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  1. So I've got another complaint question.. "mass initiations" is referring to many different engagements, not a large scale engagement. The way it's written, as far as roleplaying is involved, you can roleplay a big battle, and that's perfectly fine, and without knowing what kind of mass initiations they are talking about, you'll get the question wrong. This is the third time I've taken and failed this whitelist application, not because I don't know the rules but instead because of how the questions are written. And now It's going to be another 18 hour wait just because of this question, one single question in the entire thing. As I was talking to Ark and Dustin, I think I'm probably done, and not going to take another one. All three times I've known the rules, I've read the lore, the Admins that I'm talking to can clearly see that, but now because one question is worded a little poorly, I've got the whole thing wrong again...
  2. That's all I ask for, I love the idea behind that rule showing they have the authority to give what punishments they feel is needed, and the rule itself was fine, just the question was more like an assumption how it was worded. And as I said, I wouldn't have said anything about it if not for the question asking for a yes or no/right or wrong answer.
  3. With the question in the whitelist application referring to "aggravation", it's not a crystal clear question and answer as the other questions are set up. If none of the above was changed to it being an all of the above answer, you would be able to tell the correct answer a lot easier. It's not a fair question, and many people will get it wrong (as confirmed by some others they did get it wrong based off how the question is worded). I don't think the rules should be re-written and I understand why this question is here, to point out that admins have the authority to make a more harsh or less harsh punishment due to how the individual is behaving. That is great, but I believe that the question should be re-worded to allow for people to get the question right instead of half of the people getting it right, and the other half wrong based off how the person reads the question/answers.