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Oscar Coates


"Life is good when reality is better than your dreams ..."

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  1. Oscar Coates

    Oscar Coates is 20 years old, from a small town called Rotheram, UK. He has two brothers, Reece and Aaron Coates, and a family he loves and adores. When he was younger, he got offered a job for a property surveying company, where his job was to go to building sites and make sure that everything was being built within building regulations, and would then tell the building society the good or bad news, which would determine if the person on the other end, got the next part of their mortgage. It was just one of those nine-five-thirty jobs, it paid the bills and he enjoyed it, but it didn’t quite for fill Oscar’s dream of becoming a Police Officer. Later on in life, after doing an extensive amount of research, Oscar had started to look at international opportunities involving the Police and pursuing a career within Law Enforcement, after a lot of back and forth e-mailing between a lot of different HR Departments with a lot of different Police Forces, he got a reply from a local force. He served for around three years and finally decided to go out and meet his brother who was working in a small country called Chernarus, which borders Russia and Takistan. However two weeks after he arrived, the infection struck.
  2. *Picks up his cellphone, showing 67% battery, no service ... looks over toward the locker in the corner of his room and steps ward it, reaching upto the lock and putting in the code, 115, picks up the radio, still wrapped in celephane fresh out of the box, he switches it on and configres to an open frequency, he doesn't know which, then pushes his PTT* "H ... Hello? Can anyone hear me? Is this thing working? It's so lonely out here, I've been on my own since the incident, an entire month without seeing or hearing a human, I sleep at night with sound of groans from the fleshsacks outside. I can't do it, if anyone has found sanctuary and they are willingto take one in, please - speak to me" *Releases his PTT and takes a breath in and closes his eyes, he slowly expels the air he just inhaled and focuses as he gives away his position on an open frequency, he firmly presses down the PTT once again.* "For anyone in the same position as me, I am in Gorka ... look for the tent to the rear of the largest building, if you need supplies, or someone to talk to. I am there, I am friendly, I will not hurt you." *Oscar releases the PTT and places the radio upright on next to his bag, lays down on the cold ground and pulls his jacket tight round his body and just stares at the radio, fighting his eyes wanting to sleep, desperate for someone to respond*.
  3. DayZRP Con.

    This is something that really needs to happen at some point. I think it would be fantastic! Apart from I don't think me dressing up as Oscar Coates is a good idea, or maybe it is?
  4. Eagles Junk yard

    I like this, I like this a lot ❤️
    • Oscar Coates

    Will be visiting your brothel, totally not a brothel soon brother. Stay Safe - Brilliant RP.

    • Oscar Coates

    Brilliant role-player thanks for saving me at NWAF from the sick guy!

    1. Oscar Coates

      Oscar Coates

      Well, we've got to start somewhere! Reducing the chances of infection, one at a time! :)

      Thanks for the good RP :)

    2. Tayto

      Sorry if I gave you a headache from my accent! lol <3  

  5. DAYZRP Profile Backgrounds

    You would be more than welcome.
  6. DAYZRP Profile Backgrounds

  7. Bring Back Desolation

    I highly doubt I've been doing development work on ArmA Games since ArmA: Armed Assault. SQF has taken it's toll over the years however. I cant say I enjoy writing it anymore, but I sure as hell wouldn't mind doing something for a community like this!
  8. Post Count - Kidnapped?!

    THAT makes sense. Gotcha. I noticed it on your group topic Consider this question ... ANSWERED.
  9. Post Count - Kidnapped?!

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed, or I am completely missing something ... Did everyone's post count get pruned?
  10. DAYZRP Profile Backgrounds

    Roger, Received. Well, I mean you're at the back of the queue, so I guess i'll leave you there! Feel Free! Thanks
  11. DAYZRP Profile Backgrounds

    Yeah no worries Look forward to it! Request received! It'll be a bit of a wait, as they're starting to back up now If I was being paid for this, I'd be loaded already.
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    This is how it looks, btw. Appears to scale decently enough.


    1. Oscar Coates

      Oscar Coates

      Ah nice dude - Happy days

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