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  1. Shark, what helped me immensly was to read outloud to myself. It sounds odd, but seeing as there is a lot of info to go over i would periodically "tune out" even though I was still reading. Beyond that it really is a keep looking until it clicks. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I submitted my app last night, so hopefully I will be rocking with yall here soon! ... im going to leave that up, but maybe the giant "ADMIN" tag could have been a clue that you werenweren't in need.
  2. Just wanted to check in and say that I've found the info I was inquiring about. Thank you all for the time. Whitelist application is in, hope to see you all soon!
  3. KylerAsmoEliis

    New patch for 0.59!

    Gosh, having not played since .54 or so I'm genuinely impressed with the additions that BI have made.
  4. Ive been pouring over the guides and have found one thing a little confusing. Wondering if it's even appropriate to inquire about since... well I've read the rules. When mentioning the pass-code portion that will encompass my application is that a question that will be asked at a later time... or am I missing a blatant line within the rules somewhere that states "This is the fabled pass-code". I want to say the second is not the case, as obviously the answer is not the same for everyone. I believe I'm putting a little too much thought into it, but after spending so much time investigating everything about DayzRP it miffs me a little to think I'm still missing something.
  5. I'm extremely excited to be introducing myself on the "hello, goodbye" forum pages. Busy reading all of the lore records collected over time but hope to run into some of you soon.