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  1. Realistic use of medicine in DayZRP

    Definitely going to implement this into my RP. Thanks!
  2. Sounds good, Im in.
  3. Id like to thank Bagamba and Juice for tonight. It was some of the best experiences I have had in this game. Johnny may be slow, but he knows when he finds friends. I would also like to thank FACE and his friend for scaring the hell out of Johnny and the rest of us. Tonight was 10/10 guys!
  4. Game worth getting?

    We changed skill multiplier so it's not that hardcore. Thank the lord. I heard it was a nightmare on a normal setting. Ill hopefully get this soon as its on sale right now. I think this will add a good alternative RP. I'm a historical nut so this should be good!
  5. Foreigners in Chernarus

    I'm pretty sure that eventually everything is going to be "generic" as more people try it. Doesn't mean its bad.
  6. DayZRP servers are moving

    That's gonna kind of suck only having 1 server Hard to find spots
  7. DayZRP servers are moving

    So much for switching servers. Not like we had a choice. What I meant is usually there are 3 servers correct? I'm only seeing the EU server. Usually the others showed up as offline at least when they were being DDoSed.
  8. DayZRP servers are moving

    Any ETA on the new servers appearing?
  9. An Advance Notice

    I just tested things out and called myself several times now. I didn't lose connection when in a game and I was able to browse the web so I believe I've fixed it. Thank you all for helping me out with this! I didn't want to just randomly disappear during RP
  10. Id like to thank whomever played Harvey Lee and the rest of The Resurrect for giving me my first taste of RP a little while ago. Def gonna remember that
  11. An Advance Notice

    if you would be so kind to answer these Questions so we can try to help you My apologies for not replying sooner, I believe it is DSL and I'm about to contact them after I reply here. Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction and taking the time to give suggestions. Ill look into the filter and get back to you to see if its fixed.
  12. An Advance Notice

    I'm not too worried about my own RP experience I just don't want it to ruin someone else's. I've spent the better part of today working on fixing it but its so gaumed up that I'm having a hard time with it.
  13. Where is Everyone From?

    West Virginia, USA
  14. An Advance Notice

    For some reason, whenever someone calls my home my internet disconnects for a small amount of time. I would hate to imagine that someone would think that I disconnected or combat logged. I have tried to fix it but I have found nothing that has worked. I figured I should go ahead and explain this in case it happens in any situation. Ill try to return as soon as I can when it happens.
  15. Thanks for the post! My friend and I are new but we really appreciate the extra help from this guide.