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  1. WindblowN

    Steam library stats

    Well this is getting better.
  2. WindblowN

    Zombie or Nuclear Apocalypse?

    You dont wanna survive the both. But if you do, you'll only have to worry about zeds and people in a zombie apocalypse. In nuclear apocalypse though, there is radiotion, some mutated stuff, everything is broken and ones that work are radiated. So nope, i prefer some living things, even if they are dead.
  3. WindblowN

    Getting Improved Graphics on DayZ 0.60

    Hopefully in 0.60 it will better.
  4. I failed in first, just because i answered a question wrong. But thankfully didnt make the same mistake again !
  5. WindblowN

    In game radio station / Survivor radio channel

    I'd love you to work with us. We can make a ''Numbers Station'' together. Now that would fit well in the games world.
  6. WindblowN

    Raising the SkillCap

    It will probably change a lot of times in future. Hopefully they will get a nice balance.
  7. and Those are really atmospheric. But mostly Guns 'N Roses, Rammstein or Nirvana. Those never get old.
  8. İ asked everyone i know who plays Fallout 4 about this, but still cant be sure. İs it worth getting ? İt costs a lot of money, and i dont think its what we all waited. Do you think it is ?