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  1. Thanks. I'm doing a read through now while the game installs. I need to get teamspeak back on here again. Got so used to using discord. LOL!
  2. I'm coming back to the game. Had to repurchase it but I'm gonna come back and get whitelisted again. I'm excited to come back and hopefully really get a start on here.
  3. Of course there is one question I am having problems with on my whitelist application. I've read the rule over and over again and still can't seem to make full sense of the question.
  4. Thanks. I am still very new to roleplaying in video games but I have been roleplaying on forums for about thirteen years now. This is gonna be a lot of fun...I can tell.
  5. I was thinking I was gonna have to wait to get this game but my mom agreed to get it for me for Christmas early. Well, she's giving me the money for it when I see her ina few days so I caved and bought it. Now I can get whitelisted and play on this awesome server. Really looking forward to playing with everyone. This place seems awesome.
  6. So problem. The only place to whitelist from what I am seeing is to whitelist for DayZ, a game I do not have at this point, I had to buy Lif or DayZ so I went with Lif. My husband and I wanna submit our whitelist apps today but we don't have DayZ. Am I missing something as far as getting whitelisted on this server? Because it won't let me continue to whitelist for DayZ without the game.
  7. Time to start getting used to the game so I'm ready to play. LOL!
  8. Just curiousaw but do we know when this will be opening to play?
  9. So I should go about whitelisting for DayZ then even if I don't plan to play it yet?
  10. I literally just bought this game. Won't be able to play on the Day Z sever due to funds but my husband and I will be playing this for sure. How are we to go about getting whitelisted for this server rather than the DayZ server? or is it the same App.