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  1. Utopianfubar

    Raising the SkillCap

    Don't think people are moaning just giving their valid preferences and suggestions
  2. I was just told to make this request in forums so they see it after i waited in help channel. But sure i'll poke Rolle
  3. Utopianfubar

    Raising the SkillCap

    i have active friends who don't own dayz so they currently can't register because the website doesn't detect dayz. Will there be a future separate white listing process for Feudal?
  4. Utopianfubar

    Raising the SkillCap

    I think either raise it or let us create an extra character
  5. Hello my name is Daniel Tudor on the server and utopianfubar on ts. I have 2 basic shacks i need deleting on my farm. I'm not sure of the correct process about telling you where they are etc so do forgive my noobness
  6. in altis life we used binoculars as a video camera
  7. Just saying Hello ::)y name is Daniel or Utopianfubar you can come say hello whenever you want, Friendly Brit looking forward to some amazing roleplay. Cheers