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Oscar Coates


""I would prefer a sword to fight duel, but a pen to plan a war.""

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  1. Oscar Coates

    Server wiped

    I read the word "Wipe" too many times, and now it looks weird ...
  2. Oscar Coates

    dayz closing itself and returning to desktop

    It seems to be completely random when I press the escape button?
  3. Oscar Coates

    dayz closing itself and returning to desktop

    Sorry to ressurect this. I seem to be having an issue where I can be playing, and then all of a sudden the game closes ... Any ideas?
  4. Oscar Coates

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    This is what I like to see Myself and Aaron may be making a return ?
  5. Saints

    • Saints
    • Oscar Coates

    That background is the best background i have ever saw. Great use of the youtube background mate.

    1. Oscar Coates

      Oscar Coates

      Thanks mate! Homemade in Adobe After Effects :)

  6. Oscar Coates

    • Oscar Coates
    • Popet

    "Hello ..." *knock* *knock* *knock* :trolle:

    1. Popet


      *Hello?* *KNOCK* *KNOCK*

      I owe you BeanZ <3

    2. Oscar Coates

      Oscar Coates

      I'll give you all the BeanZ <3 

    3. Popet


      :o <3 

    4. aaroncoates


      Josh you make me cringe mate, is that your chat up line srsly, think you need to take a few tips from me mate.

    5. Oscar Coates

      Oscar Coates

      Aaron you crack me up mate ... :)

    6. Popet



    7. aaroncoates


      Merry christmas guys hahah

  7. Oscar Coates

    The Synaptic Foundation [Recruitment: Limited]

    Thank you for your kind words! If only I managed to get the thread up before the "Of the year" nominations were made ( @Ender) Again, thank you for your kind words.
  8. Oscar Coates

    Tivian's "Ground Zero" Findings

    *Oscar listens to the broadcast and taps Aaron Coates' shoulder to listen in (-snip-). Oscar looks at Aaron and grips his radio in his hand, pushing the PTT* *Oscar releases the PTT and says to Aaron, "When we were with the Traders, this guy went on, and on, and on about how much medical knowledge he had, he could be a real asset to Protocol 6"*
  9. Oscar Coates

    Poll: Should an Arma 3 DayZ styled server be implemented?

    I completely agree that we should start to utilise ArmA 3. The thing with ArmA is that there are almost endless possibilities. There are hundreds of mods already out there that can be used and also I am sure that a community of this size, there are people who know how to write in C# and C++ (SQF is the ArmA 3 Language, which is a derivative of C++ and C#, which I am fluent in). I do not see why, if people wanted too, we couldn't use the Chernarus Map on ArmA 3, essentially it would be exactly the same as playing DayZ Standalone. The VOIP would be a lot better as we could use something along the lines of Task Force Radio, or alternatively we could still use ArmA 3 Direct Communications as the VOIP has been reworked in some of the most recent arma changes. I am happy with playing standalone but I still feel that ArmA 3 has a lot more to offer at this point, but maybe this idea could be revisited after the winter update. Then again, after so many years of Standalone promises, I hold little to no hopes.
  10. Oscar Coates

    The Synaptic Foundation [Recruitment: Limited]

    POST UPDATE: Added Radio Broadcasts Section To Page
  11. Oscar Coates

    The Synaptic Foundation [Open Broadcast]

  12. Oscar Coates

    My thoughts on Groups.. in general.

    I personally like the idea of this; The group I have just founded with @aaroncoates, @Coreena, @Canon360 and @Stoobs. We have some fantastic opportunities for events, such as inviting people to meet at a certain place on a day/time in order to donate blood for use in research, allow the people to donate organs and for those whom understand they are infected to essentially donate themselves to be killed and experimented on. (Offtopic) P.S. If anyone is looking at having a character perma'd. PM Me, we're looking for volunteers. I think a lot of groups take for granted that they are present and they don't necessarily follow the lore they created in order to get approved. This being said, there are groups that do follow their own group lore (The Common Folk, led by @SebbePwnYou and @Western).
  13. Oscar Coates

    "Howdy People I Guess I'm Back Now"

    Welcome back!
  14. Oscar Coates

    back after a year

    Welcome back!
  15. Oscar Coates

    The Synaptic Foundation [Recruitment: Limited]

    POST UPDATE: Protocol Six Document Added (In Spoilier) also found here: http://www.lewtec.pw/protocolsix
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