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  1. Rhys7

    Killing complying hostage

    OK cheers
  2. Rhys7

    Killing complying hostage

    The guys role play was poor, we role played too aggressive as a result of that. so is it a ban then ? because i feel like I'm waiting to be shot here.
  3. Rhys7

    Killing complying hostage

    I cant really add much more to the report since Oscar covered everything that occurred and our views and how we felt as a group regarding the situation, I do apologize about the late reply unfortunately because i'm serving in the army i cant pick and chose when i get online, I've been rushed off my feet with work and just haven't had the time. There is just one thing I would like to say about how I felt regarding the encounter with Girrafel, this was the first time i'd witnessed text role-play and it just made me feel like the person was being lazy i got the impression he just didn't really want to chat to us at all and from the looks of his gear he just wanted to loot, this may still have been the case i don't know, but after quite a few more hours playing and interacting with people I kinda realized how great text chat role play can be, meeting some great characters and having a lot of fun. Yes once i released he'd been shot in the head and was clearly never getting back up alive I made sure he wouldn't get back up dead too that was my role play. I would also like to add that if Girrafel claims he is role-playing a 65 year old man, a very rude one who likes to provoke his own death by cursing at a trio of AK barrels , I hope at 65 i can sprint constantly across an open field by myself with no fear in the world carrying an arsenal of weapons swearing at random groups of dangerous looking unknown people, I just feel like the whole situation was poor RP from both parties but I don't see what we did that so so wrong. Thanks sorry to waste your time, let me know if I need to add anything else.