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  1. not yet forgiven.... you atonement will be that favor but i liked the RP for sure It was really great to be there. Nice roleplaying, it was very intense to watch the conflict. I was the guy in the white doctor suit by the way.
  2. I just read Rolle's christmas message, what happened?
  3. DayZ doesn't have a limit on running. I was wondering if I should just walk long stretches instead of run for the sake of realism. I'm new to this community, please let me know what you guys do.
  4. Hello, my name is Derk aka Noswis. I just finished my whitelist application and would like to introduce myself and my character to this wonderful place. I will be playing (hopefully) Robert J. Griffin. He was a researcher form the UK searching for a cure for Alzheimer's disease in Berezino before this all happened. He has a positive attitude towards the future, eventhough he knows the world will never be how it was before. I hope to meet you guys ingame and have an incredible time together!