal to be distinct and then I will call you out." *Transmission ends.*
  2. IMO, Lorenzo, you guys completely messed up. 1)You guys should not have thrown a grenade, because it just escalated everything and you didnt have a right to do it basically. If you want to restrain someone you tell him to surrender and give time to think, you did none of these two. 2)To gain KoS rights you have to be 100% sure you see guys threatening you and have done/willing to do something bad to you, for example are robbing you/robbed you earlier, and then you have to be absolutely sure its them. In our case you just saw three people run into a barrack and decide to throw a grenade there. Are you even sure someone shot at you before at all? May be someone was shooting zombies and you just heard shots. To sum up if I wasnt sure I wouldve just left the area or at least tried to converse in a peaceful way, not throwing a grenade! If all you want is a chance to shoot at someone what are you doing on this server? As a token of good will I forgive you, but from now on be more reasonable, for goodness' sake! Or you will be getting reported and may end up permanently banned. This can be resolved.
  3. Now I dont get anything at all...so you, Lorenzo, are saying that you was a part of the group with at least two guys in gas masks. Me and my friends had a nice friendly talk with this group just about 10 minutes before all that happened. We met near tents, and then we parted ways and they actually ran to the barrack where later the incident took place. Anyways even if you didnt remember us or wasnt nearby when we were talking to gas masked guys you should not have shot me because: first we surrendered to you after the grenade took our friend, thinking you tossed it but why the hell we couldnt realise cause we aint done anything to you. Then one of the gas masked with Steyr AUG said someone else is attacking all of us and told us to take weapons back in hands and get out of the barrack. One of you was inside with me at that moment, I offered him to take AK from my buddy Dean who died from a grenade, which he did, and then went outside. All the time I could hear various shots and then a bit later went outside myself, guy with Steyr AUG was laying unconscious, I came up to him, while the guy who took AK was bandaging himself. I presented no threat to you, I tried to bandage the laying guy but he was already dead, then I asked one who was bandaging himself what was going on, "where is the shooter?" and then got instakilled! If you are saying you were a part of that group why would you kill me? Your friend told us to come out, take our weapons, as I got outside I didnt shoot anyone, even tried to revive your fallen friend. I presented no threat to you, I didnt even see you, and still you shot me. Admins, what do the logs say? how many different people killed someone?
  4. Server and location: S2 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 09.00 Your in game name: Wilbert Tschida Names of allies involved: my friends Vladimir (probably Tolsky) and Dean Kent, 3 guys we met before Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Me and my friends who I met in Zeleno came to the AF and met 3 guys in gasmasks, they were friendly. Then later we entered a barack and my friends became guarded as we heard some voices outside maybe some threats I couldnt hear clearly. then a grenade came in, Dean died, then flashbang came in and I being blinded shot at the door and probably killed one as there was laying a corpse later. It turned out there were those 3 guys in gasmasks and they said they were shot at previously and thought it was us who shot them. So me and Vladimir went outside, then I saw gas masked guy bandaging himself and his friend laying on the ground, I tried to bandage him but he was already dead, and then I got a headshot myself. There were no demands from whoever to surrender or whatever, no interaction, so imo that was a pure RDM.
  5. Hey, Jack Bandit, you think you are omnipotent? What if a person you jeer at has a buddy nearby who will gladly shoot the crap out of you because you aint gona get better anyways. If your ass aint covered its your problem. Honest people dont need a scum like you, they are rebuilding a world from the scratch, the only solution is to get rid of bandits once and for all (nothing personal, kind of roleplaying)
  6. Okay, thank you very much. I was looking for some precedents and these cases are very graphic. Guy in the castle did a crazy thing, dont know what he was thinking about. But another one near the fireplace...it was pretty obvious he was going to shoot so they could have anticipated him and shot first for non compliance. In general I would say if you have a weapon and pointing it at someone, dont expect them to be friendly...they may comply temporarily, but they also may not...And complaining that you got killed intending harm to someone else is kind of stupid in my opinion. If you want to play a bandit you take all the risks and it is you who should have everything thought-out. Looks like people think if you point a gun at someone they gona certainly comply, but everyone is different...
  7. So you are basically saying that I can not oppose bandits at all? I value my life, but its the apocalypse, all the food, supplies, gear matters, how are you going to survive without it? Im trying to be realistic. A car significantly increases our chances to get away from the infected area and survive, why should we give it up so easily? If I see a bunch of people stripping a friend or even a lonely stranger like vultures, depriving them of their means of subsistence, I can not at least attempt to interfere because that would be NVFL? What if its my relative and I can not just stand and watch? So bandits rob or may be do something else, who the hell knows what they are up to, and if they get killed because of their short-sightedness for their evil deeds they just go report their chastener and the last gets banned?
  8. Thanks for explaining and helping, Samaritan. Dont get me wrong, ronknopf, I read all rules, and I try to be reasonable but I need someone to clarify to me with examples. I will ask more questions successively and will be grateful to get detailed answers. 1)If I break this NVFL rule, I get reported and banned? (Dont see this rule on the rules page btw, is there any other rules located on forums somewhere?) If so does that mean that I can not protect myself if Im outnumbered but I feel like I have good chances. 2)However I found this rule "Do not bait other players into situations where you can take revenge for their actions." From my POV they were dragging me into that situation where I was trying to take their car and they could have possibly shot me if I even only voiced hostility, right? (but that sounds like a nonsense to me!). So should I have reported them for breaking this "baiting" rule? 3)If I have a buddy not far away and Im being robbed, can he shoot some robbers and try to take other prisoners or even shoot everyone because they outnumber us? Or if I see a random person being robbed can I shoot the robbers also because they outnumber me and I cant take all of them prisoners. 4)After those guys stole my car can I KoS them? Because I cant alone disarm all of them, get in the car and drive away so fast? Or can this incident even considered a robbery and if it is can I stop them seeing them later driving my car and try to take it from them with force. Or if I see them without a car can I take some revenge on them? 5)I hope you understand me and answer distinctly. I always try to RP as much as my imagination allows me. We have met some good guys and had fun meeting other groups, but that candidly impudent theft pissed me off and my friend was also raging much...Everyone was very kind to us while we had two other guys with us but literally the moment they had to leave we got into this stupid situation where these "robbers" even were different in what they say and it looked so hillarious as they made up thing and we just could oppose because they outnumbered us. So I just wanna know is there a way I can have revenge on those bastards (accordingly to rules of course) or will they remain unpunished ans will further do whatever they want because they are in a group? Because it was so damn hard to find this sedan and bring it to operation, it was so funny to give people rides to connect them with their remote friends, carrying med supplies and provision to stop by strangers and ask if they need anything, giving them weapons for self defence. Those guys just freaking ruined everything...terrible people. Again thanks for attention to my problem, looking forward to your answers.
  9. What does NVFL stand for? We didnt do anything to stop them because I sort of foresaw you would answer like that (that we had to comply). But does that basically mean that a group of people can surround you showing no hostile intentions verbally so you can not stop them, to imply hostility in their actions later? So the only way is to voice your hostility but then they can shoot you first (In that case can I immediately shoot someone who says "hands up" to me? and he will not be able to shoot back until he gets hit by me?)
  10. Hey, Im new to this server, so far Ive had no problems RPing myself, but I never got into an actual robbery so Id like to clear up what is allowed by rules in that kind of situations (Yes, Ive read the rules but found them scanty, at least in relation to what happened to me) So here is the case: So far Ive been in one very peculiar situation. Me and a friend had a sedan. we left it in the forest and went to loot tents at the airfield, there we met a guy who seemed friendly and cool so we offered to join our travels or atleast give him a ride, but he disagreed. We went back to the car (guy had an orange armband and said he had friends but didnt say exactly how close) and as soon as we got to the car a bunch of people came out of nowhere and surrounded us (they also had orange armbands). Some of them started admiring the car and stuff we got in the trunk, I asked them not to shuffle among our belongings and step away, also asked why they were waiting for us (I removed a spark plug earlier and had it on me), then one of them claimed that was their car and others quickly picked up that line because they probably realised there was only me and my friend and we had no backup. I was totally disappointed and tried to evade them saying that if it was their car they would have been able to start the engine and a guy said: "sure, look", but he failed because there was no sparkplug. Then he started blaming me for spoiling their car and making up lots of other shit, but then some of his buddies brought their own sparkplug and they started a car and drove away. They thanked us for returning their car, I asked for a reward and they even gave me a stupid knight helmet...Thats all very briefly. Now Id like to hear from you dear reader: 1)What would you have done in my place? 2)What could I have done according to rules? If they kind of didnt show hostility but claimed our property could me and my friend have tried to shoot them without saying anything (because we had no other chance not to lose the car for we were outnumbered)? Or should we have told them to piss off and then if they didnt shoot them? Thanks for your attention.